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I'm really concerned of my DH reaction when I tell...

I'm really concerned of my DH reaction when I tell him I want F/L, neck,browlift and upper eyes done.
I'm 52. I have cystic acne scars on my cheeks chin, that I hope will be improved with the procedure along with getting rid of the lines and wrinkles. I look in the mirror and feel very depressed as the aging and volume loss has just increased how bad it looks. I also have one young child at home that I don't want to look so old and wrinkly as long as I can. I'm not trying to look like 30 just a bit younger and less lines and maybe less obvious acne scarring. I know PS said touch up with filler after for what it left. I did fraxel laser treatments $$ and it did nothing for my scarring. Now, I feel that these procedures will help me looking less angry, sad as I've been told by my children that I look often when I'm not - that's just how I look now (sad).
My concern is my DH reaction to telling him I want it done - especially to the tune of $15K when money can be tight with 2 kids still at home (one still in 2nd grade). I'm also a bit concerned of her reaction to my healing process. How did you share your desire to have it done despite $$? I do work full time, and will need to take off 2 weeks.
Thank you all for you comments - still haven't had the difficult conversation. I think for me it more about the cost, then him worrying about the procedure unfortunately. I have a another appt. with PS this week.
I know, my husband is worried about the procedure too. Are you going to see another PS? or is the same one? I can understand how you feel, you want this FL so bad but so many problems ahead. I really hope tou find the time to talk to your husband and he agrees with the surgery. I really don't know for sure if 2 weeks will be enough, I will let you know how I look in two weeks so you can have an idea. I'm scheduled for January 31st! Good luck, and keep us posted
Thanks, Hope everything went well with your surgery. Let me know about your recovery. And that is great that your DH is willing to take over your son's care for 2 weeks. Yeah, I will have to go back to work regardless after 2 weeks - so hoping bruising/swelling is concealable by then.
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