Looking for a Surgeon for Breast Implant Removal - Maui, HI

I am looking for a surgeon to perform a simple...

i am looking for a surgeon to perform a simple removal of saline implants, 225cc. so far i have only had one consultation from a surgeon on maui, where i live. he quoted me $6100 due to having to remove the capsule. however i have read in this forum of other women who had a simple explant leaving the capsule intact. my breasts are pretty soft (there is no hardness or calcification), so i am questioning whether this is really necessary, or even the best procedure.

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Hi Tara! What's wrong with your breast implants that you want them out? Just want to be more natural?

Here's a list of doctors in Hawaii who perform explantation. I'm sure you could also find several wonderful surgeons in Seattle and the Bay Area as well.

I hope this helps. Just be sure to go with someone board certified and with lots of experience! Keep us posted on who you find!

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hi angie, thanks for the info! there is nothing wrong with my implants at all. i just feel they are too big for my small body. i lost weight and now it is obvious that they are not real. also they are a nuisance as far as exercise and yoga. i will contact the hawaii surgeons that you listed (had already found two of them). thanks!
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