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finally got my flat tummy - Medford, OR

Im a 33 yr old mother of two. 5'2" 150...

Im a 33 yr old mother of two. 5'2" 150 lbs. Before my second daughter i was always around 120 and curvy. Im having a tummy tuck because i want to be comfortable again in my clothes, my body, just in general. I exercise alot, diet, yadayada and just feel helpless when it comes to the excessive fat hanging stomach. My kids are older, i have amazing support, so here goes.

We are about the same size. I am 5'3" and about 157. I feel the exact same way and am scheduled for 2/23. Hope all goes well for you!
you as well. such an exciting and life changing thing

Ok so im counting down the days..37 to go.. im...

ok so im counting down the days..37 to go.. im obsessed with this site.though i spent a few hours talking with my ps and nurse in my consult its very helpful to read about all you ladies journeys. got my tt all paid for, booked my hotel suite today(going out of town about 30 miles away for surgery) and getting lab work done this weekend. My husband and two daughters 14 & 10 are all on board and are the most supportive bunch i could ask for. still on the loosing weight thing. trying for 10 more lbs. wish me luck :)
I know what you mean..im obsessed with all things tummy tuck..lol...i had the same feelings. felt selfish and have constant worry about my house falling apart with me "out of commission" but my husband assures me this is for my and my life and its what I deserve.
You do and I do to!
i will post as often as possible..have you already seen dr parrish? everyone there is so wonderful..i saw a few other ps in southern oregon area and they by far were the most thorough and pleasant.

4 weeks to go..gee im so anxious! Trying to loose...

4 weeks to go..gee im so anxious! Trying to loose 10 pounds before the big day..lost 3 last week. Going to the gym with a friend has helped. Hope the weight keeps coming off. And hope this next 4 weeks fly by

Three weeks to go...im getting so anxious/excited....

Three weeks to go...im getting so anxious/excited. Working out like a crazy person..2 1/2 hours today..same tomorrow. Ive never been more focused on something in my life as i am about getting my body back, feeling better and looking good. I hope the days keep flying by cause im ready
im counting down the days..so excited..a lil over 2 weeks left. good luck.
same story here, so funny that we kinda have same history I have 2 kids 14 and 9, and I pretty much have your body shape, I am schedule for the 20/36 as well.
keep in touch i will post some pics.
what is a 20/36? I have just got two 14month old twins so the diet is what ever i can snag between screaming babies! lol I keep asking my husband if he is sure that spending the money is ok. I guess the closer I get the more I can't believe I"M REALLY GETTING THIS! I want to cry just thinking about the way i will look after. I going to ask the Dr to take a picture of me as soon as he is done and before any swelling happens. I think it will be my xmas card! hahahaha

Well im one week closer. 2 weeks left. im so...

well im one week closer. 2 weeks left. im so excited. and anxious and nervous. got all my scripts from the ps. gee there are alot. 8 in all..wowza. did my final call in with the nurse now all I have to do is show up. yay
Good luck! You are beautiful and will be stunning after your transformation!
I don't know what 20/36 is. maybe a typo. @lanai exciting. u see dr Parrish the Friday before my big day. super exciting. n definitely money well spent =)

So today i picked up my gabillion meds...combined...

So today i picked up my gabillion meds...combined with all the suppliments they have me taking...holy bananas its alot! 9 days n ill be on my way to a new me. Im starting to really freak out now not about the procedures themselves but the recovery process...i hope this net week zooms by
Nervous yet? I know i am. Cannot wait for the 26th to get here!
@k_Kay..umm totally anxious! im not worried about the tt ill be asleep im worried about the recovery. im hoping the week goes by super fast. I have chosen to work all week and Sunday morning too. hope that helps.
Hey shortcakes good luck to you, I go on the 29th so I will be following your progress. Best to you!

So today is just sucky! I've been working out,...

so today is just sucky! I've been working out, toning up my legs woke up feeling good then some jack ass old man asks me when im having my baby..ughhh so frustrating, embarrassing, n just the worst ever! i can't wait to get this "thing" off of my body! im not fat but feel like my stomach is fat n makes me look fat. maybe im just being a cry baby. either way I can't frickin wait till Monday!
I'm so happy for you, I'm having mine done on the 30th of March and I'm freaking out but so looking forward to not having a jelly belly!
We have a lot in common...going on the 26th, I workout like a mad woman, eat well, etc...but the more I loose skin I have = discouragement!! I just want to feel and look normal!!
So far the week has been going by quicker than normal. Still wish i could just be knocked out until after surgery starting now lol.

Im feeling spectacular!! had a great workout...

im feeling spectacular!! had a great workout yesterday. i am becoming a crazy obsessed expresso bike /spin bike person..eek. got the last of my lil supplies yesterday. my ps has me on vit c, iron, a multi, bromelian, and about 10 different meds/other stuff after my surgery. im also getting a pain pump at an extra $600 but they didnt ask if i wanted it just said your getting one. plus valium, tylox, and dilaudid. so i should be good. im so excited/freaked out by this whole thing. i cant wait and have my next few days all planned out so i can hopefully make time go by quick.
o yea btw i decided to have a pig out day today and eat all the stuff id like but never eat. starting with a muffin for breakfast. and pizza for dinner. tomorrow will be my last day at the gym and one day of eating bad wont pack on a pound. i hope..lol
I had my pig out/ never eat them again day yesterday lol. then my Colace kicked in and so i don't think it made me gain any weight lol.

Can't believe the days almost here. less than 48...

can't believe the days almost here. less than 48 hours to go. im a ball of nerves but so excited. yesterday i did a 14 mile bike ride mostly uphill and was so proud of myself. i can't wait for the day when i can go just in lil shorts n a sports bra. lol. today im spring cleaning all day since tomorrow im working n while im recovering i won't be able to clean. i hope the day flies by...o and a side note i didn't loose the 10lbs i wanted only 5 but I've managed to slim down n tone up my thighs n bootie so ill take it

Cant believe tomorrows the day...been on a clear...

Cant believe tomorrows the day...been on a clear liquid diet today and in 20 minutes will be banned from anything else..so my plan is to take a valium n go to bed..gotta be up early to shower and all. im all packed, grocery shopped for the rest of the house, everything is ready..my hubbers is the most supportive person in the world and i just feel so lucky. im so excited that this time tomorrow my tummy will be gone!!
Hour you are doing well!
Stupid auto correct...hope
gotta love smartphones u get everything right away..lol. we are staying at the Homewood suites hilton in a one bedroom suite. its by the office and its what dr Parrish recommended. because the nurse comes to the hotel to take care of you the next morning. after that I will be home in the recliner. I have 17 days off work n my hubby has time off too. did u get all ur meds? crazy long list. I found Fred meyers to be the least expensive. ill post after as soon as I feel up to it =)

I cant believe i did it. I feel fantastic. Very...

I cant believe i did it. I feel fantastic. Very little pain probally due to pain pump my ps made me get. Ive had zero nasuea. Im getting around great y hubby is the best nurse. After i woke up in the or my ps said i have the stomach of a teenager and he wasnt lying..it is totally flat n i couldnt be happier. Lipo sites are the only thing thats a lil tender n im super tight but getting up n down is a piece of cake. No pain meds today just valium my drains are n the top of my vag so they wont leave scars n my legs n my incision is low with stiches on the inside with a silicone sheet over them. I only lost 2 ounces of blood during surgery n he took off a total of 6 pounds drains come out monday n no shower till then.ewww. however who cares so worth it. I just cant put into words how happy i am ill post pics soon
thanks..you are gonna love all of dr parrishes staff they just are so great! I can't wait for u to have yours. make sure u have a gown that buttons uo the front cuz of the cathater. a swishy neck pillow..its been a lifesaver.. I've just been wearing over the head nighties no panties n have been so comfy. if I think of n e thing else ill let u know
I wish i knew how to post pictures of my before like you have. You have no stretch marks so you look so great! i do so it won't be the same but i'll take it. glad to hear your doing so good, take it easy now and rest up so you heal perfect!
I am so happy for you and you look so great! I have been thinking about non stop and praying it went well. Summer time fun time here you come. :)

I had the worst nite..ugh.. up n down constantly...

I had the worst nite..ugh.. up n down constantly but hey I finally pooped n feel way better. I despise my drains. they bug. but still not much pain. swelling seems to be goin down a lil. get the hiccups alot wich is strange but whatever. drains come out Tuesday..yay. then I can shower..took some pics. swollen still but what a improvement from what I looked like before..now my bootie is back to looking bubbly too..which I like. can't wait to be able to put some kind of clothes on.
Whoohoo look at those curves sexy mama!

Omg im soooooo bored. I have now been in this...

omg im soooooo bored. I have now been in this recliner for 6 days. I feel like I can only fb read n play stupid games n watch TV so much. im off pain meds. taking valium n the mornings n that's it. my hubby helped me walk up the stairs last night n pick out some comfies to put on. he also washed my hair n the sink for me and said he'd shave my legs n pits for me tomorrow before the dr. I get my drains out Tuesday then will finally be able to shower. I love how flat im looking. staying on a minimal sodium diet. im just sore n hate my drains. I guess tues is when ill get my binder. n 2 more weeks of these compression stockings. other than that ill post pics tues when I get all barbied up to go see the ps.
Looking good lady!! Totally feeling you on the boredom.....I've fb'd until my fingers cramped, words with friends, watched a handfull of movies, etc. I'm irritated with the drains & the binder is itchy & not comfy @ all!!
Congrats an happy healing!!!!!
looking good!!!u must be soo happy!!congrats i cnt wait for my turn 4-3-12!!wish me luck!!good luck to u w healing fast

One week po and im feeling fantastic! cleaned the...

one week po and im feeling fantastic! cleaned the kitchen a lil, made my own breakfast, emptied my own drains n cleared the lines. getting around pretty good. can't wait to get these drains out tomorrow. there the only things holding me back. im just so happy. feel so lucky for all the support I've had. today my daughters 11th birthday so ima attempt to make dinner n all..we will c. she feels bad but im gonna try.cant wait to shower tomorrow put on my makeup n get all pretty. hope everyone elses healing is going great. ill post pics when I get my drains out tomorrow.
I got mine like a week before n if u don't have insurance be prepared its about $180. I found Fred Meyer to be cheapest.
thanks, i do have insurance but Thought i might have got them by now. it's hurry up and wait with me! i just want it now.lol
not all the way straight. dr Parrish leaves drains in for a week so no shower no binder still bent over still n recliner. im swollen but not too bad. pain pump was a lifesaver. im off pain meds. he does his stiches on the inside so have him explain it its pretty cool. I just love them all. you'll do great. my main suggestion is a squishy neck pillow to go around ur neck. a eye shade to block out light during the day. n laxatives with Apple juice..lol.

Got those awful drains out today! wooo hooo I can...

got those awful drains out today! wooo hooo I can finally attempt a shower tonite. didn't hurt but felt super weird coming out. my scar is like what scar. my ps does stiches on inside so there's just a thin line with a hint of pink to it..i mean wow it looks amazing. im now in my new bff aka binder for the next 6 weeks. n im sore from doing too much today. so im gonna nap. go back Friday to have stitching removed from bb. other than that n swelling bad im feeling fantastic about everything n can't wait for the final results..n to get back to the gym. I miss it terribly :-(. post pics of scar n tummy tomorrow

Finally taking a shower felt so good. However i...

Finally taking a shower felt so good. However i way over did it today. Driving. Running errands. Etc. Now im pooped. I hate my binder. 6 weeks of it.ughhh i just cant imagine. On the bright side im looking great...hubbies off work tomorrow. Sleeping in bed last nite sucked but gonna try again tonight. Im bored and dying to go back to the gym.

Back to the ps again today. they took out every...

back to the ps again today. they took out every other stitch in my bb. told them how much I hate my binder. it just doesn't fit me right n makes me look fat he said I can were a flex garment or a spannx it just needs to be tight. id post a pic but my bb looks gross personally I think it looks like a dogs but..lol. not sleeping good. today was the first time I laid flat on my back n it wasn't comfy. gonna try for the bed again tonite we shall see. trying to remain optimistic but just feeling blah as hell. happy healing all.

Okay ladies today was my first day back at work...

okay ladies today was my first day back at work and all I can say is ughhhhh. I run convince stores for a living and lets say I sat on my rear most the day but it sure wore me out..lol. still havin a hard time sleeping in bed. but on the bright side found an awes0me control garment binder...its actually tighter doesn't bunch up and feels better.. only thing is the hubby has to put it in for me cuz it doesn't Velcro like those awful things the ps gives you..lol. very swollen from work but feeling pretty good. worried bout my bb but my ps assures me it'll be okay. he said I should shrink in 2 inches all over..yay. everyone asked if I had a boob job..lol I guess without all the fat under em they look like they should..lol..
Hey Shortcakes! Your looking good, how are you feeling?!
tell me about it..theyre aweful. I have one its a fleexie. and the other is a waist cincher I actually found at wall mart for 12 bucks. its tight doesn't bunch n I love it. my hubby has to pull it over my head but it really is great
just make sure it says extra or very firm control

So im 18 days po n feeling a lil better. I love...

so im 18 days po n feeling a lil better. I love how I look when I first get up before the swelling kicks in..lol. had a lil scare Wednesday cuz I started oozing from the incision site had a appt that day anyway the nurse said it was normal.. she cleaned my bb up took rest of stiches outs it n overall i feel pretty good about everything today. posting some pics..my bb is funny cuz of the way it was before rt n the way they cut through it when i had my tubes tied my ps said he had to do some modifications but that overall it along with the rest of me should shrink in about 2"..yay for that. the tape stuff is the parts where i ooze fluid during the day..since ny stiches are underneath my skin n the incision is just glued together its expected. healing nicely though. I've seen lots of his po pics n 90% of his scars are barely noticeable. happy healing everyone
You are healing so well, thank you for sharing. Cant wait to see the final product!!
I'm so jealous that your incision already looks that good. Mine is still scaly/scabby.
if ur talking about Stephanie shes not short just very blunt n too the point. trust me I call like every other day with one worry or another n they have all been great about it..shes just not as bubbly as the rest but knows her stuff..make sure ur hubby requests like 4 extra pillows when he checks in..mine checked us in while I was in surgery. and if u have one of those squishy around the neck pillows take it it was a life saver also a pillow for the car ride home...youll do great. the drains r the worst no shower for a week n they pull but once they're out I felt 100 times better. the suites at the hotel have a full kitchen so I brought lots o0f diet 7up water def bring cough drops...n good luck im excited for you

Here i am 5 weeks po and im not exactly thrilled...

here i am 5 weeks po and im not exactly thrilled with my results thus far. i was unprepared for the emotional toll this whole thing would have on me. i dislike my bb very much. though the doc says it will shrink in give it 6 monts..for now its hideous and just gross to look at. saw my po last week im he removed a stitch that had worked its way part out. and cleared me to take my compression garment off may 12th and fully cleared to exercise. im unhappy with the fact that with no big activity during my recovery all the hard work i put into toneing my legs thighs etc has been undone. plus from the front i dont feel any smaller. my scar seems high and bikinis do not cover it up. nothing fits right at all and im just regretting i didnt do more. i love that my stomach is flat while i stand up at least.and would never want that hunk of junk back on my front. however i made a deal with my hubs that i will work out hard like i was and if by christmas i dont have my desired results i will be having smart lipo on my hips thighs outer n inner flanks and butt. ill post pics later :)
Hi shortcakes, just read you story. I think your results look great, don't be disheartened...like lanai says give it time.I know patience certainly isn't one of my strong suits so I will need to remember this when I have my TT. Good luck with the rest of your recovery.
shortcake you need to give it time, you look so good i don't think you button look bad and remember your still swollen. it will take a few months for full results. and remember i have met you! your a beautiful women! we all come in different shapes and sizes, i think you look slamming girl. look again at your before and after pictures. the scare will drop, it will. stop beating yourself up over the rest of your body because you are hot women, say it believe it and know it! i'm still bigger than before i went in but i am amazed at what they could do with me at 46! for me it was the hanging skin that didn't match the way i felt. but i have other body issues we all do but now i feel so good about myself even though know one will really see it but me and husband. just know you are more than the sum of your hips or highs! i think your perfect!
thanks lani..i know im rough on myself. i forget its only been 5 weeks..lol i do love that my stomach is flat. and ive always had "cheerleader thighs" as my hubby says. i just get frustrated. but alls good n you look fantastic btw. hope your feeling great

Well ladies going into week 7 I think..any how...

well ladies going into week 7 I think..any how went jogging now have a big lump above my bb still hopefully its nada but gotta go see doc this week. still swollen tons by end of day. posting some new pics. feeling okay still having a hard time finding clothes but I guess that's just part of it all. the hubs thinks im sexy n loves my tummy n says that the scar doesn't bother him at all that's a plus. off to breakfast n a day of my daughters Sunday fastpitch o n I slept without a compression garment on last night..it felt soooo good=)
You look great, congrats!!!!!
looking good...Can't wait for mines to be over~!
You look phenomenal!!

So today is my birthday!!! 34. im 8 weeks po and...

so today is my birthday!!! 34. im 8 weeks po and feeling pretty good. still sore at times especially in the pubic mons area. when i sit for awhile then try to stand straight it feel s like im being ripped in half. ouch! i feel like ive gaind a lil weight by not going to the gym. dont know cuz my hubby hid the scale from me. but i start back to the gym full force on june 1st. i cant wait!!!!!!!!! i gotta get rid of the "back fat"' and tone my thighs back up. if not im so getting cool sculpting or lipo. and thats just that. overall im happy with my tt. though im in the same size i was before pretty much i can now wear dresses smaller shirts, and tighter clothes cuz my tummys flat. i actually prefer more form fitting things now. ill post pics later. happy healing everyone
Had tt 4 weeks 1 day Ago dr is awesome but had two complications and had to be reopened but not put back to sleep. Started bleeding fluid which was annoying but ok for 1 week was doing normal things except lifting have a baby and 4 yr old. Then part of my incision opened the pressure was so strong inside I had hematona and was full of blood clots . He restitched me on the outside but now I am not allowed to do anything but sit and shower for 2 weeks and it's already been 4!!!! So frustrating especially with 2 kids most ppl are healed by now. I had muscle repair and that's all ok
Medford Plastic Surgeon

Dr parrish and his staff are amazzing.the nurse that came to the hotel to take care of me was so nicce and helpful. Everyone in the entire office make you feel so comfortable like youre at home. They are so thourogh friendly and warm. I just cant say enough about how fantastic they are

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