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48 Yrs Old - Eden Prairie, MN

I'm getting laxity on lower jaw, neck & chin. ...

I'm getting laxity on lower jaw, neck & chin. Went through a very painful Ultherapy & have seen no improvement at all after over a month. Will wait to see... Seeing other posts, I don't think I will. Feel I wasted good money. Ugh. I believe now that it may work but only if a person gas multiple sessions. I certainly can't afford that otherwise I would have just done surgery.


I give this ZERO stars by the way. The nurse was very nice but my post reflects 5 stars? But that is not for the procedure! Just wanted to clear that up!

Medispa Lifetime Fitness Eden Prairie . Wonderful lady. Very sweet

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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I had a treatment done a month ago with Amy and it was uncomfortable but she told me that prior to the treatment. She also told me that results would not be visible for 3-6 months. Mikka, did she tell you the same? I scheduled follow up picture appoints too. I thought the results she showed me of her actual patients were impressive.
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My friend had ultherapy with no results done by a reputable doctor. She ended up having a neck and lower face lift. That is really worth it if you can afford it. I don't trust a few of the reviews that day no pain and works great. Probably one of the doctor's staff writing it. Just my opinion. Sorry for your bad experience
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Chrissie, thanks for ur input... I agree & think staff or such, are posting these rave review. TThat's why I posted... Real people who actually experiences it. I feel like the photos of Before & After are fake, too. I feel like a fool. Can I ask how much ur friend spent on the surgical neck /lower face lift ? Thanks so much :) M.
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I really don't know because she also had a deep laser treatment done along with a lower face lift.. I think the Ultherapy was at the same time as the laser. She was under anesthesia because I asked her about the pain. It was a lot of work she had done. It was last year and she was somewhat vague so I don't remember all the details of it. She said the doctor offered her half price treatment after she complained that the Ultherapy didn't work but she didn't want to throw away good money after bad. That's when she went for the facelift. It looked great. The laser also looked great except when I saw her after about four weeks her face was still red and she looked a bit swollen.
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Ah, ok, well thanks for the info. What us women will go thru to look good, ugh! :)
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Keep me posted on your results. Hopefully you will see a difference in your photos!
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YIKES!!!!! I'm considering doing my neck at the same place and person you did...............now you have me nervous. How long was the procedure? I was told it may be uncomfortable. Was it for you? I'm thinking if not, then maybe she didn't go deep enough. I was told it affects the lower layers of your skin. UUUGGGHHHHH, I was so sure I was going to, and now I'm not sure, but thank you for posting!!!
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Hiya Mic, so to answer your question, its very painful in certain areas like the jawline. And it was a long session, about 90 minutes. So get ready if you & decide! Maybe take some kind of painkiller beforehand. I wish I had. But after it all done, the pain is done, as well. I have to say I see no results yet. I think you should reconsider only because its sooo costly & many others say no results either. Save the $ for rwal surgery. At least U'll def see results that way.. Wish ya thebest. M.
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Shoot, well, I may have to reconsider.................I was so excited, and came home to do research on my own, when I see your post!!!!! Maybe God told me to see your post before dishing out the $$ I'll let you know what I decide!! HUGS!!!!
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Ok Mic, I wish you luck whatever ur choice is! Hugs back! M.
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I would have had surgery as well but your right I already spent the money. Just saying
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Hi Mikka, I feel sad for you...I went through the same thing. The difference was, I paid Dr. Supriya Tomar of West Palm Beach $3500.00 for each side of my face and chin. I was supposed to have had my lower face and neck treated. She had a no nothing employee do the treatment . From everything I have read it should help...if the person doing the treatment knows what they are doing and you have a doctor thats more interested in you than the bottom line.
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Thanks for ur perspective & ur story. Im sorry you had to deal with the same thin. I can only hope many ccome here first before they have the procedure done & don't do it. I feel, too, the before & after photos they show at the doctors office..... Are "doctored". Fake. Mikka
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