41 Yo Male That Wanted to Remove Stubborn Fat Around Chest and Abd - Fairfax, VA

I had the procedure done on 24 Jul and I am...

I had the procedure done on 24 Jul and I am pleased with the results. I am on day 3 and I wanted to document my journey to help others since this site was very helpful before and after the procedure.

I did have bruising on my penis and testicles. I only used Tylenol to manage the pain and it was a little tough yesterday and better today.

I did go for a walk today 2 miles and felt pretty good!

Follow up

Continue to improve. Minimal pain, but I continue to have swelling. I am using an abdominal binder and started to work out.

Day 10 Picture

A lot less swelling and the bruising is resolving.


15 days out from the Surgery and I noted a Seroma on my lower R abd. It was painful last night and I had it drained this AM --- 80 cc was removed. I have worn the compression garment, but it still developed. After the fluid was removed, I have a futoro Abd compression bandage to hopefully prevent the issue in the future.

8 Aug (2 wk Pictures)

Continuing to improve!

3rd Week from Surgery 16 Aug

I am continuing to improve with some swelling and a bruise from the location of the Seroma on R Abd. I am still being cautious about returning to my full workout routine; however, i started running 3 miles, have completed abdominal exercises, and started lifting weights. I am still having some numbness, some pain around my chest and lower Abd, and swelling mainly around the lower abd.


I biked 20 miles on Saturday and 30 miles on Sunday. Minimal discomfort (much easier than running!). It maybe interesting for those of you trying to loose weight at the calorie burn you can achieve on a bike - approximately 800-1000 calories per hour (14-16 miles). Now that will help you shed a few pounds!
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Barlow and the staff was outstanding!

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Congrats!!! Happy You look great. I agree you can definitely burn more on a bike than running and you can go further :) I been needing a bike since last year,maybe this Christmas. That's amazing workout you got going,keep it up. Happy Healing. Bella
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Thx Bella, I know working out will be my key to future success. Appreciate your encouraging words!
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Yeah,exercise is key. Have a great weekend.
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Looking fabulous.
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Thx HEF. When is your husband's procedure? Did he try the instaslim shirts?
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Hi weightchange 12. September 22nd is procedure. He didn't get the shirt but thanks for the information. I have kept him up to date with your progress and he is really excited with the thought that after years of working out that his love handles and stomach will hopefully be gone. He has rammed up his working out even more by getting a personal trainer before his operation. He has lost even more weight which is giving him a big boost. He will be only a few kilos off his ideal weight by the operation. I think he is going to be over the moon with the out come. Thanks so much for your post. It really gives men the confidence to go for it. HEF.
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HEF, That is great! Working out hard prior will certainly make the recovery and results A LOT Better! I biked 40 miles today and I feel really good. My wife is happy with the results. She wasn't sure I should have the procedure, but has finally agreed that it was worth the $$ and time. Please let me know how he is doing.
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Thanks for sharing your story and before and after pics. I'm also 41 and over the last 4 years, I have lost 140 pounds. I'm down to the last 20 I want to lose and nothing is working. I'm considering liposuction and was curious as to how much in weight came off after surgery. Any feedback would be great.
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Hi, congrats on loosing so much WEIGHT! Impressive! Liposuction will not help you loose much weight (maybe 5-7 pounds), but it is excellent for body contouring. I personally lost 5 pounds. Most of the medical literature and research indicates that the best candidate is close to their ideal weight. You should be really proud of your accomplishment and I am confident you can loose the additional weight. For me, the liposuction has motivated me to work out and loose more weight. I hope you experience the same results.
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I would also recommend that you go for a consult (it is free and it provides an opportunity for you to ask specific questions). I would ask the PS to provide you pictures of patients that they have done so you can develop expectations of the results.
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Thanks so much for the information and advice. I'm going to make appointment for this month to investigate this more. I appreciate your help!
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Hi weightchange12. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your pics. Wow. Great out come. My husband has very much the same shape as you had before op. He is bit bigger though. He is getting done in September. Could you please give any advise for him. He is working out and sticking to a healthy diet hoping to loose a few more kilos before his op. HEF
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Hi HEF, I think the best advice is to get in the best shape you can prior to the procedure and return to working out ASAP after the surgery. I started walked a few miles immediately after the surgery and it really helped! The compression garmet is a must. I would also recommend that your husband buy a instaslim shirt so he can start the compression prior to the procedure. It preps the body and mind for the 6 wks after surgery. It helped me a LOT!
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Thanks so much weightchange12. Much appreciated. Wish you the best in your recovery. Hef
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Thank you Jill! I appreciate the feedback. It was difficult to make the decision to move forward with the Surgery, but I am pleased with the results. I will post a new picture at the 2 wk, 4 wk, and 6 wk mark. Hopefully the results will continue to improve!
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Hope each day gets better. I had no real pain, I would say maybe a 2-3.
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I Agree. Now that I am at Day 10, my pain is minimal.
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Congrats on having a successful surgery and recovery so far- keep us posted on your continued healing.  Are you wearing any sort of compression garment?
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I am wearing a compression vest 24/7. I am walking 4 miles today and will post another set of pictures on Friday.
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Looking forward to it!
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I ran 4 miles today with minimal discomfort. I did wear the abdominal compression which I am sure prevented any pain. My PS has given me permission to start working out, but has recommended to not over do it!
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Yeah it can be hard to gauge when you are over doing it- I hope you are able to continue your fitness goals without going too far.  Love your most recent pic, you look great! 
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