All's good, all's well, I'm happy, no swell!

Thank goodness I found this site! I went in to...

Thank goodness I found this site! I went in to talk about lipo, and my PS said (gently) lipo isn't going to give me the results I wanted. He introduced me to TT procedure. Watched a video ~ not sure that was the smartest move ~ and after getting the funds together, I scheduled it! That was last November! I never thought March would get here, but here it almost is. I have had many sleepless nights, dreams, and anxieties about it, but I keep reading how happy everyone is once the recovery process is behind them. So, last November I was wishing it were March, and now that March is here, I wish it were June! I can't wait to get rid of this flabby, loose skin ~ not from having kids, but from weight loss. Still is just gross and it seems no matter how hard I try to firm it up, it just isn't happening! I don't know how to post pics, but I have some before shots that I want to compare when I get through surgery.

Ok, another somewhat sleepless night. Seems...

Ok, another somewhat sleepless night. Seems between 2 and 4am, I am in a slight dream state, going through surgery in my mind, talking silly to the nurses, running around naked afraid I'll see myself in a mirror, and trying to find clothes that fit! LOL! I get up to go to the bathroom and start pushing my belly fat around, trying to flatten it out, lifting that awful flab that is going to go by the wayside, and imagine how it's going to be. I'm really getting excited about this! And hearing from you all is such a comfort, so thank you! My question for today is, anyone have suggestions for what foods are good after surgery? I keep hearing about pineapple. Any advice from anyone is so appreciated! Thanks :)

Counting down! 2 weeks from today and I am wishing...

Counting down! 2 weeks from today and I am wishing the day were here. It's so hard waiting. I keep having thoughts what the weather will be like (I hope it's raining) and how nice it will be to have nothing to do for a week except take care of me. Then I switch to how bad I will feel, how much pain I will be in and hope I have nothing to do. I haven't told anyone what I am doing and will try not to. I don't know why I don't want anyone knowing (of course my husband knows!) maybe the opinions. Plus it isn't a cheap surgery, so it sort of feels funny spending this much money on me when there is so much need in my area. Guilt.
Well my friends, I have a question today...and I haven't heard anyone comment... But are stairs hard post op? I have 17 of them to maneuver ~ one way! Happy healing to everyone, love you all for your acceptance and understanding and sharing!

Eleven days to go! I found out today that I am the...

Eleven days to go! I found out today that I am the first scheduled surgery on the 18th, and that made me skip a heartbeat! It is becoming so real! I am so thankful for all of you that have already had the surgery and continue to post. It's been a comfort to read and see your progress. I hope I do as well. Still not sleeping without waking up for an hour or two processing and imagining what I will be feeling like and how I will do. I have my husband to help me the first couple of days, but then he has to go back to work. I should be able to be by myself after a couple days, right? Almost ten days to go.....:)

Woke up today imagining where I would be next week...

Woke up today imagining where I would be next week at the same time. At 8am I thought in one week I will be getting prepped for surgery...9 am anesthetized, 1pm recovery....the whole day has been like this! And my TT is next week! I'm even having tummy pains! Gads, does anyone else have this anxiety? Just wish it were over. My poor husband just looks at me. He's good support, but he just isn't the same connecting to all of you. I know deep down everything will be just fine, right?

Had a great day today. We had staff pictures...

Had a great day today. We had staff pictures randomly taking while we were all diligently working away, and then we got to preview them. Guess what I saw? My big tummy roll, oozing out of my pants, squeezing, bulging, looking like I had a towel rolled up in there! That was enough to confirm I am doing the right thing! It's just a huge roll of skin and fat, flapping over my belly, so gross. Cant imagine why I didn't get this done 10 years ago, but better late than never! Feeling prepared, have all the things I think I will need, and am starting to clean and get all the "chores" done that I can think of doing. It will be a busy weekend, and then the TT on Monday! Almost here .... Love you all that are reading this!

What's wrong with me? I'm in tears today, knowing...

What's wrong with me? I'm in tears today, knowing the weekend is here and I can't call my PS office and surgery is Monday morning early! Don't even know what's wrong. I'm emotional one minute and laughing the next. Seems like Monday will never get here, but that could be because I'm not sleeping at night. Makes for a long 24 hours. Not hungry today, feeling a little upset stomach, but maybe just from being tired. I think I'm totally prepared, and am making a list of things I have left to do since I don't trust myself to remember squat! A little jumpy too. My dog barked and I almost came out of my skin. My dog always barks! I practically could tell you how many hours I have before 7:30 Monday morning.
Well, I'm off to read others stories and seee just how weird I am today. Feeling better just voicing this. Thanks girls, love you all for being here!

1 day PO and am feeling good. Came home yesterday...

1 day PO and am feeling good. Came home yesterday after being in recovery about an hour longer than planned. The nurse said I didn't want to wake up, and kept falling back to sleep. They just let me doze, thank goodness. I go in today for a little look see, bandage changes and CG adjustment. Don't know why, just the way my doctor does it. Can't wait to see how I look! I asked him how much skin and fat he removed, but can't remember his answer. I also asked if he took off the allotted 4,000ccs from lipo and I remember him saying I didn't have that much to take. Ha! That's a complement, right? I'm able to get out of my recliner and walk to the bathroom a little hunched, but already I feel like that's getting better. Sleeping off and on today, pampering myself. Feels good! Just waiting now for that well talked about BM to hit! LOL!

Well today is PO Day 5 and you all probably want...

Well today is PO Day 5 and you all probably want to quit reading right here. It's boring! Nothing spectacular has happened! I feel like a freak, I'm off pain meds, I have one drain left but I'm draining 20 in a 24 hr period, my pain level is maybe a 2, I can stand straight albeit takes a second or two to get there, I've pooped, I'm eating a little, I have very little swelling although there is some, I actually like wearing the binder, seems to keep me together. Now I am not complaining, I just wanted to connect and relate to you awesome caring peeps and I feel like that "fat kid" outsider because I am not having a hard time of it. I wish all of you had the same kind of recovery I have had. I have been told all my adult years that I am " such a strong person". I guess I am, but so what? I still care about every one of you that have gone through this change in our lives to feel better about ourselves. For those of you that have found humor in this journey, thanks for that. I think that's what can get us all through hard times, laughter, our God, loving ourselves, family and friends. Not necessarily in any order. Well, thanks to those of you that read all the way through my ramblings. Feeling a little emotional, day 5. Hugs to you :)

Yesterday was such a great day. I went to work,...

Yesterday was such a great day. I went to work, stayed on my feet most of the day, did chores. Went to bed (in my lovely recliner) and slept good. This morning I took my first shower in 8 days, had my binder off for maybe 30 minutes. All of a sudden, I have SWELL HELL. It started coming on late morning, and believe you me ( whatever that means ) there is NO doubt in my mind I am suffering from it. I haven't eaten much, certainly no salty foods, still feel good, but I have am feeling like someone hooked up a vacuum to my BB and blew me up! Thank goodness for this site so I know what is going up. I'll let you all know if I explode, but I am hoping it will go down by tomorrow. Ugh. Not the best day, but not the worst either. Hope all my TT sisters are doing good today.

If you read my post from the 26th, you know I felt...

If you read my post from the 26th, you know I felt like a beached whale! Thank goodness that feeling, along with the swelling went away. My binder is securely wrapped around my new flat tummy, my yoga pants are loose, and I am comfy cozy this evening. Started taking short walks, and being a runner, walking takes forever to get anywhere! But, after a ways, I was glad I was just walking, and turned around just in time. Any further and I'd had to of flag down a ride! Anyway, I am PO double digits! Ten days and am feeling on top of the world. I have loved connecting with all you TTers and truly, your support, advice, funny stories, warnings, and shares, have made this a great experience. I feel so lucky to be able to go through this journey with all of you by my side. Thank you friends, I'm deeply humbled. Hugs to every one of you.

Hi all my TT friends! Just checking in, wishing...

Hi all my TT friends! Just checking in, wishing everyone a Happy Easter Sunday. Shouting out how happy I am to be alive, grateful for my life and appreciating all the goodness there is. I feel good at POD 13. I've had minimal swelling, basically am pain free and have been told I'm text book recovery. No complaints and so happy to have been able to have this TT. My confidence is soaring and I love looking down now to see that flabfatskin roll gone! Haven't had the blues strike and maybe at 59 years old, the mood won't hit. I just feel GOOOOOD and had to share.

POD 18. So, today I get to put my feet up, pamper...

POD 18. So, today I get to put my feet up, pamper me, and just kick back. I started back to work last Monday pretty much full time and really appreciate today. I've been feeling great, no pain at all, sleeping good, just a little swollen, and the only real depressing issue is my weight hasn't changed one ounce since I initially lost 8 pounds. I'm not eating much, staying on low sodium and carb free, drinking lots of water, and nothing seems to be working to drop a couple more pounds. If I even take a bite of something tasty and salty, I'm up 2 pounds the next morning! Maybe I don't know what swell hell is and what I think is just a little swelling is a lot. Granted, I'm not burning many calories, but I would think staying around 1,000 calories a day would make me drop a pound or so in a couple weeks. I feel like I'm stuck .... Hey maybe my scale is! That's gotta be it. Happy healing everyone!

Went to see my PS this morning and everything is...

Went to see my PS this morning and everything is great! My TT scar is thin, low and healing perfectly. I love the way my BB looks, mainly because for once in my life I can see it, but he did such a great job! I asked him how he can cut such a perfect cut in jello, and he just laughed at me, but seriously, he is an artist with what he did to this body! I am so happy with how I look. I've lost 11 pounds since surgery and for me, that's just one of the bonuses. I am going to see how things go in the next couple of weeks, but I am sure I will need some new clothes! And then maybe some sun, and a vacation? My wonderful husband seems to think it's possible. He even said I deserve it! What? Where did I find this man? Loving life and grateful for every day.

The swelling has arrived! My scar has disappeared...

The swelling has arrived! My scar has disappeared in the new rolls I have developed. It's buried somewhere in two little fat looking belly rolls on top, one on the bottom. When I sit down I look like I need another tummy tuck, and my hour glass sides are straight up and down! I know it's just the swell hell I read so much about and was proudly strutting around bragging that it didn't hit me! Ha! I'm paying for that! Hit me square in the gut! Big time! The good news is I know it will subside, and I need to be patient, and oh Lordy, please someone, tell me this will go away!!

Just got home last night from a long 4 day...

Just got home last night from a long 4 day vacation and I was so excited to read all your updates and comments. It feels good to be home, but the getaway was needed. Got to see family and actually managed to not over do it in the food/drink department. In my family, food is love, and there is a lot of love here!
Had minimal swelling ( I'm PO 37 days) and went without my CG round the clock! Wore a flexee off and on, but ditched that too after a few hours. Slept in a real bed and woke up laying on my side! These are all milestones for me and I feel the days are getting better and better. I agree with those of you that comment about the swelling ~ It's a killer and plays stupid mind tricks on am I just fat again, do I need another tummy tuck, will I ever be happy with this body, do I need BIGGER clothes? Yikes! Then I read about others going through the swell hell and know it's part of the healing process. There is so much emotion attached and downs, critiquing every glimpse of myself in mirrors. Worries about exercising and wondering if I will ever run again and feel in shape. Wishing I could do more gardening (sorry Lacey, it's nice here) and frustrated that I still feel discomfort with numbness and scar line. After being signed off RealSelf for 4 days, I have to say, I am so dependent on all of you and your postings. It gives me comfort and makes me feel normal ~ as normal as we can all be after going through this. I certainly have no regrets, am happy to be where I am and amazed at how fast time has gone (new best advise there is to enjoy the down time, cuz it zooms by!) so glad to be back here and catching up. Thanks for all your posts! Feeling good!

Afternoon everyone! It's an absolutely perfect day...

Afternoon everyone! It's an absolutely perfect day today! I'm feeling great, strong, happy, energetic and flat! I am outdoors (except for right now resting and reading RS) gardening, helping my husband ~ we're adding on a garage with upstairs living quarters ~ and enjoying a warm sun filled day. I'm a little sore from my first attempt since surgery at running ~ but managed about 1/2 mile in my 4 mile walk yesterday. And truthfully, I might just be other reason except for having a big slab of fat and skin cut off me, skin pulled together and attached, some hidden muscles stitched up, a tube in me sucking out fat lumps and only 6 1/2 weeks ago! LOL! Still, I am feeling the best yet, and feel the difference in everything. Clothes fit big, (note to self....MUST go shopping) glances in the mirror stop me in my tracks, hearing a few compliments (why yes, thank you, I have lost a little weight - big grin) Husband daily telling me I'm hot, and not just because it's mid 80's today. Can life get any better? And, I have all of you, telling me about you, sharing your story with me. Helping me with my questions and concerns. I could never ever have gotten through these last few weeks like I have without each and every one of you and your comments and advice! I am blessed and grateful beyond words! Hugs to you!

Ugh, a nasty cold caught me! Stuffy, irritating...

Ugh, a nasty cold caught me! Stuffy, irritating cough, runny nose, and absolutely no energy. Dang it, I was feeling so good over the weekend too. Just want to sit in my recliner and not think. (That isn't that hard for me!) maybe I will think of all the positives though and just be happy. I have no appetite, so that's good. I don't have to do any house work because I have a bad cold, and that's good. I don't have a flabby fat overhang muffin top ~ that's better than good! I'm already starting to feel better! Let's see, what else....I have all of you, and that is priceless! Come to think of it, I'm very very lucky!

Hi TT Peeps! The cold that caught me let go, but...

Hi TT Peeps! The cold that caught me let go, but left it's nasty cough behind. I can tell you, even at 7 weeks out, coughing the deep throaty cough is no picnic. Sometimes bending over holding my tummy and really coughing hard about makes me want to cry, but then I feel pretty good until the next bout! And you know, now that the big ol tummy pillow is gone, bending over isn't all that bad!
Actually, I'm feeling much better. Seven weeks and I'm feeling pretty normal. I have all my energy back, can do everything I was doing before surgery, and I go through the day without even thinking about how I feel. I do still get the swelling in the evenings, but it's gone by morning. I have been binder free for 2 weeks (with PS permission) am running a couple miles a day and I've lost 15'pounds from surgery date and feel I'm at a good spot. I love my flat tummy, the incision is low and thin and healed. I'd do this over again in a heart beat and am amazed at how fast the time has gone. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself, by far. I guess you could say I am one happy flat tummy tucker!

I went to see my PS today and he said I don't have...

I went to see my PS today and he said I don't have to come back unless I have any unforeseen issues. I'm healed, I'm back to life as I knew it before surgery and feeling great! My TT scar is thin and in some places, has practically disappeared! I love my results and couldn't be happier with how I feel. The first week after surgery is just a faded memory of discomfort, pain meds, lots of sleeping, being waited on and cared for by my wonderful husband, and making sure I kept my binder on! I didn't even know what a binder was before all of this. I've gained knowledge, gotten goose bump feel goods from all of you and been able to share about me knowing I had acceptance and understanding. Thank you everyone, for being so good to me! I have a flat tummy and I am happy!

All's good and all's well, I'm happy, no swell!

Surgery was March 18th...seems like eons ago. I love my new flat self. I feel great, am back to where I was before surgery minus the dough roll, exercising, working, loving life. I have muscle soreness if I try to do sit ups, but that and my scar is the only reminder that I even had surgery. Oh, and the fact that I am down 20 pounds and have no fat roll!! I sure hope everyone is doing great, feeling strong, and loving life! I feel so blessed to have breezed through this surgery (it is major!) had no complications, love my results and was able to make many TT friends here. I've been reading updates and sure can relate to all the questions, pre surgical anxieties, the first week post op....but I'd do it again in a minute! I stopped the pain meds a week after surgery, I ditched my CG at week 3, started back slowly to exercising at
week 6, and it's been all up hill since! Oh, and I do actually still get some swelling, but I know it has to do with my workouts and active life. I know in time it will stop, so I haven't let it slow me down. Hugs to all of you, loving the flat side!

5 Months out and HAPPY!

After 5 months, life is normal. I can do anything I did before surgery and have all my energy back. I have numbness still and get some swelling, but really can't pinpoint why I swell. The hot days? Over worked? Pulling, tugging, pushing, lifting, bending? Maybe all of that, but it doesn't slow me down. I feel good! I would do this surgery again in a minute and this time, would take advantage of resting, getting pampered, taking lots of time off work, not worry about rushing into "getting back to normal". I love not having the big fat flabby roll of loose skin and fat (anyone else have that? Hahahhaah) hanging around. Gone and gone for good! Best thing I did for myself. Summer has been fabulous and I'm loving life!! Take care all my TT friends. Be good to yourself and as Ellen says, be kind to one another.
Medford Plastic Surgeon

I love my doctor! Besides being incredibly skilled, he is personable, kind, compassionate and funny! He has shown a genuine interest in me, answered all of my questions, even the silly ones and made me feel completely at ease. He makes me feel like he has all the time in the world for me, and I know how busy he really is! I never felt rushed, he is patient and engaging. His staff is happy and there is a warmth among them. I feel very lucky to have been referred to him and can't say enough good about the way he has treated me. I have found the perfect doctor! He not only is the best surgeon, but has a bedside manner too! How lucky is that?

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Glad you are doing so well. I'm with you. I would do this again in a heart beat. So worth it. Down 20 pounds, that's great! Congrats.
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thanks Imasweetie! Hope you're doing as well too! Yep, it's been a journey for sure, but a rewarding one! And like you say....So worth it!
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You look great! You'll knock em dead in your bikini. I hope ours just blasting and not the seroma. Goid luck to you.
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Hmmmm RUa dvm 2? Don't wanna out you, you can PM me again!
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Hi Kricken, I didn't get this message until I already had responded to your first one. Oh well, too late and doesn't matter. Just funny to me how aligned people can be. TT a day apart, older (I didn't say old, just older than some on here :) career choice. Hope you get your issue resolved and it's nothing to worry about! Hugs!
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Congratulations girl. I will see my doctor 1 more time, I think. I haven't made the appt yet. The nurse said it could be at 4 min po or 6 mo po, if I prefer. You are a wonderful spirit. So glad I got to know you. Take care and enjoy life.
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Thanks Imasweetie! Good luck to you too at your next and maybe final appointment! I can't believe how fast this PO stuff has gone, and here we are at the beginning of our new flat tummy lives. I have always looked forward to hearing from you and about you and thank you for all you have shared. It's been a pleasure knowing you and I feel very lucky our paths have crossed! You take care too!
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Talented...sounds like you and I are tummy tuck twins!! I am so with you every time I read your updates!! Feels wonderful to run without the belly!! I believe you cold has traveled from Oregon down here to California. I had a sore throat a couple of days ago...but tonight the nose is plugged and the cough is coming on....Best to get it out of the way before than grandbabies get here!! I am overjoyed when I hear how great your feeling!! Keep up the good work my sexy friend I can't think of anyone I would rather share this whole journey with!!
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Lori, I'm so sorry you have that cold! It hit me pretty hard and normally I can fight just about any "bug" off in a 24 hour period. I'm hoping it doesn't hit you as hard. The cough reminded me that surgery wasn't all that long ago after all, and that I still had some pretty tender muscles in that flat tummy area. Good does go away! Take care and rest so you are 100% in no time!!
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Hi Talented - good for you that you are already back to running! Inspiring. Even more so is your determination. After a double mastectomy! Your an Amazing woman. I think I'd shut down feeling sorry for myself. Well good for you. Your better than ever! And I had my eyelids done too, wow I love the results! I've gotten carded buying alcohol a few times. At age 48! That feels good. Well, take care- don't over do it, and I'd love to know if your cancer free now?
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Hi Kricken, YES!!! I am cancer free!! 3 years at the end of this month! hooray for double mastectomy! I am a very lucky and blessed individual. I had my lids done too and not only don't see the upper lid flaps, it took years off my face. It was a simple surgery for me but I sure looked bad for a week! I stayed hidden so people wouldn't think I got beat up! LOL! I would think the best compliment in the world would be someone asking for ID at 48! Now that's SEXY!
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OMG. I am soooooo happy to know that your cancer free!!!!! We live in a wonderful time where there are so many effective treatment options, as well as the option to have someone hack off your fat. Thank God we live in this time!!
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Hi Kricken, you brought a big smile to me! I felt your sincerity when you said how happy you are that I am cancer free! Thank you! And yes, we are very very lucky to be living in this day and age! Hope your day is fun filled! You're the best!
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Glad you are feeling better and feeling great. It's so nice to look down now, isn't it? Take care!
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It is absolutely the nicest thing in the world to look down and not see the bulge, the blob, the flabby fat roll. Yay for flat!!
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Amen Talented!!! I certainly don't miss seeing my "jelly roll" when I look down, and it sure is nice to pull a pair of pants out of the closet and have them be too big in the waist now instead of too tight!! You know clothes aren't supposed to hurt are they? Yay for flat, too!!!!
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Hi B.B.! Nice to hear from you! No, Clothes aren't suppose to hurt! LOL! And it is so nice they don't anymore. That's what elastic waist USE to be for. How are you doing? Glad your still on RS, we're losing some of the early TTer's.
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Talented, so good to hear you are doing so well, Three years huh? That's amazing and so wonderful. (never doubt the power of prayer) Yes some of us January TTer's have seemed to move on and quit posting here, but I'm really glad you are still here!! Me? I'm doing fine. Can't quite seem to get a handle on this weight issue, some how even though I have not changed my eating habits or stopped exercising I'm still up 5 lbs or so from my pre-TT surgery weight. But I still look at least 100 % better than I did before and my clothes fit. (I'm even one size smaller) so it's all good. Take GOOD care of yourself, you are terrific!!!
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Hello my triple trouble are you? Feeling better and over your cold I pray.....Been thinking about you and Lacey today along with several of our other TT sisters.....and wanting to check in ... send you love and hugs and wish you a fabtabulous weekend!!
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Okay, I have to get this off my chest.. JEALOUS!! I have wanted an attach garage, FOREVER! Still waiting.... I will say I did get an addition on to our house with a bathroom which made me very happy, BUT it's the "man cave" according to my son.. And now Brad gets a new machine shed.. WTHay?? My garage is just going to be a distant memory I'm afraid.... :( I guess when you are in a nursing home, who needs an attatched garage, right?? Sorry about your cold.. Maybe you just needed a reminder to take it easy! I have a job related question for you... Why would my daughters horse keep tripping when she rides him? She rode him Sunday bareback and he just about went all the way down. But usually just trips or stumbles.. And why do my cats keep having more cats?!? Is it something in my water? In their food? :) Have a Grrrrrreat day T...
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Hey Lace, I'll send you a personal note on all the horse talk...hate to bore all our TT friends ..... Except I will say SPAY those cats! And as far as the garage goes, I've waited TEN years for this to happen! It's been a good year, a TT and a garage. What more could a girl want? Besides, by the time you are my age, I'm sure you will get your garage, grand babies, your writing career will have taken off and you can retire on your own private island! Today is going to be a take it easy day for sure. We have a going away party with cake! I'm not missing out on that! Hope your day is fun filled and sun bright! Will write horse sense this evening!
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hello my beautiful flat friend! sorry about your cold but I think it's amazing that you can still count all of your blessings! I guess being on the flat side has a tendency to bring out the positive attitude a us ladies. not feeling very good must be in the air. I woke up with a horrible headache this morning, very nauseated. so I have been taking it easy all day. But my spirit is wonderful because of my beautiful flat tummy um because of my wonderful friends like you and many other ladies here on the real self page. Feel better my flat friend and keep your chin up! Love ya!
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Hi Lore ~ I love shortening names, so I didn't misspell yours, I just shortened it. I have a friend with a little girl and she calls me Rollie cuz she can't say Lori. It's adorable and I want her to grow up and always call me that! I have so many blessings in my life I can't even begin to count them, but I try to remember them every day! There are no bad days, really. I sure hope you are feeling better today! It's hard to feel bad when you pass by a mirror, so as often as you can, walk by one and glance at your beautiful body! Oops, there's another blessing! YOU!
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Thnx for sharing your journey. I really get inspired by everyone's story here at RS. To know what I'm going to go thru by real ppl helps a lot. Thnk u for your inspiration. I get more confident on my decision by reading stories like yours.
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Hi Luvmy3js! I'm excited for you! This is the best decision you will ever make for yourself! And between now and your surgery date, you will find so much support here! Glad you found the right PS for yourself too. It's really important to have that good feeling and confidence with them. It will be fun to follow your journey and I am looking forward to hearing more from you!
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