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Sciton Microlaser Peel & Sciton BBL Photofacial Treatment 35 Microns Deep Approximately - Mechanicsburg, PA

HAd these 2 treatments in 1 visit i month ago. Am...

HAd these 2 treatments in 1 visit i month ago. Am 47 w/lt hyperpigmentation on left cheek (I had Aura lasers to remove mod hyperpigment all over 8 yrs ago;which worked v well)l also lt-mod (?) acne scarring, beginning crepey areas on cheeks,sl nasolabial fold, fine wrinkles around eyes,sl frown lines,etc. I wanted some gen freshening up! I used the topical anesthetic cream 2x before appt as directed. I feel I have a pretty high pain threshold (had Restylane severl x's under eyes w/o any anesthetic), but MAN it was a painful procedure & even worse immediately afterwards while I was still in the office!!! I was quite surprised & dismayed by the pain. I told the nurse to recommend a Xanax to patients right before the procedure! Used fan on face the 1st nite, took tylenol 3, ice paks,etc.

Much swelling & redness, which I expected. But, every 6-8 hrs (after the first day) the swelling goes down & the skin peels off; mine in light layers. It is really something to see oneself heal so quickly. I have v oily skin, so keeping the vaseline-like ointment on the face for 4 + days was also a trial. The 5th day my skin looked fantastic! But even that tightening effect disappeared & at the end of a week, I wasn't sure how much difference I could see. You MUST wear high sunscreen after this & most other treatments! Dr recommends another treatment in the fall (2 micropeels are ideal for older folks I've read) but I'm not sure I want to go thru that much pain again for such small results. My skin is a little smoother & firmer, wrinkles around eyes R less, crepey(sp?) cheek is a little better. I have to add the laser to remove the hyperpigment areas worked v well, they r all gone. It's the microlaser one that I had higher hopes for. I will post again if I get a 2nd peel later this year.


BTW, this was called the South Beach peel; 2 different lasers used.The laser used for the pigmentation areas,the BBL(light-based) was tolerable. It was the one for the peel which was painful, for the 1st hour mostly. I will def post any future experiences!
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Thank you for posting your experience with this process.   

I have thought about doing this for some pigment issues on my forehead and cheek.  Not sure I could so this after reading about the pain!!!

Please let us know if you have the second treatment an what you think o the results after that procedure.

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Well, I still have not had a second peel done. Not...

Well, I still have not had a second peel done. Not convinced that the pain & cost was worth it. Still have some sl discoloration on left cheek (I did buy hydroquinone pads at the Drs & feel that they do help. They r much cheaper than the whole peel anyway) All other wrinkled ares look about the same, I think. I want to try the Fraxel for the crepiness around the (right, esp) eyes. Will post any further experiences...


I also had the Sitcon micro laser peel. It was very painful. Unfortunately, I only have one good thing to say in the end. My pores look better but, as for my scars, I now actually have more. The laser hit my lip and I have a double pock mark from it. I alos have a few raised bumps, a purple burise under one eye where a vein appeared after the proceedure and lastly, after three month, my cheeks are still swollen. One almost looks celulitely. Im going to continue with the Fraxel to hopefully increase collegen. It's expensive but in for a dime, in for a dollar. Wish me luck, I'm sick over it but cant NOT finish and have the practice blame me. Also, even if it did work, I don't think I cld endure the pain of the Sicton Micro Laser Peel again. Almost unbearable.
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Hello maur, I would recommend the Sciton Profractional laser treatment for any scarring from acne etc.
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I have nothing bad to say regarding the Dr. really.SHe specializes in lasers and I feel she is quite qualified. She could've sold me Botox (I asked her if I should get it for frown lines) & she said I didn't need it.

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