Finally Did It: Liposuction 6 Days Ago - VA

I always wanted to have a flat belly, after months...

I always wanted to have a flat belly, after months of dieting, working out including p90 x and Zumba, there was no way to get rid of my lower ab fat and love handles so I decided to move forward with surgery. I am 128lbs age 24.

Day 1 of Surgery:
I was very nervous but knew I was in great hands! The only thing that hurt was the IV needle but then I went to sleep, not so bad.
When I woke up I feel like I had been beaten up it was very painful :( nurse gave a pill and then I went home lie down and slept.

Day 2 Still in pain
Day 3-5 Felt much much better, at day 4 I was able to get out of bed without any help. Iam seeing some changes in my belly but no so much yet since its still swollen but definitely flatter :) My stomach feels very tight and numb, tomorrow they will be removing the drain (ouch) I hope it does not hurt I am a little cry baby

Day 6 Finally got my drain removed, It was...

Day 6
Finally got my drain removed, It was painless! The doctor was so gentle and very good! love it!
Loving my results so far, but I am still swollen which is normal 6 days post op, can't wait to see the final result.

2 Weeks post op: I have horrible lumps, My ps...

2 Weeks post op:
I have horrible lumps, My ps says they will go away but I am honestly hoping they do because I am freaking out! My stomach looks horrible, it looked great the first week but second week its looking worse and worse each time, does anyone have the same experience ;( I am so sad!

I still have these horrible lumps! I just had to...

I still have these horrible lumps! I just had to cancel a vacation because they look so bad! lost over $1000 on reservation... I am extremely disappointed :( at this point I feel like its not getting any better, has anyone gotten lumps and they are now gone? I been massaging so much and still they will not go away.

Today it looks like the bumps are starting to go...

Today it looks like the bumps are starting to go down a little :/ I just hope they go away.. I will post pictures ;)

6 weeks into and still have this lumps!

6 weeks into and still have this lumps!

Forgot to mention lumps are getting smaller and I...

Forgot to mention lumps are getting smaller and I will hope that they go away.

9 week update- My lumps are smaller but still...

9 week update- My lumps are smaller but still visible, I hope my stomach will look nice and flat :/ . I wonder if everyone gets lumps or its just certain people that do and if they completely disappear.

Anyone knows when will the lumps go away? I talked...

Anyone knows when will the lumps go away? I talked to a couple of people who went under lipo and never developed lumps? Is this normal? Or is this the doctors technique?

Year update

All I can say is wow, Dr. Widder did a great job. At the beginning I was a bit worried and even depressed because my stomach did not look the way I wanted too, however, it takes time to recover and see the full results. A year later, I can finally see the results and I'm extremely happy. Even though there are is a small lump, nothing is perfect. Overall I feel wonderful!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Overall he is a great plastic surgeon with lots of experience, he knew exactly what I wanted, and so far I can see a big difference in my waist size. Also he is very gentle and makes you feel very comfortable. After a year, I saw the final result, and all I can say is wow, what a difference. Most of the lumps are gone, and he still following up with me a year later to make sure that I am satisfied with the results. I will 100% recommend this doctor to anyone, without a doubt.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Did you go an get your lumps massaged out? These lumps are the saline water pockets that are still there from surgery. It is normal to have them but they disappear real quick when massaged out. I had mine massaged out like a month after my lipo and every time during my massage, I had a urgent need to go urinate.
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hi.... yes it looks good now!!
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Hi coco, just wondering if your lumps ever resolved? I am post liposuction to flanks, sides and lower abdomen and I have a similar surface to you still. It was initially worse but has improved slightly. However I do not have the smooth stomach I used to have. I started lymphatic drainage the third week post op for an entire week. Now I use a vibrating massager ever second day. I also still wear my garment. I am hoping it will smooth out eventually but so far I have the cottage cheese disease to my lower abdo and sides! I am hoping that yours would have resolved by now to give me some hope!
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Hi Enhance me, I'm sorry I am so late responding to you. All of my lumps are completely gone, with the exception of one or two, but overall I am really happy.
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Hi.. I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of the hips, back and butt injects.. And it all hurt like hell.. And that was July 9 2012 and I'm still dealing with the famous swell hell. I start the day off somewhat flat but as the day go on it get bigger and bigger.. Sometimes I think that something as came apart or something I don't know what's going on... I'm sad because I payed for a flat tummy and I don't have one.... Is there anyone with some helpful advice..
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Sorry that your not 100% pleased with your lipo. I read on your PS website he doesn't use garments after Liposuction.. Maybe thats why you have develop that many lumps. I have not heard of someone that has had lipo and not have to use a compression garment.
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Tai, Sorry for the late response, I think even if I use the garment it wouldn't make a difference. As of today I am lump free, and extremely happy with my results.
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How are you doing? I'm starting Velashape on my abs to reduce the lumps and scar tissue. Also tighten up the loose skin. I had great results with it on my thighs. Has your doctor suggested Endermologie or Vela for the lumps? Last thing I wanted to do was spend more money but since it really tightened my legs I have decided to try it.
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Thank you for sharing. I had liposuction done April 19-20, 2012 and I'm still swollen/tender in some areas. I dont have any lumps and my progress is moving the pace of a turtle :) It's been 4 months and 11 days since my procedure and I have some concerns like loose skin. I've started using a firming lotion and working out for best results. When I turn 5 months I will post pic's on my profile...Please keep us posted on your process.
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what kind of lipo did you get was is pal? do you know what size mm cannula was used?
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Sorry, it's hard to tell who's comments I'm replying to. After almost 3 months you can really tell if it's going to heal or not. Right now, I'm seeing slow steady progress. Every day I wake up and it's smaller (the bulky areas) and firmer (the skin). But last time when I had the first surgery by a cosmetic surgeon, I had uneveness based on her technique. I did get the revision 2 months ago, after I gave it 7 months to heal.
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Thanks everyone for your comments, it's been 2 and half months, and this is why I was worried. I started doing aerobics, but I am worried that these bumps are irregularities since they look like cellulite and the bumps in the middle a pretty bigger. I was 128lbs and they removed 1,200cc. My doctor said that I have to lose at least 3 lbs so that I dont show bumps, but I lost more than 3 and still see bumps, he also said to massage it which I'm doing everyday. I'm just wondering how many more months
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Hang in there. It's only been a week.
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Very well said. Every day it will look better and better !!
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I got surgery June 4th.. Just turned 21 and was 140 pounds. I have minor lumps but they are hard pieces that are going down.. All they are is your skin heeling underneath as if it was scabbing over. I have a lot more feeling now and really starting to see my shape! Already down a size. Hope this helps- been following you ever since I got mine.
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What is your dr saying?
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I had lipo about 3 1/2 weeks ago. No lumps yet. I do feel small knots under my skin but they aren't visible or worrisome. Do you have any recent pics?
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Yes, will post them soon. Mine are visible, I had a couple of people look at it, and they could clearly tell I did something.
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Yes large ones. They will soften over time. We still have at least 2 more months for Final results. I massage all the time!!
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I have lumps that are slowly going down. I have a small ball that I used to roll over my belly while sitting at my desk at work. I smooth my tummy gently for an hour every day and the lumps are gone. Some areas still swell up at the end of the day. I'm 6.5 weeks out. Love my results but can't wait to be fully healed.
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I am 9 weeks and still have quite a few lumps and bumps? do you have a lot of little ones or just big ones.. I have so many and I been massing, they have decrease on size but in the middle still big. At this point I'm just waiting :/
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Coco, I have read on some post that massages help; have you traied that?? I am planing on haveing lipo in Aug and one of the things I am planing to do is just that massage once a week.
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Hi Missy,

I did do a tummy tuck.. Not sure how to advise you o that, I did had lipo and have some lumps... I been massaging them a lot and I hope they go away.. They look like they are starting to go away slightly but I will just have to wait. In regards to butt injection not sure :/?
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I meant to say I didn't do a tummy tuck.
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I'm going July 9 2012 for my tummy tuck and butt injects.... Advice please
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