26 Years Old Breast Feed 1 Baby Flat Chested - Langley, BC

I guess this is more of a question. I recently as...

I guess this is more of a question. I recently as of 1.5 weeks ago stopped breastfeeding my 9 month old son.

Now one side has dried up. The other is still full of milk ... Huge asymmetry here and I'm scared at my NOV 14th consult the milk will still be in there causing me to have such in even boobs the doctor will refuse to operate?

Has any one had this experience with breastfeeding and a breast implants within 3 months after??

The doctor I'm going with is in Vancouver, I had a consult two years ago and he recommend 300 cc or 375cc high profile.

I at first was going to go small so that I did not attract unwanted attention however now I could careless! 375 it will be :)
3 months would be a minimum time interval to wait to see how your breasts recover. Hopefully your tone will recover as your breasts lose their lactation volume. This can occur differently in each breast. After this time interval you should re-consult and discuss your goals and options. Good luck! Dr. Mosher
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

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