Considering Implant Exchange from 850cc to 250cc

Experience was wonderful but now my boobs are a...

experience was wonderful but now my boobs are a little to extreme now being a mother of two and they just get in the way.

A year ago I have breast augmentation. I have 850 cc of saline in my implant and two kids later my breast seem to get in the way. I would like to get an implant exchange for 250 ccs. is this possible and what are the risks involved. Will my boobs ever look normal again? Normal meaning an A to B cup before the surgery?


The revision augmentation you're considering is possible in the general sense. You *might* need a lift, but please consult with your surgeon to make sure you clearly communicate your current concerns/complaints. It would be best if you can be as informed as possible regarding your options, so that you can make this next surgery your final surgery on the subject. Meaning, if you decide after the surgery that 250cc is too small, then you would be facing another surgery. If you and your surgeon are on the same page, you will likely have a very satisfying outcome.
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Your Plastic surgeon is a good PS. Dicuss your concerns with him, he will be able to give you the proper advise
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Dr. Adam Tattlebaum

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