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So worth it!!-Philadelphia, PA

I have disliked my nose ever since I was a tween,...

I have disliked my nose ever since I was a tween, but now that I am in my late 20's, I REALLY dislike it most in pictures. I have considered plastic surgery since I was 17, but never had the means to pay for it myself. I continued to wait and wait, but recently, decided it was time to stop talking about it and just do it. Although I find myself to be attractive, I think I could be a little more attractive if I had a nicer nose.

I am really nervous about having the surgery and going "under". I also hope it comes out okay and that It looks better than it does now. I have confidence in my surgeon and hope I end up looking as good as the patients he has on his website.

I noticed that I forgot to mention the...

I noticed that I forgot to mention the consultation. When I went for the consultation, the doctor took pictures of me from all angles and then we sat down to discuss what I wanted. I told him that I still want to look like me, but I want the small bump on my nose shaved down, I wanted the front angle straightened (it has a slight curve) and the tip refined. He took the images and altered the nose to what the desired end-result would look like and i was really pleased.

Today, is the day I make my final payment, as...

Today, is the day I make my final payment, as surgery is two weeks away. I can't help the "what if thoughts" going through my mind. What if I look worse, what if I look like miss piggy or michael jackson? Although I love the work that my PS has done, I just can't help the these thoughts. I assume this is normal?

So I don't know if its bad allergies or a bad...

So I don't know if its bad allergies or a bad cold, but I am all stuffed up with a sore throat and lots of mucous (TMI) but I don't know what to take since surgery is less than 2 weeks away. I took a Tylenol yesterday and I am hoping this will pass in a few days. I bought some Arnica cream for my surgery and a few magazines (I am going to try and hold off because I want to save them for when I am recovering lol) The closer the date gets, the more obsessed I become with looking in the mirror and trying to picture an outcome. My husband is beginning to notice, and I can tell its annoying him :$.

1 WEEK AWAY!!!!!! I am going to pick up my...

1 WEEK AWAY!!!!!! I am going to pick up my prescriptions tonight and plan out the rest of my week. I still have school work that I need to do and I am wondering how soon I'll be able to start reading and writing. I see some people on here wake up and go back to the normal routine right away, and others who need a few more days to heal.
I am always on the go so recuperating will be a new experience for me :$

So today I went to get a neck pillow from 5 and...

So today I went to get a neck pillow from 5 and below and though I am not looking forward to recovery, I am looking forward to laying around and being waited on by my husband, reading magazines and catching up on some trashy jerseylicious. Lol who am I kidding? I'll probably be back to the normal routine a day later since my husband never knows which clothes to dress my son in or how to pack his lunch. Tomorrow ill pick up some chap stick, and throat drops since many are complaining of sore throats.

The closer I get to Thursday, the more I am...

The closer I get to Thursday, the more I am disliking my nose. I attended a few parties this weekend and couldnt help but think how awful I looked and how much improvement I hope to have after thursday. I went to the store this weekend and bought my supplies for Thursday, now all I have to do is pick up my medication and make a few meals ahead of time for the family, since I doubt I will be up to cooking for a few days. I have no idea what to wear to surgery since I don't own button-downs. Any suggestions?

So the surgery hasn't even happened and I am...

So the surgery hasn't even happened and I am already trying to get back to work. I can't imagine laying around for a week and wonder if I will be work-ready by Tuesday. I know I'll be out of commission Thursday and Friday but I hope to be as active as some others I have seen on the website. I have 2 final papers due for my grad classes so I will try to get an early start on them before I go in. I have also been fixated on the hygiene part of thing and would like to ask how you all washed your hair and what you used to wipe your face down?

So my surgery is over and I don't know what to...

So my surgery is over and I don't know what to feel. It's very upturned and my nostrils are visible as uneven from what I see. I know it's swollen but I just wonder if its going to still remain looking like this. I'm not too happy with the appearance right now.

So I am now day 3 post op and I can finally...

So I am now day 3 post op and I can finally concentrate on writing a little about how the actual surgery went. I got to the surgery center a little early, filled out the paperwork and got ready to be called back. When I was called back into the prep room, I took all clothing and jewelry and put on a cap gown and socks. Right before I went into surgery they gave me a "cocktail" and then took me into the OR. In the OR I remember sliding onto another table and the nurse told me to breath into a mask. Next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. No nausea, no pain, just a really sore throat.
Thanks to reading your reviews on here, I was able to prepare for what I needed after surgery in advance. I bought Biotene mouthwash and spray for dry mouth, sore throat lozenges, chap-stick and made sure I had lots of water near by.
I know it has only been a few days, but I am really anxious and desperately hoping its the tape holding up my nose which is making me look piggish.
Until later-Suz

So I went to my first post-op visit today and my...

So I went to my first post-op visit today and my PS cleaned a little bit of the dried blood out and I was on my way. I asked him if my tip was going to fall and he said that my tip was droopy so not necessarily. I am really nervous and impatient right now. I know all of his prior work is good, but I can't help but wonder if I turned out to be the patient who got the "bad surgery".

I am starting to get used to the way my nose looks but its definitely a process. I am not used to not wearing make-up so I can't wait until I am able to put my face back on. I also cant wait for this tape to come off as its itching the heck out of my face. I have taken a shower but still haven't washed my hair so that will be my next project tomorrow.

So I got my cast off this morning and I'm gonna...

So I got my cast off this morning and I'm gonna have to say-I think I like it. Well I know for one thing I don't hate it so things must be headed in the right direction.
If there's one thing that'schanged in the past week about me is I am not putting so much emphasis on beauty. I decided I am going to be happy with the new me and what other people have to say wont be important. I have to like it.
For years I have struggled with image issues and worried about whether or not people think I am pretty and this change has made me realize that there will always be naysayers and people who are going to think I looked better before. There are always going to be critics but from now on I will not allow myself to be my own worst critic-at least not when it comes to my looks. Until later, Suzanne

I have been exteemly exhausted this week and...

I have been exteemly exhausted this week and wonder if this is normal a week and a few days after surgery.
I'm seeing more definition everyday buy my face is so darn FAT. What the heck is going on? I also feel like if I laugh too hard the stiches between the nose and mouth will come apart LOL (gotta love Tyler Perry movies).

On another note, my family has been calling me the grinch who stole Christmas and whoville because the tip is so pointy when viewing it from the side but I suppose that'll go down. I've added some new pics. Please excuse the HUGE face lol

2 weeks post op-new pics

It's two weeks post op and I absolutely love my nose. The swelling is going down and I am almost able to smile again. I get the inner stitches out on Monday and then I assume it will take a few more weeks to form.
I can honestly say I have no regrets and although I spent a little more money than other surgeons charged, I went to the best. I will have to write a review on his profile tomorrow.

5 months post-op

Hi everybody.
Its been a while since I last updated my review but I am now close to 5 months post op, and I love love love my results. The incision is still swollen, but I'm hoping it will heal by the end of the year. Here are a few new pictures of how my nose has turned out. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Until next time~Suz
Jonathan Pontell

Dr. Pontell is a true artist and I am so happy that I chose the best in the area. After doing extensive research online in the Philadelphia, and New Jersey areas, I narrowed it down to him (based on the before and after pictures on his website and the fact that he specializes in facial plastic surgery) and booked an appointment for consultation. At the consultation, he took the time to discuss what I wanted, took "before" pictures and then graphically altered the photos to what the procedure would look like after surgery. He didn't try to pressure the me into making a decision right away and I left the office stress free. I called back to book an appointment a few weeks later, and I was given a date to come in to fill out paperwork and a date for surgery. Although I did feel rushed the second time I was there (the paperwork), I had to put myself in his shoes-the guy is BUSY. While I always hear people say that they need to feel "comfortable" with the surgeon, when it comes to good surgery, the most important thing to consider is a surgeon who will do the BEST JOB and Pontell is your guy. Your surgeon is only going to be with you for the duration of the surgery (which you will be asleep for) but your face will be with you the rest of your life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi there - you look very beautiful. Congrat. I'm considering Dr. Pontell for a revision rhino.
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Thanks for sharing. You look great, congrats!!
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Thank you!!
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Hey! Thanks for sharing ur story, ur nose turned out great! I am 3 days post op and my nostrils are visibly uneven as well, did yours end up evening out? When? I am being impatient and want them to be ok because I'm freaking out, lol
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He didn't touch my nostrils. In time, everything will fall into place. Its funny because you expect to wake up looking amazing like people in the before and after pictures on the website, but what you don't realize is that the "afters" are 6 months to a year after LOL
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Hi just wondering if you experienced a sorr throat? Ive had my surgery 2 weeks ago and i feel like i have the worst cold ever. Btw your nose looks awsome, i felt really disaapointed at the start also but as each day passes im loving it more. Xo
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Hey! Yes I had a very sore throat but I made sure to get this spray called biotene which helps with the moisture and I sucked on ludens drops the first week. Having it done is life changing but give it time and you will end up loving the way it looks. I'm going to check out your profile now ;) you'll also notice differences month to month.
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Any new updates and photos please?
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Hey! i just put some up.
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Yessss I am so happy for you! You look SO good! And you were so worried about how it would turn out at first - girl, you look amazing. The new nose really fits your face :) so glad you are loving it! Enjoy!!
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You look great! Congrats girl!
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Thank you :)
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Maybe Cindy Lou Who's cute little nose...but not the GRINCH!! Lol..what an AWESOME difference Suz!! I can definitely see the swelling going down. It looks so natural. As far as spending a little more...its your FACE!! So it was worth every penny, right? When you go to el-cheapo PS...you get what you pay for I've heard. Congratulations sweetheart you look great! And stop saying your face is fat/ huge...its NOT!!!!!!!!!....silly girl!
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hahahaha Thank you Hanna. I am loving your results ass well. Yes. it was worth every penny. I still haven't gotten used to my smile but i guess that comes with time.
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Love your nose! Makes you that more beautiful!
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Lol Thanks love :)
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Wow you look beautiful!!! Perfect nose!! I am sooo glad you are happy!!!!
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Hey thanks keep me updated on your surgery. Also post some pics of yourself now.
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It is a huge improvement! I love your new nose and it will only get more refined with time as the swelling goes down!! Grinch? Is that the green eyed monster speaking!" Lol! Seriously you look gorgeous! :) x
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Thanks Rachael!!
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Your nose looks fantastic! no need to worry :)
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Thank you :)
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Looks great!! How is the progress of your results coming along? Did he take the stiches out when he took off the cast?
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Hey sorry it's been a while, so the outer stiches came out with the cast and then the inner stiches come out Monday. I LOVE my nose. How's yours coming along?
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Looking fantastic! Congrats! :) My face was huge too - massive chipmunk cheeks. My eye bruising seemed to take forever to go away too. I think it's definitely normal to be exhausted. Even if you didn't feel that stressed out, it's still a big thing and the surgery definitely takes a toll on your body. All the pent up stress leaving your body tires you out too. Good luck recovering this week and take it easy. You're looking great!!!
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