35 Year Old, Feel Like I Am 85 - 375cc Smooth Saline Submuscular Almost 13 Years Ago - Maumee, OH

First I must say, thank you to all the wonderful...

First I must say, thank you to all the wonderful strong women on this site! You have all helped me without even knowing it! So here I am with my story. I have 375 mentor smooth saline, and they have been inside for 12+ years. I explant on 5/20!! Yay! I am sick. I have been on a slew of medication ever since implantation. The first was depression medication. I was healthy and young and fit. I have the most amazing husband and family and wouldn't change a single thing about my life (except the boobs). But about a year after implants I just got this 'funk' so doc gave me anti depressants. In the first year I also began to experience the start of peripheral neuropathy. But at 24 years old I just thought maybe I over did my workout or something. Fast forward- I am now in a ridiculous amount of pain. I have peripheral neuropathy still, along with fibromyalgia, Raynaud's phenomena, degenerative disc disease, depression, weight gain. And my ana panel is through the roof! Ana is the level of inflammation present in the blood. I have had nerve conduction tests, 2 neurologists, a pain management doc, 4 physical therapists, and a slew of medications! I have had injections directly into the spinal column. I have spent a week in the hospital cathed bc I couldn't even get up to use the bathroom due to muscle spasms! Not once did anyone say- hey maybe it's the giant bags of plastic you had put in your chest! But then I found you ladies and this forum and it makes sense!!! I am so grateful to you all and hope to be on the mend soon!

My before before pic

In retrospect I think I just didnt like that my boobs were mostly nipple!


Just excitement. I went through the doubt phase weeks ago. So now I try to sleep. I need to be there at 6:30 am. Wish me luck!


I thought I needed plastiboobs. I thought they made me sexy. They were nothing less than an abusive relationship. When we were first together it was good. I felt pretty I felt wanted. In the last 5-6 years they have stifled me. They kept me in pain. I hid them in bigger clothes out fear of others judgement. I denied I had them and blamed a big chest on weight gain. The bad days outweighed the good by far. But I was so afraid. Afraid of what I would look like. Afraid that I wouldn't be sexy. And right this second I do not feel the pain of the emotional side of the break up. I was over it. And knew I wanted out. Each day was just dragging on until the day I broke free. And I am free. But God bless America- the physical pain is so hard right now! Will hopefully post more tomorrow!

1 more thing

Did get some pics of scar issue. Doc said it was a pretty bad amount! Hence the being 34ddd w only 375 cc

More pics found

Oops these too

Sneak peak

May I vent a little? So I was in a pretty hefty amount of pain. After years of dealing with a slew of issues causing great pain for 8 years, I do not really feel any better taking Vicodin. Hubby called the doc and they told me to increase the frequency of the dose to every 90 minutes. Two nights ago I started getting night sweats and nausea and was running a slight temp. So hubby called the doc again and they wanted me to come in and have a nurse check me out.
I look hilarious right now. You know that people of Walmart website? I could so be on there! My husband is a foot taller than me and 70 lbs heavier. I been wearing his clothes. And my hair which goes almost to my belt line is in a crazy bun. So we drive to the docs office. And.... Wouldn't you know I have never in my life seen so many people in a waiting room! Haha! The best part about it was I brought my bucket in with me, just incase the motion and moving would send my meds out the wrong way!
Now I must tell ya- that's really not a huge deal to me. People can tell hey she is messed up- or wonder what she had done to be feeling that bad! What upset me was we had to sit in the waiting room for 40 min! 40! I was hoping they would just put me in an empty room so I could puke in peace. How is it good for business to have some crazy hobo lady having a meltdown in your lobby? I didn't expect to get in faster than those who had pre scheduled appts. I just wasn't happy that I was on display for so long. And the fact that when we did get called we walked past 8 or 9 completely empty rooms! Whaaaat? My hubby did get pretty crabby bout that. My nurse agreed that the front desk girls should have put us in a room when we first walked in. But she said they were newer staff and she would educate them.
Anyway, long story I know. They switched the pain meds. And checked on the stitches, all is good. And they told me I could take some Benadryl! Yay! The itchiness is setting in so being told that was worth the waiting room debacle. Oh! And I got a sneak peak.

Tape is off

Hello! Well good news- tape is off and I can shower!! I did go to the hair salon on Saturday morning to get my hair washed. And layed on my step stool so my kid could wash my hair on Monday. My hair goes about to my waistline and I needed that wash to feel normal;). Yesterday we met with the doc. I thought my stitches were pulling apart. They weren't! It's just a slight amount of oozing combined with someone (me) that freaks out about stuff.
They are a slight bit scary right now! But I already love them! Something about it being me. My right side scar is so long- will try to update with a pic of that soon. Doc said the scar tissue around that breast was the size and texture of a payday candy bar. Yum!
Thanks again for being my support crew y'all.


Hello ladies! Not much new. I tried to drive for the first time since surgery. Tried- no, I did actually drive. Now I have some swelling and pain. Back to the doc I go tomorrow. I hate calling his office, I feel like a problem child. I don't think I look as busty as I do in the photo! However, I am overweight. I am a former trainer and got sidelined due to the fibromyalgia that came with the implants. I would still attempt to work out on a regular basis. Now I can't do anything. And I pretty much eat simple carbs all day.


Sorry! Pic didn't load!


Hello beautiful ladies! Today's news? I am a jerk. I can feel how crabby I am. I am usually a super happy upbeat gal. Not today. I hate that I can't workout. That was my vocation years ago when I was well enough to work. I was a trainer. This time last year I was working out atleast 5 days a week. Not to be skinny- but strong! No matter how much or how little I would work out I would stay the same somewhat chubby size. But I am one of those crazy peeps that likes to workout. Even with fibro and all my other conditions- I would plug through it. Now I can't. And it makes me bored! And feel like I don't have control. I am seriously wondering if now that I don't have the sacs of toxic bleeech in me if my workouts will be better. I hope so. I don't want to be skinny- just fit.
Anybody have any luck with better metabolism post explant? I know I look smaller. I was 5'4 (wait I still am 5'4) and had a 50 inch chest. So if I didn't dress in super clingy clothes I just looked like a little tank. I am rambling. Bored


Hello ladies!
Not much new. I did have a back spasm tho! What the heaven! I didn't pay 12 gs to be in pain! But there is an explanation. I ate junk food. So who cares? Wait for it, this fits into the story. My hot stuff husband also got me sick. So I took a mucinex. Apparently mucinex is very dehydrating? And I ate high sodium junk food. A common cause of muscle spasms- dehydration! Who knew! Needless to say, I will deal with the mucus. Can't deal with back pain!

Doc visit went well. Stitches got cut out. But just the knot ends that were showing. All the stitches will dissolve. Doc was jacked on how good it looks. He did do great work! I am going to have next to no scars?!!! Around my nipple it's barely even visible! As the scabs fall off it is seriously like the thickness of a strand of hair. I am still a little bit swollen. Are bras vanity sized now? I don't think I am a d but can fit in a d bra.
But I can't complain. Yes those are stretch marks, the ripples... I breast fed and weighed 215 post baby. I was 115 pre pregnant. So ya- those were natural stretch marks. Implants just filled em out!

Sinus infection

Hello to the ladies trapped inside my iPhone! I plan on figuring out how to get you out of there, but seeing as I can barely even operate this simple forum update good luck!
So the hubby's cold or flu or whatever he gave me has turned into a full blown sinus infection. How fun is it sneezing your guys out with 5 zillion stitches across your chest? Not very! Now I gots me another round of antibiotic and a steroid! Crazy pill poppin lady! You guys probably do think I am nuts! Yes I am crazy in person, and now I look it! Snot face McGee! I used to be big boobs McGee! My poor husband. How is he dealing with this crap? I married a big fat party guy 15 years ago. Now he looks like a damn underwear model. I am small boobs snot face. Hahaha! I kid I kid. Snot face will go away- and I actually think my boobs look better NOW than they have my entire life :) God bless america! Belle- out
Dr. Jeff Kessler

So far so good! Went in there said i want these giant sacs of toxic yuck out! And I want a lift! And he says ok. Didnt even try to push for new implants!!

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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How are you feeling now? Is fibro symptoms improving?
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Belle, I love your sense of humor. :D You are looking so good... and yes, by the pics, your breasts look better than ever. congratulations! :D
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You look amazing!!
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I'm so happy for you that you are healing up nicely and loving you new body! Thank you for continuing to update us and share happy ending story! ;)
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Thanks for reading! It's been so nice to know I am not alone on this journey!
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my goodness, the swelling is gooing down and they are getting their shape, a very nice shape too! my scars around my nips are not even noticeable, you would honestly have no idea, unless you really got your eye on it, even then, its hairline. the ones under the flap are a bit ropey, but fading quickly, they arent red. i have not unveiled them in the light of bright day, but they are peeping and peeking now and then in the ...ah...bedroom, if the lights are low. im sure not ready for any kind of unveiling, for even the hubster yet. hunny, you look like a D to me, even bigger. ya still got the bazoomba look while I have what are now known as Little Tenders. I guess this is better than the original nickname of Tiny Tenders. lol. im happy for all of us...we survived and we are gonna thrive! here is how i sign off now: ( ,)( ,) but YOU can use my old sign off: ( , )( , )
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Every female in my entire family has gotten a reduction. I wonder if I would have waited for the inevitable weight gain of life if I would have just grown my own. Would have saved my honey some moola! I was prepared for them to b much smaller- I thought maybe a b. now all the chicks who like to talk smack are going to say I got em changed for smaller ones! Jst kidding- I don't know any smack talkers-
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( , )( , ) is now (*)(*) and from the side...{ { has turned into this: >> for me! now we all know the extent of my boredom this afternoon. breast icons. sigh.
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Lordy. Breast icons. HAHAHAHAHA How would I make a little left ta-ta, and a slightly bigger and droopier right ta-ta? You may be onto something big here lemay with these icons. (or should I say little)
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(.)( , ) There ya go.
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I did venture over to the other side of real self. The youngsters getting them put in! Thought about giving them the what for. Then came back without doing a damn thing, to the comfort of explanters!
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well, i have thot about this, and ya know, i was SO lopsided that my life was negatively affected, selfesteem, confidence, blah blah. i wish i was a bigger person back then, but i was shallow and dumb like most people in their early 20s. ya couldnt have told me anything. and those big breasts accomplished a lot for me. im sorry to say, but it is true that they did form a large part of my identity, in the same way that dolly parton uses her over the top looks, makeup and surgery to create a persona, i did too (standup comedy, TV & radio hosting, promoter & publicist, musician, public speaking, etc.) altho i certainly wasnt ever well known other than locally, and even so, only in certain circles. but the breasts were part of that, and i am not sorry i had them inserted. it would have been a different life, maybe better, but i doubt it, ive had a lot of fun. what i DO wish is that i would have realized when the jig was up, and been a rational adult and had them taken out years ago, instead of going thru all this shit of pain, capsulization, denial, worry, etc. everybodys gotta pick their journey, and will suffer and enjoy the benefits and consequences of their choices...and we gotta let em! but dang, i like to give advice, hehehe. too bad them lil chicks dont come to visit us first!
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Your story is so cool! I love that u did comedy! My daughter tells me "mom if you are twice as funny as you think you are- you are HALF as funny as you actually are! And I will tell you what, my husband has a coworker whose wife was thinking bout getting some fakes. Said check out this forum. Slowly but surely we shall make a difference somewhere!
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Thanks for posting Belleza; I really get a kick out of you. Sorry your hot stuff husband got you sick. Maybe you should slip him a pain pill and make fun of him when he's all weirded out. My Vicodin made me feel like a gd zombie refugee. But I took every damn one of them! I'm glad you're healing well. My scars are minimal, but so was my surgery. Mine are under the boob, not the nipple, and I didn't have a lift -just explanted.
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I wish I would have gotten away with an explant only! I needed a lift 13 years ago! We were planning on getting a lift and swapped out for smaller (I actually wanted larger) implants/ til I thought I would look up if that's what was making me so sick. Now here I am. I am out of pain pills now- I don't know if they really helped or made me just not give a crap. I think it was the latter. Maybe I get me some moonshine?
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I know what I wanted to tell you - you asked if anyone had any luck with metabolism changing after explant. I've lost about 10 pounds in the last month. WTF is going on - I do not know. I'm eating like a beast. Drank some beer last night. I attribute it to feeling so much better and not be so stressed out about how bad I felt. Yepp. Explant was kind to me. Gonna get me something alcoholic also again tonight....yeah daddy
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hey, i ate about 5000 calories a day for the first two week post explant. in two days i ate a pan of my brownies, we are talking two sticks of butter, 4 eggs and a cup of brown sugar not to mention 2 cups of chocolate chips on top of 4 ounces of baking chocolate. i did not gain one pound. i was healing and my bod needed it! now its been a little over 3 weeks...i dont feel the giant craving for healing sugar and calories so much, but eating is my new fun habit, lol. so i gotta get under control here. just as soon as i finish this bacon. mmmm.
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You gals are HILARIOUS!!! I'm peeing my pants...almost! Thanks for the giggles!!
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Shit, those brownies sound good. I have been craving them too today since I saw this picture of some on Facebook. Pretty sure I may have a slight butter addiction. I eat it in slices from the stick. And bread - had me six pieces today. Big thick texas toast type bread . Just kept eating it. If my metabolism ever catches up with me I'll be on the liposuction review feed next. Like. I. care. I made homemade strawberry shortcake too. Petunia53- I pee my pants when I laugh. And sneeze. Apparently my mesh sling has gone south on me too.
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Wow!!! That's awesome! Gives me hope! I look like spongebob square pants. Straight up and down. Atleast I feel that way. Just watched an episode of cops- I coulda got 500 bones for my prescription! But nah I had to take them to actually kill ma pains! I am actually shocked I haven't gained weight. I lost 4 in surgery. It's crazy that I haven't gained bc I am literally growing into the recliner!
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lol, i read that vicodins sell on the street for 25.00 each! WTF! and get this...ya know they are mostly tylenol, so ya cant take a million of them to get high on the fake codeine in em, cos the tylenol will OD your liver very quickly, esp if you drink too. so they have to do something to the pills, that separates the tylenol from the fake-codeine in the vicodin, then freeze it, the codeine stuff crystallizes, and ya collect the crystals, then they melt and turn to liquid, so ya put it in a syringe, ya know, not with a needle, just a sucking thing like you would use to feed milk to a kitten, right? and then they squirt it up their ass! sorry for the tmi and language, i just couldnt hardly believe all this. i dont get out much, its true, but apparently this is the world in which we live. see, this way, the drug goes straight to your bloodstream, gets absorbed, instead of working its way thru your stomach, etc. so ya get f-ed up faster. me, i think eating is a cheaper and safer addiction, and i know its more fun, i hate the way that vicodin made me feel when i was taking 4 a day, ugh, i was stupid and dull, sorta duh, all the time. dont see anything enjoyable about it. those brownies were so good, i couldnt believe it. every month i make treats for the audience at my husbands gig at this one bar, we play every third sunday, and so guess what...i am gonna bake again tonight. yeah, my boobs are littler, and my top part of my body looks smaller, but everything below my waistline...ladies i am in trouble. also i pee when i laugh, sneeze and cough. and i made bread in my sunoven, and made almondbutter to go with my pepperjelly, and if you can believe this i make my own damn butter...its prob a miracle i dont weigh more than i do. so eating is my hobby now i guess. i got some new shirts from a company called agan, on amazon, they are renaissance type shirts, look very nice with new tatas, couldnt wear stuff like that before with my gigantaboobs. my god i am babbling. i just had my afternoon coffee, this is all my fault. i will stop now...so happy to have nice people to talk to, and happy caturday to everyone!
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good god, whatta photo. when my implants were removed, i had 1.5 lbs removed from my left one to be symmetrical with the right. im telling ya, i wish like anything that my poor badger-boobies looked like yours, i loved having big breasts, even tho they were a pain in the ass to deal with the size. so im adjusting. you may be a jerk, but i am a bitch. cheerful is my middle name, or else i just fake it until i feel better; it isnt anyone elses prob and i dont take it out on anyone else. but i can feel my brain kinda swelling like a toad within my skull with being pissed off and frustrated too. im snappy, and quick to feel slighted. i cant stand dithering, pauses, hesitation, prevarication, whining, avoidance, not saying what is meant, in short, i am totally intolerant and impatient. im 5'5 and a little bit, stuck at 177 lbs since february 20. no matter what the hell i do, exercise, starve, eat small meals, count calories, massage, walk, weights, eat anything i want, avoid wheat, dairy, soy, salt, you name it, i have tried it over the last 4 years; when i get to 177 that is IT. i simply will not lose any more. now, i still weigh the same, but i have deflated all over from edema going away. my upper chest is a vast Great Plains, im not bloated or puffy anymore, even went down a size in my pants, and my shirts are so loose, even in the arms, i look like ive dropped 10 lbs easy. i have much better energy, but cant stand the sandpaper/sensitivity thing, so cant do anything unless i am topless, and with my husband home this week...well, let us just say the girls aint coming out to play with an audience right now. im gonna start doing some isometrics today, stretches that i can do without bending and having them swing around, cant sweat, that really bugs me, cant have a hot bath (bacteria), hate TV and movies, almost blind from reading, nothing to do but bitch and stew. im ready to get back to my life too, so i totally understand the frustration. maybe i should try to meditate, or do some tai chi, i have a tape for that, or go thru all my photos, or write, sigh. if you figure out the answer to this besides what everyone tells me "be patient" (ha!) let me know.
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oh boy, i felt like you came to my bathroom and took a photo of me. we are practically twins here. scary aint it? mine are littler but the surgery looks familiar for sure! im off for a nap, went to the library and it wore my ass out. thanks for thinking of me! i will have to check in later, im all pooped.
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i am 13 days post. tried to drive too, gave that up after 2 miles, just didnt feel connected to the responsibility, prob the drugs in my case. called my doc to ask if i should still have all these pains and probs, he said was "normal". sigh. i am a little overweight too, couldnt lose to save my life, especially after the car wreck in january that ruptured the implants. since the surgery i am losing weight, but they did take over 2 lbs away. fibro sucks. have had it for years now. cannot stand at this point to have ANYTHING except air touch my nips, cannot wear a bra, cotton shirt...anything feels like sandpaper scrubbing my breasts, so laying down or sitting very still is my only options, no matter how good i feel otherwise. occasional shooting pains too, doc says is nerves regenerating, correcting themselves, hooking up...etc. i am telling ya all my woes so when you call your doc you can see you arent the only one being a pain in the ass, i asked all these questions yesterday of my own. they always seems slightly puzzled dealing with me, i am assuming, since much of their biz is reconstruction for breast cancers and illnesses, that they arent used to such a lively or assertive patient, but who knows. things are improving on a small day-to-day basis tho, for me, and i hope they are for you. i have stolen your line and added some imagery, i tell my GFs that i cannot show them my new girls, it looks like i have dropped my breasts into a badger hole. ima getting pretty damn sick of doing nothing, lemme tell ya. yesterday, i DID discover that a very light silk shirt camisole, that is too large for me, took away about 75% of the irritating. but going commando and airing them out seems to be what they want...sorry world, there isnt enough eyebleach to unsee this, im keeping them in the silk. and forget a bra, that aint happening. im eating fruit like there is no tomorrow, im addicted to grapes and cherries right now, after last weeks watermelon frenzy, i think they are really flushing my system of excess water, my wrist and fingers, ankles and feet look like ive lost 10 lbs. not my ass of course, if i lose weight i lose it in places you dont notice! thanks for posting an update, i am still out here wondering WTF is going on most of the time, unless i am reading library books, eating or sleeping, that is my whole life right now. and standing at the mirror with flashlights and hand mirrors trying to get a closeup look at my badger boobies. thinking of ya...XX00.
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Hey lady! My reason behind getting the implants removed was the hopes that the fibromyalgia would leave. Honestly- I think it has. But I won't say that outloud yet! And as far as being the pain in the ass patient- I think I have been that at my family doc for years!! Lol! All this crazy stuff that no md could connect had to be the sacs that I destroyed my body with. Did you ever take a flashlight into the dark bathroom when you had implants in? I did it! It was crazy X-ray vision. I am probably rambling. Bored as heck. Can't wait to go to the doc tomorrow and figure out why the right side is so swollen. Thanks for checking up on me. Will let you know what's up tomorrow. And keep me posted on your journey! Much love!
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