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Full Tummy Tuck and Lipo - Columbia, CO

My doctor was dr Sergio Arango Cuartas, Medellin...

My doctor was dr Sergio Arango Cuartas, Medellin Poblado.

He is not a good doctor people do not operate with him, I did a tummy tuck he only cutter the extra skin and that was pretty much it. He did not do a full lipo…I am not happy. Do NOT get cheated! Bad Doctor. I am feeling like I was before, with the exception that he did a mediocre job…I do not recommend him to anyone…please be careful who you choose as a doctor. My tummy tuck is bad…not happy at all.


Sorry you had to go thru a bad experience :-( hopefully you can find a doctor who can do a revision to fix your tummy. Would you share some pics with us? Thanks and take care
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Full tummy, not happy at all.

Would a DR. please review my pictures, and tell me if this is a full tummy tuck with lipo?

Thank you, very much!


Hi, I just posted some pictures. Thanks.

3 weeks post op!

Not happy after 4 weeks it looks like a bad tummy tuck!


Do u have any before pics? That will help.
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I know how you feel. Your stomach looks like my stomach. I had a tt on April 4th. All my surgeon did was take off the extra skin but did no lipo. I am truly upset. I will be going to see what options I have to get the results I had hoped for. I wish you luck. I hope you get the answers to your question
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Ale, go up and click on Q&A, then click on the blue box that reads ASK A DOCTOR to post your question and pics. So doctors see it and can give you advice. :-)
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Dr Sergio Arango Cuartas

Bad review, only interested in money.

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