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2 More Days! - Medford, OR

I have wanted to do this for myself for 10 years...

I have wanted to do this for myself for 10 years and its almost here!!!! My main concern at this point is size. I am so worried I am going to be too big. I am really hoping for a natural look. I am having 485 cc Sientra silicone gel implants placed in the crease submammary. I am 6'0, 165 pounds and currently an A cup.

All is well!

Surgery went very well today no nausea
after the surgery was able to get some rest but I am extremely sore! I'm strapped in this medical bra so can't really tell what my size is. Have to wear this for 3 weeks.

Home from surgery.

Since my surgery was 2 hours away from my home, the ride home was excruciating. I threw up and was in so much pain it was awful. Its so good to be out of the hotel and car! My right implant is sitting up slightly higher than the left and p.s. said I can massage it to help it settle into the pocket. There's no way I can do that yet, I can barely open a door leg alone push on my boob. I'm very curious to see what size I'm going to end up. Right now they look way smaller than what I thought they'd be.


How long were you on your pain meds? I take 2 percocet (7.5/500) every 4 hours and sometimes I barely make it to the 4 hours. I would love to get off of them especially since I can't go big girl potty!


Post boobs

10 days post op

Here I am @ day 10 and feeling fairly well. I think I may have pushed myself by going back to work too soon though. I definitely feel like my boobs are totally separate from my body. The certainly don't feel right yet. But its only been 10 days. Had my post op yesterday, p.s.said they look great and told me I could take the tape off. My scars are bigger than I thought they would be, anyone else think the same thing when they took the tape off?

Day 17

Today my breasts feel like big hard lumps. Extremely tight and very uncomfortable. I had a very stressful and emotional day today and think my stress settled in my breasts unfortunately. Weird how our bodies react to things. No real pain, just extreme discomfort. Still feel like they are not at all part of me but I know it is still SO early in the healing process.

day 18

Righty is still riding high.

Day 28

Feeling good, softening a little. Still feeling very foreign.

Day 35

Boobies are so much softer & actually already starting to jiggle. I go back & forth with wishing I would've gone a bit bigger.

Underwire bra

How long before you began wearing under wire bras after augmentation?

7 weeks post

I couldn't be any happier!!!


I am just so thankful my surgery went off without a hitch. I feel very fortunate I had no complications. I would do it again 10 x's over!

They change day to day...

I don't even think my boobs look fake anymore. They seem to be dropping so fast!!! My lefty is so much softer than the other. I sleep on my left side & kind of squish my boob. Could that be why?

One more week behind me...

Never had any burning, zapping, itching or stinging after surgery. Feeling grateful for that!

Righty still harder & higher than leftie

Feeling great @ almost 10 weeks post. Trying to b patient with righty.


Tried on a gazillion bras today and loved every second ;)

3 months today.

Happy with my results except my right breast is still high. Anyone else about 3 mos post and still not dropping completely on one side?

4 months & 10 days.

I feel as though they have gotten a tad smaller since I have lost some weight but I am still happy with my results ;)
Medford Plastic Surgeon

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Love them! They look nice n fluffy ;)
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Hahaha, fluffy....that made me LOL ;). Thank u!!
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Hey! I'm a fellow 6footer, and about your same weight. I am currently an A Cup, do you feel better? Like more womanly? I'm afraid I'll feel even more of my height with bigger breasts.
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I feel AMAZING! You will not feel like a giant, I promise. I have always been hyper-aware of my height, I still have major problems with slouching, but I can say that since I've had my surgery I stand up a lot taller. Definitely feel more like a woman,,,especially in lingerie and bikini!!!! :)
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Looks amazing! Lovely size and shape too x
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Fab results :) congrats x
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Omg! Your boobs look great! Hell no. They look incredibly real!!! I also am grateful I had no complications. We're very lucky :)
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lovely results!! :) have a great recovery
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Great Results! You look awesome!
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Beautiful results!!! Very pretty looking boobies....if I can say that?! Lol
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Please keep saying it ;) Thanks so much!!!! I can't believe its been 2 months already!!
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You look fab
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Thank u!!!!!
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Looking great, happy 1 month boobiversary!
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The result is awesome!
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Yay for shopping for new bras have fun you look great
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Love your results!! What size are you now?
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Your boobs look fantastic!
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Your surgeon did a great job! You look fabulous
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I love my new girls too but some times i think I should of pumped it up 50cc more Lol so I understand your statement. But your boobs look good already too, natural with a softer look and sexy!!
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Wow they do look very good for only one month post op!
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Your breasts are hands down the best I've seen at only one month post surgery! Wow, beautiful!
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Wow thank you so much!!!
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