Colombian Breast Augmentation 6 Years Later - Medellin, Colombia

Pros: very happy with the natural look. Cons:...

Pros: very happy with the natural look. Cons: Dimple scarring with muscles used. Difficulty to get in touch with surgeon with questions or concerns. My surgery was a very last minute decision. I simply asked my family and their peers about well-known plastic surgeons in Medellin and they suggested mine. I only did this procedure because I had family there, otherwise I would never do this abroad. My body is more proportioned and I love my bust-how clothes look, etc. I would not say that it changed my life. If you want implants to make you happier, you are not making the right choice-other factors should truly make you happy.

Breast augmentation is just a small plus. I wish I wouldn't have dived into such a huge decision. I now have rippling that is noticeable only to the touch and I called my surgeon about a pocket/bubble/lump I felt on the bottom of my left implant. I dont believe it is an emergency as it's a cohesive gel implant, but I do look forward to his response to my concern. I asked him for advice and also a reminder of what the implant information is ( I lost a certification card I received with the surgery), I just remember they were from France. This review sounds pretty negative but I am not bitter about my experience. I'm glad I got breast augmentation, I recognize that time can have negative effects on the implant, Iand I will research my next surgery more-also making sure that my surgeon is near in the event I get dimple scarring on the place of incision. I hope this helps anyone our there either considering implants/abroad or whatever.

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For the time I spent with him, I was very satisfied with the final product. They are beautiful implants and my breasts look natural and not like torpedos :). If I had spent more time in the country, I feel he would have addressed my concerns (rippling/lumps/bubble) and problems (dimple scarring @ incision). The issues I currently have are a result of not being able to travel at the immediate moment/get in touch with him by phone prompty -that is the price of overseas surgery IF you do not have the financial means/time to go occasionally.

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4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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$25,000? Is this a typo? do you mean $2,500?
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correct. 25,000k would not leave me recognizable-lol
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Thank you for sharing your story! I'm glad you feel the results were worth it, but what you outline is one of the reasons why traveling far from home for plastic surgery is not always the best option (follow up care).

I hope your rippling doesn't progress and that you're able to keep enjoying your results.

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I also had my pip implant surgery in Medellin. Same clinic as you. I had them for 6 years ad well. I too had rippling but was still happy with the way they looked. P.S. Did not assume any resposability and basicall sent me for an ultrasound. (you can read more about my story in my profile). If there is ny way i can help or uestions you may have you can send me a private email. Buena suerte con tu proceso, no es uns decision facil pero la verdad es que ningun implante es seguro para tu salud...
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English only, please! Thank you.

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I thought I would update you. I am going back this month for surgery. I am going with a different surgeon, one that extended family goes to. Depending upon what the surgeon tells me, I'll do, but I forsee increasing the size a bit since I have lost weight and that could very well be the culprit of my rippling!
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