No more "Fried Eggs" and finally melons :]

Ever since high school, I have been the same size,...

Ever since high school, I have been the same size, a 34 AA. I am 5'7" and weigh roughly 150 lbs, so it doesn't really suit me well.

I have been researching getting a BA for about 2 years now, and am finally getting it done in about 2 weeks! I want to achieve a fuller, more natural look, and become somewhere in the "C range". My clothes don't fit me well, and I am tired of going shopping and not being able to buy clothes that I love just because my top doesn't fill them out right.

I chose to go with a 375 cc moderate profile saline implant. I started with a 375 cc silicone gel implant, but switched because I wanted my PS to be able to adjust it at the time of surgery if he felt I should go a little bigger. I am a little nervous of the pain after surgery, and the chance of my implants rippling, but am also super excited! I just hope that I chose right :)

So, it's almost a week until my surgery. Can...

So, it's almost a week until my surgery. Can anyone out there who has had a BA done, give me any suggestions on how to prepare for next Friday? Or would anyone out there mind telling me their own experiences? I would love to hear them!

So, today I have to go and get my blood work done...

So, today I have to go and get my blood work done once again to see if I can still have surgery this Friday. I got really sick with mono about 5 weeks ago, and my surgery already had to be postponed twice. I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for me. I really want to have this surgery! If all goes well, it looks like Friday it is, yayyy :]

Soo nervous!! I am about to head to the doctor's...

Soo nervous!! I am about to head to the doctor's to find out the results of my blood tests I took yesterday to see if I am still infected with mono. If all turns out well, I can have my surgery on Friday!! If not, then I guess I will have to reschedule ONCE AGAIN for a later date. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Got all of my blood test results back yesterday,...

Got all of my blood test results back yesterday, and they all looked good!! No more sickness hopefully!! Had a heck of a time getting all the information faxed back and forth from the doctors to my surgeon's office and back to the surgery center, but it seems now as if everything is a go for tomorrow!! My surgery is scheduled for 9:10am and I have to be at the surgery center around 8am. I am so nervous already, I could barely sleep last night. I think that I am all ready, though. I got all of my prescriptions, moved my recliner chair into my bedroom, and arranged my help for after my surgery. I am still unsure if I picked the right size (thinking I want to go a bit bigger), so tomorrow I am going to talk to my surgeon before the surgery and ask him if he can fill the implant up a bit more than 375 cc. Thank goodness I went with saline, haha!! I hope all goes well (knock on wood) and my recovery is quick and smooth. I will keep everyone posted on how I am doing once I am conscious and able to type clearly. Thanks for all of the help and I hope that after surgery, I can help others through the whole experience :] Yayy for BA's!!

Here we gooo!! It is finally here!! I have to be...

Here we gooo!! It is finally here!! I have to be at the surgery center in about an hour (surgery at 9:10), so I am up and trying to make sure I have everything together. Soo nervous, yet excited. I will post as soon as possible. Yay for the girls!!

I am officially augmented, yayy! After all the...

I am officially augmented, yayy! After all the things I had to go through to get here, it is finally done. The overall procedure wasn't bad at all (from what I can remember). I went in around 8, and was out by 12. My surgeon realized when he was marking me for surgery, that he would need to go a little bigger in my right breast because it is smaller. He went with 375 cc in my left one, and 425 cc in my right one. I still have all the tight bandages on, so I will not be able to see what they look like until I can shower in 2 days. Can't wait! I did get a little sick to my stomach when I woke up, but was given plenty of meds to control it. I am not in too much pain right now, maybe like a 4-5 on a 10 pain scale; more of a tight, stretching feeling. The meds do help, though! It's hard to sleep in a recliner, but really it's the best thing to do. Getting up and down from a laying position really hurts! Can't wait until I can see them and try on my new clothes :]

2nd Day Post Op: I am now 2 days post op from my...

2nd Day Post Op: I am now 2 days post op from my surgery that happened on Friday. I just took off the bandages that were wrapped around me today, and took a shower; what a relief! The wrapping was so tight and uncomfortable, and made me feel itchy. I love my new boobies! They are still really high and swollen, but they look great! I am very happy with the outcome. I did have a little bit of a nausea feeling last night when I woke up, but that's probably because I haven't really been eating that well. Still in some minor pain, and the tightness is still there, along with not being able to lift my arms over my head. All in all, after only being 2 days since my surgery, I didn't think that I would feel this great! I wish I would have done this a long time ago. Can't wait for my first trip to Victoria's Secret, woo hoo!

Post op Day 4: I am starting to feel like my...

Post op Day 4: I am starting to feel like my boobies are apart of me already! I am getting better and better each day. I really have no pain anymore, just mostly tightness and soreness. It's still hard to lift my arms up over my head and sometimes it's hard getting up from a laying down position, but other than that, I'm doing so well! I know by the end of this week (1 week post op), I will be ready to get back to my normal routines and ready to show off the girls! I am so happy I did this, and wish I had done it way before now.

Going in for my first follow up appointment today....

Going in for my first follow up appointment today. I am excited to see what my PS has to say about the girls. I hope everything goes well. It's almost been a week already, I can't believe it!

6 days post op: Tomorrow will be one week since my...

6 days post op: Tomorrow will be one week since my BA. I can't believe it! It feels like it was just yesterday when I was wishing it was the day of. I am still so happy with my results and could not have asked for a better PS. Went and saw him yesterday, and he said everything looked great. Still a little swollen and riding high, so he gave me a chest strap to wear for a couple of weeks to help push my breasts down quicker. My pec muscles are still sore and it's still a pain to move my arms up and down, but it's getting better each day. I know by 2 weeks I will be 100%. Can't wait to start wearing all of my new clothes and get new bras!

I am now exactly 2 weeks post op and still feel...

I am now exactly 2 weeks post op and still feel great! I have no pain at all anymore, and am finally able to move my arms pretty well in all directions. Sometimes I still have some trouble using my "pec muscles" when I get up and down or move things; it doesn't hurt, just mostly feels weird. I still have not tried sleeping on my side; however, I feel like I will soon because I cannot stand sleeping on my back anymore. I was always the side/stomach sleeper. I am still currently wearing a supportive sports bra and chest strap, and hope to move into a regular bra within the next week or so once the girls have fully dropped, and the scars have healed a little bit more. I love how I fill out tops now, and it definitely makes me feel more confident. It's like they have always been a part of me. I love them so much and would have the surgery again any day! So worth it!

It has been a little over 3 weeks, almost 4, since...

It has been a little over 3 weeks, almost 4, since my surgery. I still feel fantastic and couldn't be happier! I still have a little numbness in certain part of my breasts, mostly near my incisions, but it seems to be getting better. Also, my nipples are still very sensitive, and sometimes start to hurt after too much stimulation. I am hoping that starts to go away with time, but am very happy that I didn't completely lose sensation. I still haven't started wearing underwire bras; I was going to wait until my one month check up with my PS before doing that. I feel like I could wear them, just want to make sure. I cannot wait to see how much cleavage I have in a push-up! I am still very happy with my size, however, I feel like I could have gone a little bigger. I haven't been working out really hard yet like I'm used to, but plan on starting tomorrow. I'm sure then I will be more happy with my size, meaning I won't have to deal with a lot of movement in my upper area. I started to sleep more on my side recently, but still having some trouble with soreness if I do. Hopefully after a month or so that will go away. Can't believe I am finally wearing a "C" cup, and it was the best feeling wearing a bathing suit for the first time this past weekend, yayy!
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Hey! I noticed it's been a year since you got your augmentation, how are things going? Are you still pleased with your results? Anymore pain? Are you side/stomach sleeping? I am having 350-400ccs (not sure yet) on Feb. 28th! Your post open pic looks fabulosity!!!
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I'm also having mine under the muscle. I'm going to gather all of my pillows together then. When I came for my consult I was able to speak to a patient. I asked her if she was able to go back to work within 5 days..she said yes. She told me that the first 2 days are the worst.
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This is true. The first couple of days are the worst, especially the morning after your first night. However, the pain meds that I was prescribed really helped me, and I stopped taking them 2 days later, and only took tylenol. I was surprised on how well I took the pain; it really wasn't bad at all. Mostly soreness and tightness.
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Just check off of my list to get and things to do before SX. Those are good advise that you gave. Were you able to move your arm? How long did that take? I was planning to take 5 days off from work. Hope that's enought recovery time.
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It was very hard for me to move my arms up and down for about 1.5-2 weeks. Since I went under the muscle, every time I moved my arms my pec muscles got sore and I couldn't really lift things. That's why its really helpful to have someone help you for a little bit after surgery. The hardest part was getting up from a laying down position, which is why I slept in a recliner chair or on my couch with a TON of pillows behind me. I am a teacher and was off for the summer, so I didn't have to worry about going back to work. I would say 5 days would be okay for you, depending on what you do. No heavy lifting.
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Thank you for posting your recovery status very helpful. I have one more week and a half to wait until surgery day. Can't wait...
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It'll be here quicker than you know! I remember the days leading up to the surgery; they go so fast! Just make sure you have everything ready ahead of time, such as getting all your meds ready, making sure you have someone to drive you there and back and that can stay with you a couple days after surgery, A LOT of pillows and/or recliner to sleep in for at least a week or so, large shirts that button up in the front, maybe some support bras that hook in the front (very helpful for me), and anything else you might need. Best of luck!
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Hi what kind of incision did u go with and why? I was thinking of geting the one under the breast.
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I went with an incision under my breasts (in the creases). I didn't want them to be so noticeable, and it apparently has a less chance of losing nipple sensation, which was a concern for me. I still have nipple sensation, however, it is a little more sensitive than normal. I am very happy with the way the scars are healing, and you really can't ever see them!
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I was wondering do u lose sensation in ur nipples or on ur breast? And how bad is the scaring?
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Uhm, there are certain spots on my breasts that are "numb" and don't have too much feeling, mostly by the scars though, which I've been told will hopefully come back with time. My nipples actually got more sensitive than they were before, but not too overbearing. The scarring is actually not bad at all! I continue to cover them with surgical tape when wearing bras so they don't rub directly on anything. They look like they are healing exceptionally well. I will probably start to rub Mederma scar therapy cream on them soon to help speed up the process. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!
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You look wonderful! You had an under the muscle implant? It seems like you recovered exceptionally well from it! Thanks for the updates, it really helps. I am looking to take the plunge so to speak in the next two months and this helps so much hearing others experiences.
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Thank you! I did have my implants placed under the muscle; my PS told me this was the better way to go. My recovery was way more easier than I thought it would be; I'm usually not too good with pain, but it really wasn't that bad at all. Best of luck with your surgery if you decide to do it, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! It's really the best decision I could have ever made :)
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I am pretty happy with my size. I just got sized a couple of days ago and I am officially a 36 C. I went from a 34 AA to that, so I don't have really any complaints. I chose a saline implant under the muscle, moderate profile (375/425 cc). What size are you thinking about going with? Your similar in height to me, so somewhere around there should be good depending on what size you want to end up with.
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Hi!! I'm 5'8 about 170lbs (shooting for 160lbs for my surgery)... are you happy with your size?
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Thank you! I've already been to Victoria's Secret and gotten sized, and picked out clothes that I want when the swellings all better :] Can't wait!
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You look terrific! The shopping is going to be fun, fun, fun!

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Iam glad all is going well for you! Iam 2 weeks post op today and I feel fabulous! I wish I would have done this wayyyy sooner!Best of luck at your check up today :)
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Congrats! The tightness was one of the things I disliked. It went away for me at about 8 days post op. I slept propprd up in my bed since day one. I do reccommend taking a stool softner if you are on prrscribed painkillers as they sometimes cause constipation. You will soon be able to move your arms in a few days and the soreness will slowly fade. Congrats on making it post op! Best of luck!
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Good luck tomorrow!

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Thank you so much!
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@Pam: Haha, the day is actually tomorrow (Friday), but thanks so much for the thoughts! I am so excited, yet nervous!
@Mum: Thanks so much! I will post as soon as I'm back and rested. I also need to get my pics up and running, haha :]
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best of luck :)
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yay! today is the day! i too had the patch behind the ear. it helps soooo much!! i will be thinking of you today!! :)
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@Angie: Thank you so much! I will definitely keep you all posted.
@Pam: Thank you so much for all of your input. It really has helped tremendously! I can agree with you on the waiting part; it's the worst! Luckily my surgery is scheduled for 9:10am and I have to be there around 8am, so not too much waiting. A "3" on the pain scale doesn't sound bad at all! I wouldn't mind that and I know I could handle it (compared to my knee surgery, which was around a "8-9"). For the nausea, he's giving me a patch to put behind my ear the night before, and I will ask for some meds to be put in my IV, too. I am so glad that you are enjoying your new boobs and I hope you continue to do so! Please keep me posted on how you're doing!
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