35 Y.o. Planning on Mommy Makeover - Maryland

I am sooooo excited about creating a better "me." ...

I am sooooo excited about creating a better "me." I have finally decided to take the plunge and get a mommy makeover. My husband is so supportive and that really makes all the difference in the world. I have let work know that I will need a two week vacation at the beginning of 2015, now I have to book my consultation. I was set on which PS I wanted, though now am contemplating between two as I found out about the Bella Body Lift here on this site and the PS I initially wanted does not perform that procedure. I am stoked beyond belief and can hardly wait for my time to come!

Is it possible to be overly excited?

I think about getting my Mommy Makeover non stop! This is like a gift for me to look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside. I will be calling to get a consult on Tuesday as I am sure the office will be closed tomorrow on Labor Day.

still daydreaming.....

Ok, so I am consumed with thoughts of what I may look like post surgery! All of this is so exciting! I am going to be calling tomorrow regarding scheduling a consult. My hubby will definitely be going with me. He's is excited that I will be getting this done after thinking about it for multiple years.My teenager thinks this while idea is ridiculous but I have attempted to help her understand why I have made this decision. My youngest is turning 1 year old this month and I still have 12 pounds of baby weight to lose or of 35 gained with my last pregnancy. I am anticipating losing a total of 30 pounds by the end of the year so I need to get busy.

Consult scheduled.

THE CONSULT FOR MY MOMMY MAKEOVER IS SCHEDULED!!! YIPPEE!!! I am consulting with Dr Perrota on 09/23. He charges $75 for a consult and if you book with him, that amount is applied to the procedure. I am hoping the consult goes well and that I feel confident with choosing him as my doctor.

Changed Consultation Doctor and Date

I have an apt with Dr. Arrington on Monday 09/15/14. Stoked!

I need your input! I had a consult today and it made me...

...sad! The PS who is highly regarded in my area said he would not do a tummy tuck for me or lipo on my arms. He did agree to doing breast implant surgery and if I insisted he would do lipo of the abdomen. This is not what I wanted to hear :( He said proper diet and exercise would work for me because I have great skin tone and elasticity. He also said he would not take me to the OR for just lipo but would do it if i was already under for the BA. I am 35 y.o. 5'5" and 206 lbs (down 4 lbs from last week.) I have 2 children and plenty of extra skin so I am not sure where he is coming from. The PS told me that he is conservative with procedures and that he was sure I could get some other PS to take my money. On the flip side he said I did not need a breast lift, which also means no drains! Yes!!! I tried on their Natrelle implant sizers and felt like 525 to 550 max would be the way to go...my husband and the clinical specialist agreed. The PS also mentioned that silicone would be his preference for me as i have plenty of breast tissue and just need volume which will lift my breasts a little on its own. He said under the muscle would be best for me. I got a quote of 7200.00 for BA and lipo of the abdomen. Just BA would cost 5200.00. What do you think out there? Maybe a 2nd consult or just go for it?

2nd consult scheduled

November 14th with Dr Chiaramonte in D.C. When I called to schedule a consult, I was given a mini consult with tons of information including pricing! All inclusive pricing including all follow up appointments, OR fees, anesthesia fees, plastic surgeon fees , etc. Is $19,400. This is for the Bella body lift, breast augmentation, liposuction to entire abdomen from under the bra line to just above buttcrack all the way around, liposuction of the arms, and a brazillian butt lift. I am hoping all goes well during the consult and if so I plan on having the surgery between January and March of 2015.

I need your help

I am currently a droopy 38C, I am having a hard time deciding between a D and a DD. I am 35 y.o., 5'5" tall and currently 206. Losing weight post baby. Right now I wear a 16 and normally wear a size 12. I did try on sizers at my 1st P.S. apt but the P.S. was not helpful when it came to choosing a size. He said it was up to me. My husband, the nurse, and I liked 450cc to 550cc. I know I want the implants behind the muscle, so does that mean I should subtract 50 cc's? I want to be at least a very full 38D to no larger than a 38DD by Victoria's Secret standards. From what I understand Victoria's Secret bras are sized very small so that a 38 DD would actually be a typical 38D. That's the size range I want to be in. Everyone I have heard from has said that you can account for 200 cc's to equal one size up but it doesn't sound right to me that 200 cc's will give me the size I want, especially since I am droopy. Help?!?!
Dr Chiaramonte

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THE CONSULT FOR MY MOMMY MAKEOVER IS SCHEDULED!!! YIPPEE!!! I am consulting with Dr Pelligrino on 09/23. He charges $75 for a consult and if you book with him, that amount is applied to the procedure. I am hoping the consult goes well and that I feel confident with choosing him as my doctor.
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Good luck! I had mine february last year and I'm in love with myself as well. Husband support is definitely a MUST, otherwise it would be 1000 times harder. Wish you the best and keep us posted!
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HI Jm3516, i will be doing a makeover too by next year, hopefully by the end of feb 2015 after my grad school. So far, ive only seen 1 PS, i have an appointment with another PS too in Dec. but the first PS gave me a really good price lower than most PS here in indianapolis. I will have a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and umbilical hernia repair, arm liposuction (more of tighten my skin) and a boob job lol with gummy bear possible 355 cc textured mod profile. Like you I am so excited too. I have been browsing garments, im on realself all the time, and looking for pre and post op supplies. I work as a nurse and im lots of lifting and standing for long 12 hr shifts.I am thinking 3 weeks off and maybe lifting restrictions after. I am hoping they would approve me for FMLA because I do not want to use my Paid time off during mommymakeover recovery because I will have another vacation by June for 5 weeks. I am thinking about cancelling my Dec. appointment with another PS and pay my lock-in fee with the first surgeon. I am overly excited too but hopefully starting my new quarter with school and work and family i will be preoccupied for a little bit. Good luck to you!
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I am a nurse as well! I used to work three 12 hour shifts and recently switched to five 8 hour shifts. Sounds like you and I will be having our surgeries on the same day. Maybe we can keep each other updated throughout our journeys. Would you mind sharing the estimate given to you? I am curious at what I will be spending. Right now the only number I have to go on is the national average of 12K and some change. I really want to have a tummy tuck, implants with a breast lift if necessary, arm Lipo, thigh Lipo, and fat transfered to my rear. I am unsure whether or not this can all be done at one time though. Also, do you mind me asking what bra size you are attempting to achieve? I am currently a 38C but I lost a lot of volume following breastfeeding my two children. I am having a difficult time deciding between a full D or a DD. I think that a full D would be perfect however everything I have read days to go larger because the majority of the women wish they had.
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Hi Jm3516, good to hear from another RN too about this journey! my estimate is 10, 111 to be exact thats with everything (TT with MR and umbilical hernia repair, ultrasound assisted lipo of arms, and BA with gummy bear round and textured). I will be changing my insurance to higher premium next year because me and my husband will probably have surgeries next year, his is for his hernia too and etc.. nothing cosmetic. But with insurance, I will only be paying 8,500 for everything. I think it's a good price for all the procedures above. I don't think that my PS is been doing this for long but I really like her, and I've seen her before and after's too, pretty impressive. I like a surgeon that's not that old who will take care of me when I need to need a touch up session again! lol. I think your's is pretty much in the normal or average price for a makeover. It's a reasonable price in the east coast. I am 34 B but like you I lost my volume esp. my upper breast area. I am longing for full 36 B or 34 C. I chose the round implant because I am just scared about rotation problems with the shaped implants considering I am very active (I think). I am torn between 315 or 355 cc but my doctor told me that most girls wants to use the larger implants because oftentimes they regret the smaller size implant after BA, so I am going for 355 cc. I asked my doctor if she can do all of the 3 procedures and she said yes but warned me that I will be very sore. But hey thank God for pain pills! lol. Maybe they can do yours too in one sitting, but just make sure and ask your PS. Keep me posted!
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Just enjoy the anticipation. :) I'm glad your husband is supportive of you in this endeavor. I agree, so important! Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Don't be afraid to go on more than one to learn different approaches. Let us know how it goes!
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