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I'm 26, 114 pounds, 5'2....been wanting to get...

i'm 26, 114 pounds, 5'2....been wanting to get breast implants for the longest time i've been searching the web and wondered what size would be best for me and if it would fit my body so i've decided to go with 450 high profile saline implants and doctor says its a good size for me so im trusting him....i just hope i have a good recovery what scares me the most is after the surgery about how bad the pain is going to be...so friday will be the day i get them done im excited/nervous at the same time....any tips of what to expect after surgery and how long it will take to recover. thanks ill keep you guys posted & post pictures later.

Well had my ba done today and so far im in a lil...

Well had my ba done today and so far im in a lil pain not that much cant take off my bandages until tomorrow my brest fill hard...so hopefully ill be able to take pics post them up. I'll keep u guys updated.
You look great! Have you started any excercises yet?
No it sucks according to the docror I have to wait 6 weeks can u believe that....I already want but dont want to hurt myself.
Looking good! I lover seeing saline pictures. I'm for sure on the saline part just gotta decide on the cc's

It's been a week already since I've had my breast...

It's been a week already since I've had my breast done and everyday its changing but today I woke up with alot of pressure on my left breast and it's still a bit higher is that normal? my right doesn't hurt at all. Any advice ladies would really help thanks!!
I have the exact same experience as you do - my left breast being more painful & feeling tighter than the other. I also have way more bruising on that IDE but I think it's bc that's the side of the bed I sleep on and I have hurt myself trying to get up & down in the middle of the night. I've been taking a lot of arnica montana & drinking a packet of Emergen-C everyday to help heal and get ride of the swelling. I think it has helped a lot. Also, I've been rubbing in some Arnica gel over each breast everyday, too. You can get this stuff from Wal-Mart & I'm convinced it's speeding up my healing process. Also, my PS told me that my right boob has already settled inside the breast pocket but the left has not - he recommended more massage to help it. What does your PS say about it? Hope you feel better soon! :)
Thanks that's very helpful....I'll try it and also my left breast is facing outward and the right is facing straight is that normal u think the left will eventually even out the same way? And my left is still a bit higher...i have an appointment with my doctor on Friday so ill see what he has to say....you look great by the way.

So tomorrow will be my two week check up...Im...

So tomorrow will be my two week check up...Im starting to love my breast each and every day i went to the store already and ive tried on some bras and im at a 34 D thats awesome before i was a 34 B but flat chested and no cleavage and now i do i love the fullness i have all around. so hoping my check up goes good.
we have similar stats :) you are looking good, happy healing. I'm having surgery friday
Looks like your healing well; u look good; feel free to look at my pics if u like.
Looking great! Hope your appt. goes well. I like that sports bra in the last pic as well it Looks very comfortable. Where did you find it? And what kind? (Thank you) Happy healing :)

6 Months 6 Days

Its been awhile since I've posted I'm so happy with my results I'm glad I did it.
Yes they feel very soft i chose saline under muscle I don't have any rippling that I have noticed even when i bend over.
Looking Lovely!!! Looks great on ur figure.
Are they soft? Do you have before pic? I have a huge dilemma with choosing either saline or silicone!!!! My preference was saline but I am very small so I am afraid of rippling:((

before pic

Before my BA :(
your breast look really nice

Oh wow, what a difference between your before and after photos. Thank you for posting and glad to hear you are still loving your results!

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