32 Y/o Mother of Two. Had Lipo Revision on Lower Left Quad on Adomen and Now Have Lumps & Skin Irregularities. Please Help! -TX

Had tried dieting & exercise but finally made the...

Had tried dieting & exercise but finally made the decision for Lipo. Finally had the procedure done on abdomen, back and flanks. And about 6months post-op noticed some skin irregularities on my lower left quadrant abdomen area. Had lipo revision in January 2014 and i still h have skin irregularities. Will these bumps and lumps disappear, do I need another lipo revision? I'd like for my abdomen to look smooth, what procedures are out there to help me? Thanks!
Dr. Lopez

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Sorry to read about your situation. I am the same, but I still have a lot of pain. To my understanding there is no fixing lumps, I tried so many things, ultrasound, massages, castor oil, cupping, and I still have all the bumps and lumps. To my understanding, it seems all the damage is due to uneven removal of fat and scar tissue/adherences. Remember that they scraped all your healthy tissues with a cannula, so nothing is really going to be the same. I have read so many reviews that attempting to try another revision seems to prove fatal, everything looks worse.
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Hi! What type of lipo did u have done for the revision? Was it vaser or ual lipo?? I am in the same position as u. Our tummys look just alike :( I am in the process of trying to find the best surgeon for revision. I have been to several consultations I'm just so nervous about having this done again! But.. I am leaning towards the vaser lipo. It is supposed to break up the scar tissue and leave smooth results. Let's stay in contact and maybe we can help each other out because I know exactly how you feel!!
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Hi, I had tumsecent lipo. When was your procedure done & what type of lipo? Agree, I saw your pics and they look very much alike. I know exactly how you feel, I was so excited of getting this done and now I'm so disappointed. I've done some research on the web and there's just so many options that I don't know on which one to lean on. I have only been to one consultation and all they recommend was to leave it alone and gain a bit of weight. After this I didn't feel any much better still feeling hopeless. Vaser lipo? Hmmm haven't read much on that, all that I've concluded was aome time of micro sculpting lipo. I would really like to find a liposuction specialist but in Texas preferably. Are you from Texas?
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Mine was done a year and a half ago. It was tumescent lipo as well. Yes I'm in Texas and I have been to several different consultations.. getting different answers I'm so upset but I'm not gonna give up until this is fixed. I learned my lesson tho I will never have anything else done once this is fixed! :(
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I am 3+ months out and have had lumps and hardness. After trying lymphatic massage, Epson salt compresses, exercise, and nothing seemed to help until I bought an electric hand held massager. I was able to pinpoint these areas and have seen significant improvement.
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Yes i as well have tried lymphatic massages, exercise and an electric hand held massager but the lumps and dents are still present.I strongly think too much fat was removed causing the skin irregularities. I assume I'll give it more time roughly 6months to see if any improvement occurs. And if not then next step would be consulting with another plastic surgeon. But I greatly appreciate your advice. :)
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Ur abdomen after revisions looked like mine a month ago, with aggressive massage it has improved considerably. I have read in the Q&A portion of realself that it can be caused by to aggressive lipo and damaging tissue, uneven fat removal, or seratoma(sp) that have calcified. Idk but but am very interested in what u find out. I am still hopeful that mine will smooth out but would consider other alternatives if it does not. Thx for posting, now I know I am not out there alone. Good luck.
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Really, my results look similar to yours? I've been really worried about the way it's been turning out. Yes aggressive lipo I believe was the cause of the skin irregularities. I really hopeful that some areas will eventually smooth out but one the other hand getting inpatient. There's not one day that goes by that I get discouraged about ever getting the procedure done. But thank you so much for your kind works and you are not alone. Best wishes!
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You may want to ask this in our Doctor Q&A. What did your doctor say during your post-op appointments for the revision?

I hope you find some support from our community.
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Yes, I now posted my questions on the Doctors Q&A but really appreciate your advice. I haven't consulted my doctor after my revision. I'm really hesitant on following up with the same Dr. I really don't trust them again. I'm considering to go to a liposuction specialist but, on the other hand I've had no luck.
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Had no luck finding a specialist?
I'd give it a little more time, you might see some improvement over the next couple months as you continue to heal and if you are doing the massaging and what not.  I hope it starts to improve for you.  Let us know.
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