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My tattoo is 1"x1" on my hand. I was...

My tattoo is 1"x1" on my hand. I was concerned about not being hired for a job with it. I took 5 treatments over the course of 9 months that healed quickly each time. The doctor said that should be sufficient, but the tattoo's still there, faded in some areas more than others. I ran out of money and wish I would've just kept the tattoo.

Has faded considerably

My tattoo is now very light grey, only visible when looking close. It's been four years since I got laser treatments. There is minimal scarring, but I am not dissatisfied. I would post a photo but my webcam won't capture it.


I regret paying so much for the procedure.
Dermatology & Laser Associates of Medford, Oregon LLP

For the reasons I rated.

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From what I understand, the older the tattoo, say 25+ years or less than 6 months old, the easier it is to remove. Other than that, your facing alot of treatments. Black is easiest to remove from what the laser tech told me. They use the q-switch laser.
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i just had my last treatment with my tattoo, which is black and this was the tenth treatment. with my other tattoo i had only 5 tratments and after that it had disappeared. i don't know weather the ink is responding properly to the laser.
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I agree that sometimes you need to take a break. I had 3 removed and the problem is that it has everything to do with your skin, doc said 1-2 treatments I lost count I think it was after 6 or 7 that I gave up but they do seem to continue to fade as time goes on. while girl in office had 1 treatment and you could barely see hers.. The age on tattoo's needs too be raised to at least 25 (-:
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I was told black's easiest to remove, too. I don't think the star was unreasonably dark to begin with. The doctor didn't say it was, and also did not say what lasers, levels, and machine she used! It wasn't written down for me, nor was any information about the treatment process handed to me to keep.
I found out when there was a substitute nurse one day I was there, that this doctor had been going light on it all this time. I was told I should tell the doctor to go harder on it. Next time (5th treatment) I did, and after my last treatment she said she "really smacked it" but the scar is from earlier, getting the tattoo and then reinforced by the laser treatments.
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I have a tattoo on my hip that I have been trying to remove. So far I had two sessions which were not very successful, my tattoo is fadeing, some placeses are fading faster than others, I started this process back in October of last year. Before I went for treatments the doctor told me it would take about 5-7 treatments since my tattoo is all black, after the first treatment I went back after 4 weeks and he said that according to the way my tat has faded it might take longer than 8 treatments. After the second session my tattoo faded little more. The only reason why i say it has been unsuccessful is because theyve told me that the black ink is the EASIEST to remove and should not take longer than 8 treatments.
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Hmm, I don't know for sure Indianapoli, just going off what other community members have said. :) Your doctor probably knows more How is yours doing now?

Thanks for the info,


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I have had 5 treatments for tattoo removal and the black and red tattoo has faded and the teal tattoo is only slightly faded.

It takes a lot of painful treatments to completely remove them.

I am taking a break from tattoo removal for awhile....
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Hi Anea,

Welcome to the tattoo removal community, Wow, after 5 treatments it they still did not come off, that's crazy. Were they really dark? I've heard that color is easier to fade than darker colors like black. Based on the pictures it looks like they were black. The good thing is it looks like you are trying to make them go away so I would guess anybody hiring would understand.  Please keep us updated and you might want to chat with other community members they are pretty knowledgeable on this topic.

Thanks so much for the review.


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