9 weeks post reduction

I will be having a breast reduction on Dec 17. I...

I will be having a breast reduction on Dec 17. I am 43, 5'4 and about 240lbs. I am down from a high of 308 and I was hoping to do this after I lost the weight, but my weight loss has stalled and I have significant pain issues that get in the way of exercising and are now affecting work, so I have decided to go ahead with the reduction now. My breasts have changed shape with my 60 lb weight loss but have only gone down in band size. Currently I am a 40GG.

I decided to log onto realself in search of support. I am starting to get nervous and excited about the procedure and I would love to find some BR buddies to go through this with :-)

I'm having a BR on the 19th. Ready now but waiting for holiday break. Good luck to all.

Welcome to the community girlie!!

You are going to do just fine and will feel so much better soon.   I had the same issue and needed to have the reduction before I lost the weight.  I dropped over 60 pounds after the reduction.  Loving my "B's" now.

You will have a lot of buddies here on RealSelf:)

Your day is almost here.

I am scheduled for the same day! You'll do great :) keep updating!

So today was the day... surgery was at 730 this...

So today was the day... surgery was at 730 this morning and I was home by 1230. I have had no pain to speak of, just a bit of shooting discomfort and it feels like I am wearing a bra that is too tight and that comes and goes. I am taking my meds on schedule trying to keep it at bay. I will go back and see the Dr on Wednesday and he will change my bandages. The dr had me wear a nausea patch to the surgery and I felt a very small amount of nausea and it passed very quickly. The last surgery I had I woke up throwing up in recovery room so this has been very nice!

The experience at the surgery center was very positive. Everyone was nice and everything seemed to go smoothly. The Dr and his nurse were very kind and unhurried with me which made me feel comfortable and listened to. Recovery room was very short lived but I liked it that way. They gave me something to eat and drink and when I was feeling up to it they wheeled me to the door where my boyfriend was waiting with the car. We headed straight home and went to bed and I have been asleep most of the day. I think the girls are starting to swell a bit which is registering as a little pressure, but not really painful.

Once home I was able to look at my figure in the mirror and I was pleased with what I could see. On that note I think I am going to put the computer down and go back to sleep... I will check in again as things progress.
Hope all went well. Let us all know how it went and how you are doing. My surgery is scheduled for january 9th. I'm very excited but nervous.
I am 3 days, almost 4, post op. did anyone have one breast that was more bruised, sore than the other?
I know you will feel such relief tomorrow. Praying for successful surgery and speedy recovery. I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and so glad I went through BR.

I am one day post op and had to take the bandages...

I am one day post op and had to take the bandages off to get a picture for the Dr's office. My right breast is much more swollen. So while I had the chance I took some pics. My breasts have not been this small since Jr high. I can't beleive how wonderful my back feels, and my boyfriend swears I am taller because I am no longer being pulled forward. These small breasts will take a bit to get used to but I am really please so far. I will upload the pics so folks can see.
no drains!!! lucky you! =) glad everything went well
Oh and PS I have had really bad acid reflux since day one pist op. Yesterday I took Pepcid and I had a much better day and night. This morning I feel okay too. Hoping I don't have to take more. Also my stomach has been upset since the surgery too so i have really only had soup). Today it feels a lot better but not 100 percent. I was given antibiotics in the hospital 3 bags of clindamycin so maybe that is part of it. I did not have any big issues with reflux prior to surgery. to eat with some crackers. My throat was a little sore day two. It is okay now (intubation).
I would say, five days in, things are going really well. I took Norco on the hospital after my surgery for the first 20 hours (5 pills). I stayed overnight. I stopped it as it made me itchy and then my lip swelled when I got home. For the last 2 days I have only taken Tylenol once a day. I see my surgeon tomorrow so more then. I was a 40 F and I would say I will be a C when all is said and done. Anxious to hear how much he removed. He is a wonderful doctor out of Northwestern Hospital-Chicago, Dr. Gregory Damanian. He also did lipo on my sides. I sent him pictures of my bruising on my right side. He attributes it to the lipo. I have to say the pain is not bad. The tenderness seems to be on the sides, again the lipo explains that. I did not know he would be doing that but I am glad he did. I felt the difference the second I moved to get up in recovery to go to my hospital room. There was no pain in my neck or shoulder blad area. It is now completely gone. I still can't believe it. I have a ways to go but I'm hoping things continue to go smoothly. I had general anestitia and had no nausea at all when I woke up. The bottom of my feet itched like crazy. Not sure if that was the dilaidud they gave me in recovery or what. They gave me Benadryl and that took it away. Ill keep you all posted. :)

So I am three days post op and today has been a...

So I am three days post op and today has been a rougher day. I am having problems with the meds I am taking and I am getting hives. The pain is well controlled but I am somewhat loopy and over emotional. My dr said I needed to go ahead and raise my arms occasionally but whenever I raise the right one I feel my nipple getting pulled in. I told him about it during my appt yesterday and he said just to stretch it. It does seem to help when I stretch and give it a second to adjust, but it really scares me. I fly fish and my right arm is my casting arm so I hope this goes away as time passes. I am also concerned with the shape of my breasts, my dr told me to bring in pics of what I wanted and I did and asked if he felt he could give me those results. I also brought in pics of results I didn't like. He said he felt he could but that he might have to do a free nipple graft because that would give him more freedom to build the shape I liked. The morning of surgery he said he felt he could do it with out doing the FNG and I said that the shape mattered more to me than the sensation but if he could do both that would be great. I am afraid my shape was sacrificed for the nipple sensation, which really bums me out because loss of sensation would not be a big deal to me, because I never had much to start with . Currently my breast shape looks like one of the pics I brought in that I did not like. I know this will all change and I hope for the better, but as I mentioned I am over emotional today so it all feels really bad right now. I suppose that even if the shape does not turn out how I like it, the loss of the back pain is going to be so worth it!!
Wishing you a speeding recovery. for the hives take either benadryl, allegra or zyrtec -- all over the counter. they will NOT interfere with any of your meds; promise, b/c i take them now
Thank you for all of the supportive messages. I was just having a rough day I think. I definately feel much better about things now that a little time has passed. So many emotions running through me due to the large change in size and meds. I think things will look good once it all settles out.
After loosing weight I hung so much lower that PS felt fng was best option because of difficulties of trying to make it work plus I wanted a smaller size. Our surgeries were same day. I got a look at mine today at the office. I'm happy so far. Keep us updated. Cheers to our new boobs!

Well I am now a week out. It has been a much...

Well I am now a week out. It has been a much harder recovery than I thought. I thought this surgery was going to be no big deal, I have a high pain tolerance and they are just removing and arranging a couple little fat blobs right? When I was reading other peoples posts before the surgery I remembered seeing a lot of folks who were down a few days and then ditched the meds and were back to normal life with a few restrictions. I think that was the recovery that I wanted so that was what I was saw. Now I am seeing a lot more folks who are having recoveries like mine, I guess I had been looking for the easy stories and skipping the rougher ones.

I have been all over the map emotionally this week. One thing I didn't realize was how my breasts would change day to day, sometimes hour to hour. There were times I felt like I had a masectomy and times I was afraid they left too much. My nipples moved in and out, had feeling, lost feeling. The Dr took close to 5 lbs of breast tissue off plus some lipo and I came home 17 lbs heavier. The number on the scale was not the issue, but the pain on the incisions from being so blown up and tight was severe. There were times that I felt like my incisions were going to pop. The meds they gave me has kept the pain in check and kept me groggy, sleeping and itching in bed. The benadryl has helped a lot with the hives the meds caused. At 7 days later I am down 12 lbs, so the fear of popping my incisions from water retention is easing and I am starting to ease off the move off the pain meds and onto extra strength tylenol. Hopefully things will start to clear soon and I can get on with life and healing.
Thank you for the encouragement folks! It has been a rough road but I am definately happy I am on it! :-) I think it was rougher than it should have been for a couple of reasons. I found myself reading everyones posts about drains and wishing I had them. By the second day after the surgery my chest was so full of fluid that I was rock hard all the way up to my clavicles. I saw the Dr that day and the nurse made a comment about man you are hard up here but the Dr didn't seem concerned. As time passed that swelling progressed to the point that it pulled my new breasts up which pulled hard on the suture lines. That was where my serious pain came from and the snow ball of med issues really came into play. My partner had a different type of surgery 2 weeks before mine and he came home with drains, he called them his grenades lol. He said they hurt worse than the incisions sites because when they got bumped he could feel them deeply. I think a lot of my problems would have been alleviated if I had had a way of getting the fluid out. My left breast drained itself quite a bit in the earlier days and is shaping up really nicely... the right has had almost no visible drainage onto the bandages and it is still very swollen and the breast runs all the way around under my arm. I have not looked at it this morning but I am hoping it is better because my body let go of a bunch of water over night. I am considering contacting my DR today because I don't see him again until I am two weeks out and I have an issue with my Rt breast. Whenever I lift my right arm my nipple pulls in. It's like something got attached to the wrong thing in there. The Dr knew about it because it was really bad on the second day when he last saw me and he told me not to keep my arms down by my side and that I was to keep using my arms in order to try to 'stretch it out'. My job requires me to move an xray tube above my head so this is very worriesome for me. I am stretching it regularly and it is much better than it was so hopefully it will continue to go away as the swelling on that side goes away. Right now when I put my Rt arm up or back my Rt nipple pulls in... then when I relax my arms nipple goes forward again but feels like it's "in a twist". In a couple of minutes the pain passes. Well I am off today... I feel awake and pretty good today. I hope you are all doing well!
My PS told me to consider the surgery as a major reconstruction. I believe this because we are just so large. They have to reshape the breasts. Take it easy. Luckily I was well prepared before holidays and my husband has been great. I haven't done anything since the surgery. Rest and heal! Rest and heal!
Hello. I just read your story!! I had mine August 30 and it's been a difficult recovery but I am still glad I did it. I was sensitive to the stitching inside so I opened up and have some bad scaring. The emotional is still crazy. This is a huge step for US to take and the hardest is mental. One day I am ok then one day I want to scream. It just take time for all healing To take place. I still feel pulling in some days. I am still not fully released!! I go back January 8th and everything is almost closed so praying it all goes good!! Give yourself time that is the best thing you can do. The girls will change and keep changing for a while!! The swelling in most part is normal. My hardest week was number 3!! Praying for you and all of you!!!

Well here we are 13 days into it. Things are...

Well here we are 13 days into it. Things are getting much better and I will add some updated pics. The pain is minimal, feels like I am engorged and sensitive to the touch and the incisions only hurt on the occasion that I move wrong. The emotional ups and downs from all of the foreign chemicals in my system have eased and I am feeling much better emotionally. As for activities I can do most things as long as it doesn't take reaching above my head or holding my arms outstretched with anything that has much weight to it. What that looks like is glasses that need to go up on a shelf can be managed as long as there is no stretching, but if a larger plate needs to go on the bottom of a pile of plates I will ask someone to lift the plates for me. I can do laundry with our front loading machines, but when I transfer the wash to the dryer I have to move just a couple pieces at a time. I am driving now but I try to keep it to a minimum as my right breast is still my problem child and swells up if I use my arm too much.

I am no longer worried so much about the shape of my breasts... that seems to change a lot so it will be some time before I get to see the final result and the fact that smaller breasts feel so much better (yes, even ones that are still healing) makes that less important for me at the moment.

As a bigger girl I worried in advance that this would make my stomach more noticable but I don't feel that it really has particularly in clothing. I look like I have lost 30 lbs at least because my upper abdomen (which is my thinnest spot) is visible and I am able to fully stand up straight. Before the surgery my breasts pushed down on my abdomen and pushed out the belly fat and created more of a roll. Once the reduction and lift was done a huge amount of breast tissue was taken and it was all pulled up creating a bit of a lift affect. I did have lipo but that was only on the breast roll under my arm but it looks like I had more done. My boyfriend says that before I was more of a pear shape because everthing including the breasts "were losing the war with gravity" and now I have curves where they are supposed to be.

Peoples reactions have been a lot of fun. My favorite was my sister... the first time she saw me her job dropped and she walked over staring at my breasts in shock.... when she finally spoke she said "I have never seen you with out boobs before"... and then she started poking them with one finger. Most people just comment on how they could never see the top of my abdomen and that it looks like I have lost 30-40lbs. Now that I am starting to feel better I am going to get on the walking and see if I can get my other areas going the right direction.
Good to see you are healing and doing better. I'm at about the same spot on what I do and don't do. I did clean out some clothes in the closet yesterday, but quit when my arms said enough.

I went and saw the PS and his nurse today. They...

I went and saw the PS and his nurse today. They are both very friendly and patient with all of my questions. They took a look and said everything looks good and that the shape will round out as the breasts relax into place. My left has started coming down but the Rt is still high and tight. The Dr feels the pulling in my Rt arm should resolve itself, and that it is just the dissolvable stitches deep inside. He also said to start massaging the scars and recommended taping them to flatten them out. The nurse cut out the stitches that were obvious and it opened something up and a lot of fluid started coming out. Thankfully it wasn't infected, just a normal pocket that develops. That was the left side and my right side is much more swollen and I am wondering if it will open up as well, or if it will just absorb. I was supposed to go back to work next week but I am not even close to ready so I am going to take a bit more time off. I spoke with my boss about it today and thankfully there is coverage so I can just focus on getting as close to 100% before I go back.
Hi Anon me.. I am in a very similar situation beiong on the larger side. I currently weigh 240lbs and am 5'6. I actually put on about 10lbs bewteen Thanksgiving and Christmas... I am so mad with myself. So now its a scramble to get in the best shape for the surgery. I have been big all my life and my boobs seemed to appear pretty much overnight. I have never felt that they were ever perky though. As soon as they were there the nipples were pointing downward. Then as time went on they just got heavier and heavier and lower and lower... I hate them. So... I am having the Op on the 22nd Jan. Less than 3 weeks and i am so excited and then so scared. It was so nice to read your post since you are a similar size to me.. I am currently a 38G, although in some bras I still bulge out of that. I want to be a C / D. They said that I should have lipo too at the sides, but can't afford that right now.. And then i feel that there is not much point when i am squishy everywhere else.. LOL. The other reason i decided against it is the fact that the PS told me that the pain from the lipo would be more than from the surgery. So that was a big factor for me. I am not good with pain meds.. I can't take Codeine as it makes me sick. So she is prescribing Dilaudid. I just read that the warnings say not to take if you are allergic to codeine. So i guess I will have to check into that. I know they are going to give me anti-nausea pills also. Though the PS assistant said that would be valium??? Didn't know that was for nausea. Maybe you take it and just don't care if you feel sick anymore.. LOL Anyway, I have waffled on long enough.. Just wanted to say Hi and that i was excited to read your post. Hope you are feeling ok today and you look great.. I too am worried about the belly looking bigger.. But you are right.. yours doesn't.
Hi, I too get sick with Codeine, and Morphine so they gave me Dilaudid back in 1999 and I went on a vent and coma for 10 days. I'm so allergic to Dilaudid and morphine. So Just be careful with the Dilaudid. I took Norco and didn't have problems. Good Luck hope you have a speedy recovery Good Luck
Thanks.. I will check with my primary care Dr on Tuesday as have to go in for the pre-op physical for him to clear me for surgery. He will have a better idea of if it will be ok...

21 days out and things are going pretty good. I...

21 days out and things are going pretty good. I am still careful with carrying weight over my head, and I can't lay on my stomach or Rt side but things are getting better all the time. I still have to limit my activities because as soon as I over-do the Rt side swells up. I am going to post pics from today and then this will be the last time I post them for awhile... I am not seeing much of a change in them other than the swelling.
congratulations,you look awesome!!!!!!
Looks like swelling went down a bit. Hang in there!

Well I am 26 days out and I am still exhausted. ...

Well I am 26 days out and I am still exhausted. This suprises me but I am seeing a lot of the other girls in the forums are having the same issue. An example of this is yesterday I took my son to school in the morning, I came home and picked up my partner and we went out to lunch and then to 1 store. We shopped for less than 30 minutes, couldn't find anything and headed home. Once we got home I was so exhausted I went to bed and slept until dinner time.

Other than that I am healing up nicely. The Rt arm still has more fluid in it and swells a lot if I eat too much salty food or if I do too much with it. My incisions are healing up nicely and the Dr has told me to start taping incisions and massaging them with oil. I have found I can not tape it because it makes me break out. I am oiling my breasts with palmers oil and last night while running my fingers down the incisions I started feeling pops inside that felt like I was popping bubble wrap. I am assuming it was stitches letting go but I don't really know. Most of the pops didn't hurt but then I got to one that almost brought me to my knees. The pain passed and today I had a couple more pops but they were painless.
You are looking great. Sorry you are still tired this far out. Thats scary for me as I have 4 year old twins.. I am always tired now.. LOL.. So I guess it will be what it will be!
I am now 30 days post op from my original BR, 15 days from when they reopened my right breast. I am glad to see my exhaustion is not abnormal, not that I wish exhaustion ant any of you. I find it odd that ir is not necessarily better each day. Like today I had new soreness and a lot if nipple sensitivity. I guess I thought it would be like a cut where each day it just feels better. Maybe it's just me. Ill ask my surgeon when I see him on the 23rd.
I fly fish too, damn boobs were always in the way of casting! I own a little Fish Cat pontoon and my husband had to shorten the oars, when I rowed they would hit my boobs. Tight Lines and good luck with your recovery. I am 24 days post op and added my story earlier today, it should be posted tomorrow!

I decided to post some more pics because it seems...

I decided to post some more pics because it seems like things are changing a bit. It seems like most of the swelling is gone and things are starting to settle. I went and had a bra fitting today and I am betwen a B and C cup. I had been going for a full C to a small D, the Dr reccomended a D. I have been concerned off and on about how small I ended up but I think if I had to err on the side of being too small or being too large I would rather be too small... I can always add a padded bra if I need to! I have to say I am loving not having all the shoulder, sternum and back pain and being able to wear sundresses and empire waist clothing designs has been a lot of fun!
Looking Great!!!
Your girls are shaping up beautifully, the size seems perfect, and must make it a lot easier to be active.
Things are looking really good! Yay you! Today I am 40 days post op from my original surgery. I see the surgeon tomorrow. My pain is minimal unless I press in certain spots. My right breast is still discolored on the underneath incision line. I'm not sure why other than that poor breast went through a lot! My regular doctor does not think there is any infection. It is not hot, no fever, and my bloodwork is good. Ill be anxious to hear what the surgeon thinks. I can sleep on both sides now. Amen! Not a belly sleeper so I don't care about that. I am still in sport/surgery bras 24/7. I found a wonderful surgery bra on amazon so I bought another! It comes down lower so it does not lay on that underneath incision. Anyhow that's my update. Glad you are happy and doing well. :)

Here we are at 9 weeks post reduction. I have...

Here we are at 9 weeks post reduction. I have been back to work for 2 weeks. Even though I had taken 7 weeks off the first week back was exhausting, the second week back was much better. I got off work Friday night and I still had energy... I am so excited! I have been able to get things done around the house this weekend and I feel totally back to normal. My breasts are healing up nicely and I am finally used to the smaller size. They sort of remind me of a short haircut, always looks nice but you can't do much with them ;-)
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