July 1, 2014 - MOHs Surgery on Nose - 45 Year Old Female - Phoenix, AZ

I have had malignant melanoma in the past, so skin...

I have had malignant melanoma in the past, so skin cancers are a part of my life. But, this time, it was more concerning because it was on my face! At first, I was relieved to hear that it "was only bcc" and not melanoma, so I immediately discounted it to not a big deal. Then, after reasearching MOHs, I became totally freaked out and overwhelmed.

Many people said, "Quit looking at the internet" and such, but for me, I had to be educated before I went in. Although it may have made me more nervous, I felt educated and was ready for the worst case scenario. I think if I hadn't been ready, I would have been totally freaked out in the end. Thankfully, I only had one layer removed and was relieved. However, the repair with the skin flap resulted in more cutting and stitches, but again, I was ready for this after my research.

Overall, I was relieved and pleased with the results on the day of the surgery. Now, just need to go through the healing process and be patient while things heal.

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Day 2

I woke up with my left eye fairly swollen and hard to open fully for a few hours, and my left cheek was swollen and slightly bruised. It was not necessarily painful, just swollen. I was able to get a shower and change my bandage, no problem. I am still very pleased with the results and anxious to get the stitches out next week. They said that once the stitches come out, the healing with progress quickly for the first two weeks or so and there should be significant improvement.


Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your experience so far. The worst part is over now and I hope your healing goes well.

I'll keep checking in on you. :) Please keep us posted with how you're doing!
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Day 7 - Stitches Removed

Today was the one week mark and they removed my stitches. I am still pleased with the results and looking forward to the healing. I will have red, bumpy, and swelling for quite a while, but I am hoping that I can cover it okay with some makeup. I am feeling much better today.

I hope that these posts are helpful to others whom are dealing with the idea of MOHs and trying to get more educated on the various possibilities and outcomes. I did a lot of research prior to my surgery and for me, it was helpful...and, yes, very concerning.


Thank you for sharing!!! Your healing nicely, very kind of you to share this part. Often we see before but not after. Very bravely you to be informed. I have just been diagnosed with Lentigo melanoma on my cheek. I'm scheduled just one week later for mohs and have a plastic surgeon on standby for 2 days later. I'm in denial, I know. I'm an OR nurse of 20 years, so I know the before but not the healing stages after. I pray for peace and patience for your healing.
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I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but glad that you caught it and getting it taken care of. I can definitely understand your "denial" as I was a mess leading up to the surgery, And, with you being a nurse, you have a lot of exposure to different scenarios. I pray that your procedure goes well and the excision is as minimal as it possibly can be. I think you will be surprised and how you are able to cope once it is done. I didn't think I would either, but stay positive and have faith. And, thank you for sending healing wishes my way. I will post another pic on the weekend which will be four (4) weeks from surgery. Seeing progressive photos of others really helped me prepare and understand more.
Your healing looks great. It really came a long way in only a week. How are you doing now?
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3 Weeks - Post Surgery

Makeup helps and most people don't readily notice it, but it is still very bumpy, rough, and red. And, my nose is still swollen, which they said will take several months to go down. But, I am getting more used to it and able to go out in public for work and not be too worried. This is definitely a long healing process.


I am having MOHS on my nose Aug. 20, in less than 3 weeks. I have not seen the surgeon yet, was referred by my dermatologist, had a recurrence of BCC, in just abou the same place as yours. I am in Canada, so insurance covers it. I am terrified, and my nerves and anxiety have caused old IBS symptoms to flare up. I live alone, retired, age 63, and am concerned about how long it will take to heal. We have very cold winters here, and wonder how that will affect the nose. I have been reading on-line about the process, and yes, I am pretty worried. I used to work in a hospital, and am not squeamish, but wonder about how I will sleep, etc (usually sleep on right side). I have many concerns, and not too much help. I am glad to have found this site, and will keep reading. Thank you for the pictures. Oh, how did you bandage the nose, and how long did you keep it covered? Thanks
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Hello, I am a 66 year old female who had MOHS surgery in exactly the same place on my nose on February 4th of 2014. I had to have 2 cuts to remove all the cancer. My surgeon did the repair immediately afterwards. She created a bi-fold flap and closed it with internal stitches. Even though the full healing takes a year or two, I am extremely thrilled with the results. I don't have any stitching scars and the color match is perfect. There is still some swelling from the internal stitches so the surgeon advised me to use special cream, silicone bandages and massage. It has only been a few days since I've been doing this regimen and I can already see amazing results. No one seems to notice my nose at this stage. I think I had to keep the bandage on for about a week or less only when I went outside. Your doctor will give you specific instructions. It appears that each doctor has their own suggestions for recovery. Mine suggested Aquafor usage and I was thrilled with this over the counter product. Some doctors suggest Vaseline. Even though petroleum jelly is the major component of Aquafor, it also has other ingredients that made my entire face very smooth and moisturized. I, too, was very fearful of looking like a monster after looking at all the photos on the Internet. I was happy that I educated myself but even happier that my defect was small compared to the ones I saw online. Every day I feel so lucky to wake up cancer free after a relatively simple excision and no chemo or radiation. I know without a doubt that your worries will be over soon and you will resume your life in full. Best Wishes, Beverly
Thank you for posting this. It is good to read about positive results. I do not think Aquaphor is available in Canada, I checked for that product before, for something else. What are silicone bandages, and where do you get them? Also, I am curious about the initial dressing changes, I was told I will need to do them twice a day til the stitches come out. Was it difficult to make a dressing to cover the nose? I have a supply of Telfa 2x3 (non-adherent dressing), sterile gauze 3x3, and various tapes. My skin is quite sensitive to adhesives, so have tested a few of them. Hopefully the clinic will direct me a bit on this. I am prepared to have to deal with a sore, red nose for this winter coming up. Here on the prairies in Canada, we have extreme cold for at least 4 months. Any info is most appreciated. Cheers!

1 Month Post Surgery (Vaseline is my friend)

Many have asked questions about how it looks now, and specifically, how long the redness/swelling sticks around. My last few pics have been with makeup on, so I thought I would post one with no makeup. I hope I haven't frightened too many of you with my no makeup self :)
Yes, my nose is a slick mess! When I am home, I try to keep it covered with Vaseline....a lot! They say it is critical to the healing and getting the skin to go down, so I am trying to keep up with that.
It is still red and a little swollen, but amazing for just shy of five weeks.
To everyone out there reading this whom have surgeries in the future, I wish you all the best and remember that it may be better than you think. This my only goal and the reason why I even joined this site. I hope it has helped calm at least one person's fears.


I had mohs surgery on my nose on July 3rd. I ended up being more invasive than we thought is would be. I had a cheek flap to cover the hole on my nose. It has some puckered healing wounds on the bridge of my nose still and the cheek flap is still a different color. My derm told me to massage it daily. He dermabrasioned it and injected steroids in my cheek scar twice. It is slowly getting better, but I am giving it a year. My husband had melanoma between his eyebrows almost a year ago and it is looking great. Just give it time.
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how are you doing now? do you have a current photo? I'm a so disappointed with my nose right now. I am 1 month post op.
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I am 29 and noticed the same exact spot on my nose about a year ago. I have an appointment next week. So scared! How long was the spot on your nose before you had it checked out?
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