42 Yrs Old, Mom of 5, and Tired of Big Ol'granny Boobies! - Maumee, OH

Well where do I start. Ok Im 42yrs old, married...

Well where do I start. Ok Im 42yrs old, married ,mom of 5, & gramma to 2. I think Im about a 42GG .Spilling out of anything I buy ...just sort of stuffing and pushing into bras. I have wanted to have this surgery since I was about 27 (which is the age I had my 3rd son and my boobies turned into torpedos) . I have 4 wonderful boys (ages from 15-22 yrs old) & a beautiful daughter 11yrs old. My husband is my best friend and totally supports me in my decision !!! I have been suffering with migraines for about 17 yrs and complete back and neck pain for as long as I can remember. I have for the last 3 years getting injections and RAF shots in my back to help with pain. I have been big chested all my life. In the 7th grade my mom bought me a padded bra ...I had nothing but I had to cover up the lil' buttons that were evident under my shirts. My 8th grade summer I think I was the most popular in my neighborhood...at the time I LOVED IT!!! My lil nubbies blossomed into big size 34 Ds. Wholly Toledo !!! I did play softball and cheer in high school but it was under some heavy duty bras. My porch had a lot of boy visitors from that time on. Other girls didn't like it and of course they all said I was a whore. Why do people think that because you have big knockers that you must be easy? I hated it ...the names ,the looks ,and having to wear the big shirts so I wasn't dressing inappropriate. Sweatshirts were my best friend and people thought I was crazy for always being too covered up. For a long time I wasn't sure if any knew there was a face to look at above the boobs...there was I swear. Since forever I have been known as "you know the one with the big boobs". What a way to be known... but I survived. Ok now I am 42 and have these things on my body that I hate !!!! I see this awesome PS and am amazed he took 2 hrs with me at my consult...says I am good to go. Got my Ok from insurance company they say what was very evident I HAVE BIG BOOBIES. Now here I am 20 days until surgery 6 until Pre-Op appt. I have drove my husband CRaZy!! Shown him so many pics of before & after pics...he said he's not sure if likes boobies anymore! I am obsessing...I know I am. I am getting the Anchor Incision and PS said something at consult about removing 750 on right and 450 on left. Never knew how lopsided I was...I NEVER LOOK !!!!! SERIOUSLY....he took the pics & measurements and told me to look ....ummmmm YUCKY !!!!!!!! Here are some pics...told ya' YUCK !!! Im just so excited.....talk to you soon
I cant wait to hear how you go, I understand fully how you are feeling, unfortunately i have to wait for the end of the year to have my surgery. My husband is the same, he thinks Im obsessing and is sick of looking at pre and post surgery pictures and stories with me so now I do it by myself.
Congratulations!! My surgery is a week after yours, we can compare notes.

Ok 18 days to go.....

Ok we have survived the big storm we just had. Kids have been off school the last few days so instead of pulling all my hair out, we ventured to the mall. Kids off to Hollister, me to Dillard's.Got measured while I was there, I swear I almost passed out. Of course the woman who did it is straight out of the Victoria Secrets mag ...perfect body, cute, and tan. In walks big mama, with sweats, see through because I'm so pale and should've had a bone in my hair because of the Pebbles ponytail I have piled on my head. Well we do the measuring and she says " Ummmm, looks like you are a 42 I " Hold on, did she say I .?? An I ???? I think I may have blacked out...because she said " Ma'am, would like me to see if we have any styles?" Ummmmmm.......NO!! I don't want to be an I....I wanted to be the DDD I was squeezing myself into. I thought that was bad!!! I for insane, I for impossible, I for I seriously can't believe its even possible. I put on my "tent" of a shirt and walk out ...pouting!!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised they do look like fried eggs. I can't wait 19 days and I might just be in a beginning of the alphabet letter bra. I can't wait
I was a 38/40 I before my reduction - of course they don't make too many I's and I used to squeeze myself into H cups. I hated having what my mom called "matronly" boobs. I am so happy that I had mine reduced - they aren't perfect but they are a weight off my shoulders and I love that they are perky. Good luck with your surgery.
love your review, and so understand your difficult relationship with your breasts. i had my second reduction 2 weeks ago and am doing great. my husband has been very patient with my obsessing and has looked after me so well post op.
Lots of luck to you, I had mine done yesterday and I'm so happy with the decision already.

From the mouth of babes

OK we are total Gleeks here at my house. We have Netflix just because they carry Glee. Since we got a foot of snow this week, my daughter and I have started watching Glee from season 1 from morning to night! As I am writing this Journey is singing in the background. So one day my daughter said, "Mom, is that how you feel? Like an outcast? Like you are not noticed?" WOW is this my daughter? My 11 yr old ??? She must have gotten all of her in depth intelligence from her mother. She continues, "You know Mom like the kids in Glee....where you wanna be like all the others but you can't because you are just different. I'm not saying its just the same but in a way it is." Is it just the same, well maybe. Not sure if I want to be like every else.but I do want to be the " normal" I'd like to be able to wear normal size clothes, shop in normal shops, and have a normal nickname. Am I a closet Glee kid? Am I still the kid who was still embarrassed by the looks, stares and names girls called me in high school? Have I never out grown the self esteem problems I had back then?
My little girl has struck a cord. My Lil Gleek might have seen something I've been hiding for years. Wow....you can learn a lot from the mouth of babes!
I really have enjoyed reading your posts. I understand completely the hiding under big old sweatshirts and big standing up straight because it 1) hurts and 2) I didn't want to draw attention to my uk sized 34gg/f boobies. My mom who was a b cup was always getting after me about big standing up straight. Hopefully now with 1 lb gone from each breast I might actually be able to improve my posture! :) surgery was on Thurs so I'm / days post op. Getting better every day. Wishing you all the best! I can totally relate to the glee post! Let us know how you are doing.

Just too tired.....

Today has killed me. I literally feel like I am carrying a very large adult on my back. My daughter is a fabulous softball player, she is 11 and plays on a 14 U travel softball league. She started last year at the age of 10. Which means she plays with girls that can be 5 years old than she is ( depending on which month the girls birthday is in). Anyway she has started practicing and today we went to the mall to buy her new equipment. We walked everywhere, from one end of mall to the other. I normally have lower back pain but today had the worst pain in my back ( like where your bra goes) I've had it before but wow it was rough today. I tried to keep up with the others but it wasn't happening, nope pain too intense not doing it. Maybe the weight of this HUGE sweatshirt to hide under was doing it. Nah...maybe the 2 sports bras was doing it. Nah...if anything it was cutting off the blood supply and making it numb! I wish I could just embrace all this lovely ness... let the puppies be free. Ive seen some " blessed" women wear cute tees and let there blossums be out for everyone to see. Why couldn't I? Is it because I'm 42? Or that I'm with my family at the mall? Or hearing my mom in the back of mind saying "Angie, it is not acceptable to show all you have to everyone" Really???? Its a tshirt. I don't have on tassles or pasties....wonder why I have issues with my boobs!!! Everyone has always said if you got it, flaunt it. Evidently those people have never been around women with very large breast. You don't flaunt these things. They flop, droop, and rest on the inside of your elbows. If you are lucky you might not zip them into your pants. My kids when they were younger called them " pillows" and would get upset if I had a bra on and it interfered with their snuggling.
With only 16 more days to go, I'm getting so excited. I bought some jammies that button up, comfy leggings, panty liners, anti bacterial soap, peroxide, & bandages today. Just a few things, waiting until Monday after Pre-op to see what other things to get. I wanted to ask everyone a question :
My PS said something about 750 on 1 side & 450 on the other side...do you think that's what he wants to take off or what they are in size now? My mom says they are heavy...I don't think so but they are all I have ever felt. My insurance is paying so I don't know what their requirements are taking off. Whacha think?? Well I hope you all are healing nicely and feeling incredible. Good Night All have wonderful dreams tonight and perky days!!!!
hi. i think that is what your surgeon will be planning to remove. have you discussed what size you would like to be? it is important that you and the surgeon have a clear understanding and you have realistic expectations. add bromelain to your shopping list or order it online, it is miraculous for reducing swelling
That's what I thought my PS was talking about. Thank you so much.
I agree with Peefireife sounds like the about he wants to remove, mine did 460 grams from one and 480 from the other so that's about a little over a pound in each side. You will feel do much better! Looking forward to hearing how thing go. Good luck!

Pre-op DONE!!

Went for my pre-op today at St Lukes Hospital. Very nice hospital, have never been there before. I'm gonna break in that hospital with a "WooHoo, YIPpEe, and Hallelujah!" in just 14 days. 14 days from right now I will be laying in my hospital room with a forever smile! Since I have been 14 years old these ginormous things have been around. Kind of hard to believe that all this pain that I have felt in my back, neck, & shoulders will be gone!! Its held me back so much in the last few years. These are the years I should be really enjoying. I have wonderful children,family& friends. I have 2 of the most beautiful Grandbabies... our 2 yr old grandson is my heart. He says the best things! He stayed the night last night with me & PopPop (my husband) and I asked him " what is GG gonna do when I can't hold you for 2 weeks?" He grabbed my face and looked at me with his beautiful lil voice he said " I will hold you GG and give u lots of kisses and watch Paw Patrol with you " Priceless!! After this surgery I am going to do so much with all my babies & their babies. Wish you all the luck today ladies happy healing & beautiful looking boobies!
That is soo sweet!!! What a wonderful little boy!

i have a question....

I forgot to ask all of you wonderful ladies earlier some questions.My PS has said no drains and has said I will only have stitches on the inside. Help ....I'm confused! He hasn't said anything about using Arnica or Bromelian (?) I am staying the night of my surgery is that why I will have no drains? OK maybe starting to freak a lil bit....
I didn't have any drains with my surgery - I have had them before with other surgeries and I found the drains to be the most uncomfortable part of the surgery so just be thankful that you won't need them. Most surgeons just recommend things they can write a script for bromelain and arnica are homeopathic medicines.
lots of people don't have drains, i have had 2 BRs, first with drains, i was so glad not to have them 2nd time. doctors usually concentrate on pharmaceuticals rather than natural aids to healing. i cat recommend bromelain and arnica cream too highly.

Help!!!! Only 12 more days

OK I have some questions ( u know I only have 12 more days YayYay)
1) with buying sports bras ( the ones you can wear after the surgical bra) how in the world do you know what size to buy???? I've got some "Biggens" and don't have a clue of what to buy for afterward.
2) Where can I pick up Arnica & Bromalien???? Do I ask the pharmacist? Or do I try a whole food store? Questions & more questions...nerves starting to kick in!
You can get Arnica and Bromalien from Amazon.com.
Hi there. bras, go one size up from your underhand measurement to allow for swelling, so if you measure 40" under your boobs go for 42. Best to get a D or DD cup in something stretchy. In the UK arnica cream and bromelian (500mg) are sold by both pharmacists and health food shops. If you get stuck you can buy them online.
Well thank you so much! I sort of feel in the dark about somethings. Guess its the nerves starting to come out. How did you use the cream & tablets? I swear I'm gonna have my husband tackle my PS so I can get some answers. Thanks for all your advice...it makes me feel so much better!

11 days & counting....

Hi all you beautiful beast out there...just checking in. I've been feeling nauseous for a few days now. I feel great otherwise. I'm really thinking I must be more nervous than I am letting on. I told my husband I would swear I was preggo if I could be. See we have 5 kids--- we finally figured out what was causing me to have all these babies and put a stop to it!!! I told my husband if he ever wanted to touch me again he had to get neutered, so 11 years ago while I was still pregnant he did the deed. Plus 7 years ago I had a hysterectomy...so no chance of pregnancy here. Anyway this nausea thing I think is nerves.
I've had surgeries before but I guess not one that is this emotional. Sounds weird I know, but this one is going to change a lot about me. I'm the one with the big boobs---thats my identity! That's been me forever...not saying I've liked it but that's the way its always been. My husband said something that shocked me in a way. He said " I hope u aren't disappointed when its over. I know you, you are going to stress out about your stomach so much afterwards." Okay, ive heard everyone say that they never realized how much bigger their bellies were until their boobies were gone. I get that I will finally see my belly, I get that I'm not in model mode, I get that I'm bigger than I used to be. Was he saying something that he noticed?Did my belly bother him? I'm not vain...I'm doing this so I can finally move!! How in the world am I supposed to have a six pack when I have a full case on my chest? This heavy ness causes more injury than it does anything else. I can lose weight every where but on top, the boobs like this body for some reason and have refused to leave! It sort of upset me when he said this to me ....but then he surprised me and said " U better ask your Dr about the price on a tummy tuck so you will be as hot to yourself as you are to me! Gawd I love that man! Well only 11 more days...not sure if I will be able to handle it!!
One step at a time! Sort the boobs and then work on the tummy. That is my plan. try to keep busy, I know it is hard when you are waiting and can't seem to think about anything else!


Just a question ladies....do anyone else receive an encouragement from NorthLight about doing a drawing??? I'm just confused and don't fully understand....any help out there??? Happy healing u beautiful beasts!!!


Did anyone ....sorry my mind didn't think before it typed
I obsessed that my stomach would look bigger after the surgery too but in truth it doesn't it just makes you look more in proportion. I am constantly surprised that I can wear things that have been sitting in my wardrobe for years. If anything the surgery makes you look and feel younger because you aren't carrying around granny/matronly boobs anymore. The best thing is you will feel so much better about yourself - and confidence is a wonderful thing. And don't forget they sexy bras....
I feel the same, plus I was well aware of the size of my tummy before the surgery and am now losing weight, encouraged by my smaller boobs. Clothes are fun for the first time in years!
just to add that picture is on my review if you want to take a look

A lil over a week....

That's all I have left. I'm getting so excited. Today as I was putting on my sweatshirt ( of course) I thought to myself "Wow soon this will be too big"" Hallelujah!!! Do u have any idea how tired I am of wearing big shirts to hide my boobs?? I can't wait to show every one that I can be hot if I want to be. I'm at the point where I hate getting ready to go out.. to dinner, friends, anywhere!! I want to get excited to look good....be all pretty & confident. Soon.....if I don't go crazy first. The anticipation of the surgery is killing me.. well happy healing you beautiful beasts! Off to see some friends and play cards before I'm recliner ridden!! Have an awesome night ladies!
we've been there. it will be a wild week of mixed emotions, but in 8 days......

6 days pre-op....what?????

Well my demeanor has definitely changed.....I'm freaking nervous! Well anxious.... l feel like something is gonna happen and it will cause me to cancel/ reschedule my appt. A cold, a change in my cholesterol, a snow storm, an avalanche, a sink hole will emerge and swallow my car, E T will invade us .....just something! I've been making sure to buy everything that all of you have suggested... and scrubbing everything in sight to make sure hubby just has to keep things in order. I have 2 Genie bras& 2 sports bras (high impact so these suckers won't move) I got 42 DD because I'm not sure what size I will be after. I'm starting at 42I so i am hoping to get at least a D hopefully a C....fingers crossed!!! My PS hasn't said what I will be after, he has just said he will try to get as small as he can. He has also told me he will be doing the Anchor technique. I just want it done, I literally feel like I'm gonna crawl out of my skin! I have a feeling I won't be doing a lot of sleeping! My mind just thinks about boobs, surgery, recovery, bras, then REPEAT!! I need to chill I know but my mind says NO! Happy healing everyone!
Hey I've received a message but wasn't able to open it do you mind copying and pasting what it said and sending it to me? Please and thanks.
Hi there, we all know the feeling. I did get a cold and got put back 3 weeks. Just a suggestion about the sports bras if they can be changed. Go up a band size for the swelling and get 44 . You will get swelling round you ribs and it is really sore if the band is tight.
Well that makes sense. I told ya my mind is a bowl of mush right now....thanks so much

And the count down begins !!!!!!

My surgery is in just 4 days...Im trying to get everything in order. The more I get things in order ,the more I find to get in order. Will it every end??? Bags packed, went to grocery store, laundry done....NERVES GOING STRONG !!! I wish once you have established that you are all set to have surgery that they say "ok how about having your surgery tomorrow?" The anticipation is what is killing me.
Ive looked at so many pics of before & after ..that I really hope I get my size ....my fantasy size! Some ladies are still so big afterwards ( well at least I think so) I don't want to be left big! I have broad shoulders and Im not a size 2...but my PS said he wanted to make me proportionate to my body. He has said that he doesn't KNOW what size I will be after. He said he will mark me up, do those mark-ups, stitch, then sit me up & mark me up again, then do those mark-ups. He wants to make sure Im even ,full enough, and not boxy. I ve got give him props for wanting them to be nice. He said I don't like they way my boobs are now ,he wants to make sure I love them after ! Yay for Dr Baibak !!!
2 of my friends' daughters have used the same PS that I am...they look wonderful! I guess my nerves are getting the best of me !!
Happy healing everyone , I hope you all are feeling beautiful and perky !!!
It sounds like your PS is very thorough and you are in good hands. Do something for yourself during the next 3 days. Lunch with the girlfriends, glass of wine with the hubby, a facial.... you get my point. RELAX!
Thanks so much....but I feel like I can't!!! I'll try ...thanks for the suggestion. I just may be writing a book on here over the next few days ....

In just 32 short hours.....

Nerves have kicked in....!!!!
Best wishes. You will love not having big ole granny boobs. Post pics when you feel up to it. I am really glad not to have them touching my belly any more. You know skin on skin. Lol
Best wishes for a successful surgery!
Good luck with your surgery!!!!

Well today is the day

Here it is surgery day....I'm leaving BoobVille today. Who ever said get a good nights rest evidently never had surgery before. I woke up every hour to look at the clock...now its 430 am and I'm like a lil kid on Christmas morn. Super excited & anxious... I've got the stomach thing going on...like I swallowed a goldfish. My best friends sent some well wishes which made me feel fabulous! I want to thank everyone on here for all your suggestions & comments...you are all wonderful!! I will see you on the other side.
OMG best of luck, Im so excited for you :)

Bye Bye Boobies!

Good Luck!! Dr. Baibak did my BR last week (Feb 19th). We will need to get together after words to share stories (and a celebration drink!) Will be saying prayers for you!
Good luck - you will feel so much better when you get all that weight off your shoulders.
Good luck make sure you don't do to much even when you think you feel fine. Take advantage of the down time.

The surgery is finished...

Hi guys I've made it to the other side! Surgery went great and came out of recovery telling jokes! My husband, parents & sister came up to my room after surgery and I ate my clear liquid diet....felt great! I had to stay yesterday in hospital until 7 pm. I came home kissed my daughter and was sleeping by 10 pm.
My PS said I'm a D...said that was as small as he could go with then being as big as they were. I feel fabulous today, but I know from all of you to keep myself glued to this recliner. I'm gonna get clean today...not looking forward to having to let the boobies breathe. Thanks to all of with your help, suggestions, and comments. Except for all the perverted emails from men ...but I love all u ladies
Congratulations on making it to the other side.
Congratulations! Rest and heal.
Congratulations!!! you sound so happy, hope your healing goes well :)

Day 3 post op

Its been 3 days & it still feels so surreal. Like its a dream and I'm gonna wake up and Blammo the big nasty knockers will be back. My back pain gone...neck pain gone...and besides getting some zingers my body feels great. I'm just darn tired...hoping to get around better &better everyday. I'll try to write more as the days go on...happy healing to all you beautiful beast!
Congratulations. Hope the healing goes smoothly. :-)
do a little each day but not too much, no lifting or reaching. glad you are doing so well. i have had a really easy recovery.

I need help....

I'm swollen & full of gas!! I've been icing these tatas but am still so swollen. My belly is so full of gas it is hard....yesterday I finally took a poopie but only once.
I feel like a big swollen mess...I bet I could float ...no joke!! Help me ladies before I burst!!!!
Love your post and it's awesome to have the support of your man :-). You are going to be so happy when all the discomfort goes away. Healing thoughts and prayers going up to you!
I tell everyone, for the swelling and stop itching drink lemon tea. swelling and itch will end instantly..take a whole real lemon, no squeeze bottles., roll till soft, and cut in half, squeeze all you can out of one half into a cup of warm or cold water, and sip, use the other half early evening, stay close to the bath room and be sure your bra is not so tight yu can adequately drain., it works....I did this and have never swelled again. If you do not drink your 8 glasses of water a day and cut back chocolate salt and caffeine you will itch and swell worse. also the caffeine can make you ache more during recovery, my PS said to add more greens, and more lean meats to my diet to encourage faster healing of incisions. they did great, we took off about 5 -1/2 lbs so I hurt more for the healing inside. just quit a week ago and I am 11wks post opt. but I am a wimp for pain, and I also overdid it...do not bend over, push, pull or lift. until PS said you can. no matter how good you feel, I set my healing back by 6 weeks doing what I did...you have had major surgery and PS really do not give this surgery the glory it is due, it is major. Heal and rest, and drink your lemon tea. wish I took my own advice in the beginning, but Now I am finally in no pain...but even today I went grocery shopping and lifted gallons of jugs and lifted out of van, and guess what? it pulled a weak muscle in my left breast and I am really sore tonight. so it ain't over till it totally heals, I understand it can take 6 months...becareful and be good to yourself. but I am so proud to see smaller breast on me, I was a DDD. you must buy the merena b2 bra from amazon, but buy one band size larger for perfect fit, it does not ride or touch your incisions, and will help your breast form into a teardrop shape we love., feels like your own skin, I plan on wearing it forever..best price off amazon, band does not ride up..but get the b2...
Thanks so much...tomorrow is my 1 St post open visit. No worries or problems....except have bloat & fatigue. Like when I shower and then re- bandage ...it wears me out!!! It feels like I had a massive work out. I've been eating better than I've ever ate before and drinking like a camel. Thanks for all your advice....cuz I feel empty minded most of the time. Hope you start feeling better and heal quick from your set back. Once again thank you!

A bit of a meltdown...

Seen PS yesterday he said they looked great ..to watch some tiny blisters but other than that A OK....then I come home and totally fall apart. Felt like Poop....crying actually bawled and then slept all day today. Help me ...am I losing my mind? I here everything is great then fall to pieces.....is this normal? Give me some love ladies.....
You're not losing your mind, it's been a very emotional journey. There is so much anticipation before the surgery, and then suddenly it's all over. It's a release. Enjoy the new you :)
Thank you so much....it was just so crazy!!! I bawled in my husbands arms for about 10 mins. I honestly thought I was going crazy. Thanks for understanding!!!

Wow...wore out!

Today my husband and I decided to get some lunch and breathe some fresh air. Well I don't know what was in the air but by the time we got home I absolutely felt like I was riding under the bumper the whole ride. I hurt from all the potholes we rode over, I felt completely raw under the GIRLS and I was so nauseous I could've cried. What is going on? If I go out it seems like I come back sick and so extremely tired. I don't feel like I can get my Oomph back...I feel good until I try to be human. Showering wipes me out too. I'm gonna try to rest longer and try shorter trips I guess. I hope everyone is feeling happy, healthy, & perky!!!

2 week update....

Well its been 2 weeks & its been up & down!!! Physically my boobies are OK...my right one is oh so sore. Its swollen & bruised. My left had some tiny blisters that burst & bled but feels so good. I've iced my eighty soon many times ( about 3/4 times a day) My nipples are on high alert....they are always sensitive ALWAYS sensitive. I don't go back to PS until 3/27 which will be 1 month 3 days post op. He did say if the blisters turn black come see him earlier.
But he said I'm OK until then. My energy level is just BLAH...I'm good for about 2 hrs then I hit rock bottom and fall apart. Its not like I'm out doing anything strenuous just walking around store or something like that. Saturday I decided I was up to getting a haircut /hi-light well I was wrong! Seriously wrong. By the time I was finished I wanted to cry....not hurting just physically drained...completely drained! I love that I had this surgery I just wish I could bounce back from it. Some of you seem to be perfect after a couple weeks....me I don't feel I'm doing as good! Tomorrow is another day...hope to be better soon. Hope all you beautiful beast are healing well and feeling wonderful!
i was not tired until week 4, it takes a couple of months for the main healing and recovery, take it easy, it is early days.
Thanks so much but you look absolutely wonderful and listening to your journey makes me want to be more like your healing process. You look good and from the sounds of it you feel good too. I'm happy for you but also so envious too. I'll try to hold on and hopefully it gets so much better. Keep it up hott mama---- cuz you are doing great!

Still so bruised & sore

I'm finally going to post some pics....I've gotten so many perverts that have try to contact me but I'm gonna try 1 more time. My righty is still so bruised....it looks about its about 1 1/2 bigger than the left
You will notice that I have a couple Dog Ears off to the side. All in all I'm healing well but the swelling is horrible & my surgical bra is so terribly uncomfortable. Here are the pics ...I'm off to ice them again!
I am two weeks into my recovery and what you are feeling is the same as me. Low energy! Please get allot of rest and don't push yourself to do too much too early, you will set your healing back.
Thanks...I'm finally feeling a lil more human. Hope you get your " Get up & go" soon. Hopefully our energy perks up soon so that you & I can start enjoying our new lives. Happy healing and I promise to take it easy if you do. Good luck!
It's a deal!

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago I went through with the best decision of my life. I'm healing up nicely but as u know I'm still dealing with my left breast still swollen & hot!!! Now under that boobie I have a swollen tender hot spot (like onto my rib) I don't have a clue what's going on....I've been using 2000 mg of bromelein & icing everyday. Time to make a quickly trip to see Dr. Here are week 3pics.....the area of white is new skin not infection. Love u guys
are you keeping everything dry and spending some time each day with your boobs uncovered and in the air? also make sure your bra does not rub, padding areas if necessary

4 weeks today...

Today its been 4 weeks today....I'm finally feeling human. My right boobie is still bruised and very tender but the swelling is finally starting to get under control. I still have tenderness in both breast but it isn't hindering me as much. I really like my new tatas... shirts that I couldn't get into before now are big and it feels great. I see PS on Thursday and waiting him to give OK to start exercise and diet then Blammo this gramma will rock! I hope everyone is healing great and feeling awesome!


Went to 2nd post op visit today and got all restrictions taken away and got the thumbs up to be normal again. The white areas under my breast in my last pics are still open wounds but are healing nicely just was told to put some Bactracin on it. I can now get out of this surgical bra...praise the Lord hallelujah!!! I think I will invent the next surgical bra....mine for the last 4weeks has drove me insane and irritated me so much. New invention alert!!!! I got the go ahead for no wired bras and sport bras....happiest ever!!!! Happy healing girls....pics posted later

9 weeks out.....

9 weeks ago I would've never thought I could feel this good! Sure I had a small set back awhile ago but I now feel wonderful. I am able to wear normal size clothes ( the ones with 1 L and not 2 or 3 Ls or Xs) Its nice. Ive been exercising more and feeling more confident than ever. I have recommended this surgery to every one that has asked about my surgery. My husband has been amazing through every bandage he changed and yucky pad he helped with. I will be putting up new pics soon. Thanks to all of you for all your stories and wise words!!!!
I just wanted to thank you for your review. It was a few days before my surgery and I stumbled across your review and from there I found this site. You helped me to prepare for the journey I was about to take :) I am 10 days post op and things seem to be going well. Still tired, but seriously hello, I just had major surgery, so I have to give myself a break. Its slowing going but its going. Love that I had the surgery, and again, thanks for sharing your journey and pictures :)
You look great :)
You look great! So happy to hear you are so pleased with your results.
Maumee Plastic Surgeon

Awesome doctor so far...Makes you feel so comfortable. Makes jokes and makes you feel like you are his only patient. 9 weeks post op: My Dr. is absolutely wonderful. He has helped me with every complication as if it comes as 2nd nature. His nursing staff has always answered all my questions , whether they seemed silly or not. This surgeon changed my life and has kept a smile on my face since day 1. I would definitely refer this Dr and his practice !!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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