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Hello Everyone! My surgery date is set for Sunday,...

Hello Everyone! My surgery date is set for Sunday, December 16th. I'm sooo excited! My mom told me about this website (she's having a tummy tuck on Wednesday) and I hope your review will assist me with my experience! I've always wanted to enhance my 34Bs. To my surprise the doctor's measurements showed that there was a significant difference Left 250 and Right 205. This motivated me even more. So i'm going with a 425cc on the right and with the use of sizers the doctor will determine which size to use on the left. WISH ME LUCK! Oh and my momma too! XOXO

Best of luck to you. I truly hope you adore your results! And good luck to your mom, too! We'll be thinking of you and waiting for updates. :) Will you be posting your before and after photos?

Thank you Angie! I'll post pics before my surgery this Sunday. i'm a little embarrassed but once I know they're gone it won't matter :)
Wish you both all the best. This is a great site and it assisted me tremendously in my journey. I'm 3 days post op and still find myself coming here for support and love from the ladies on here. I knew exactly what to expect which made the breast lift and augmentation much easier. Can't wait to see pics and updates.

So mom's surgery day is today! She's watching tv...

So mom's surgery day is today! She's watching tv while we wait for the hour to turn to hit the road. She's excited. Mom will be just fine. She's in good hands :)

5 more days until my BA! I'm as excited and as happy as can be! I can't wait to feel confident and well more girly. I turn 30 in March and this is going to be the best birthday present ever! Mom turns 50 in February so her TT is her bday present to herself!

Hope everyone is doing well!

In less than 48 hours the twins will be here! I am...

In less than 48 hours the twins will be here! I am so excited! I have already received my instructions from the nurse to show up at 6:15 a.m. I'm grateful for this time slot. I'd hate to be waiting all morning. I'd starve! I'm very very excited! Can't wait to upload my pics!

Mom is doing well. We had her post-op appointment yesterday morning and the doctor said everything looks really good. She's up and around on her own already. Even got herself in the car! She's one strong momma! Hope everyone is doing well!

Less than 7 hours and my twins will be here! I'm...

Less than 7 hours and my twins will be here! I'm so excited! Did a little Christmas shopping today now i'm off to shower and relax! Hope everyone is doing well!

Oh and I'm posting my before pics.... i didnt think there was much difference until i took the full front pic! GEEZ!!!
Can't wait to hear how it turns out... :)

Day 1 was great. Coming out of surgery i was alert...

Day 1 was great. Coming out of surgery i was alert and ready to come home. I have the most wonderful family in the universe. Grandma made chicken soup and my cousin fixed my hair. Being pampered was the greatest thing. I stayed on schedule with my medications. The most bothersome part is waking up every hour or so to shift, take meds or drink water. So far so good.

Today was a bit of torture. A lot of tightness and soreness. I was able to take a shower and WOW it felt amazing. Mom had to wash my hair. I'm thinking the doctor spilled iodine and it made my hair very hard. But i'm clean now and boy the soreness kicked it. I've been trying to massage and ice with petite peas as much as i can. I had to fill a sandwich bag with the peas to make smaller more comfortable packs. I really hope tomorrow is a better day. More massaging and more icing.

Hope everyone is doing well!
That's great. So happy for you. Yes I enjoyed the pampering from family members and my boyfriend. That support makes a difference. Just make sure to get your rest. Your body needs it and don't try to do too much early on. Just ease into it. Lounge around and watch tv or read a book. After a few days I got restless but the next day when I went out to run a few errands with a few hours I came back And was exhausted. So enjoy the pampering and your new babies. Congrats. Welcome to the other side.
I also did the thought i was feeling great, went out and got exhausted and paid for it bit.. so it's great advice to take. ;) Just stay home and rest.
Thank you! The pampering is wonderful. Having my mom wash and condition my hair was the most relaxing moment. I am so grateful. My babies are sitting pretty. The massaging is definitely necessary. i love how it is so sensual and brings a sense of loving and caring for yourself. Thanks again!

So Day 5 post op is upon me... So far I feel great...

So Day 5 post op is upon me... So far I feel great. Sleeping is the only problem. I feel as if my incision is opening. I dont know if i'm stretching too much. It almost feels as if it is burning. Needless to say my sleeping pattern is way off. Which is ok. I dont have to worry about getting up for work. Major plus. I've been icing and massaging as much as i can. Not sure if i'm doing it correctly. I apply as much pressure as I feel comfortable and work my way down. My incisions itch a little so I try not to focus on the bottom area so much. Other than this i feel great. I'm happy with my babies. All in due time!

I am missing my workouts. I wish i could go for a jog and get some me time in. Good thing i dont have my car if not i'd make my way down to the gym. I wont risk it though. I have an appointment with my PS on Friday. i hope everything is ok. My range of motion is improving everyday and the pressure is lessening each time i wake up. I'm staying on the meds until i feel comfortable. I'd rather not be in any pain. So bed rest it is with lots of water. Boy it makes a difference. My skin is glowing and i feel energized. Ladies drink plenty of water!!!

THis is all for now. I hope everyone is recovering welll and for those who are anxiously waiting ... best of luck to you! xx

Day 6 and I feel very tired. The girls are tight...

Day 6 and I feel very tired. The girls are tight and my incisions are itchy. After my shower i noticed small red bumps around both incisions. My take home bras are way too tight. I went shopping yesterday but couldn't decide on what size to buy... this sucks. As of right now I'm braless without gauze or tape. Going to take some meds to help my muscles relax. :(
You should post post op pics!!! ongrats on the new girls!! :) I hope you're doing better with the pain :)

Day 12! So far feelin good. Incisions are itchy...

Day 12! So far feelin good. Incisions are itchy and tight. Good things is I have an appointment to have them removed tomorrow! I hope this feeling goes away. Has anyone been advised to use neosporin or mederma? I hope the doctor recommends it when I ask tomorrow. Hope all is well!
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