Keep Calm and Carry Cleavage

Flying from my home island to Maui this afternoon....

Flying from my home island to Maui this afternoon. My surgery is scheduled for me to arrive at the surgical suite at 6:30 a.m

I got a really assuring phone call from the anesthesiologist yesterday detailing his end of the procedure. He will be using TIVA (total iv anesthesia) and listed all of the benefits of using this for my type of hang-over effect, no nausea, waking up only 8 minutes after the medicine is stopped and feeling mentally clear 10 minutes later.

My current stats are 5'9" 120 lbs and a 32a...or less
Will be receiving Natrelle style 15 in either 371 or 400 cc.

I am most nervous about flying home on Thursday evening. Even though it is a 45 minute flight there is the whole check-in, security, waiting in line to board process.
Hope everything goes well.

Most of my excited feeling come from following the stories on RealSelf. Thank you ladies for sharing your reviews, I have read so many!

Before + after pictures soon

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Woah, boobs !

Shuffled into the operating room by is noon here and just got back to the bungalow.
Pain is at a six, not looking forward to the local anesthesia wearing off. Can't take a deep breath, but not trying. Doc is coming over to check on me in a little bit


Happy healing!
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Thank you, my four year old is playing nurse!

Feeling alright

Thanks to all the ladies who posted "stay on top of you meds"...taking hydrocodone every 5 hours, 5 mg
Feeling pain in my chest pec muscles and incisions (I'm guessing), but my mind is clear and I feel uplifted rather than high.
Also took 1 mg of Valium because I was a bit panicky about the chest pressure.

Waiting for Dr. Phan to come and check on me. I am so glad he is my PS
I will ask him to snap a new picture with my phone!


Glad you're doing well. Is that a black compression strap I see?
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It is! I saw on your post about ugly post-op wear..have you looked at Tonserio? Pricey, but the scoop bra and bandeau have a sexy, supportive feel. Haven't gotten to wear them post-op yet, but will review soon. Hoping the black strap is less noticeable on my flight home today.."Good afternoon TSA, please don't pat me down" haha
rofl! TSA might think you're smuggling coconuts. better watch out!

My surgery experience yesterday

Got to the center at 6:30
Pregnancy test + compression stockings.
Got my chest drawn on by the Dr and reviewed size and goals.
Talked with two very sweet nurses about kids and travelling.
Waiting in the recovery room for the anesthiologist, I started to get that fight-or-flight feeling...anxiety.
Dr. Tom came in to start the iv and I felt better, he reminded me that it was his job to keep me safe and I felt
We walked into the OR, I laid on the table and felt a warm sensation up my arm. I watched everyone moving around in slow motion and...I was back in the recovery room.
I felt dizzy for about ten minutes. First could only keep one eye open because of the spinning, and then both. Dr Phan came in to take put my iv and I said "whose next on the table". Carly helped me get dressed and wheeled me down the street to the bungalow.
I was nervous about spending the first day away from home, but it was great. There is a super comfy reclining/massage chair that I spent the afternoon, evening, + overnight camped out in. Recling with my shoulders back on the chair allows for deeper breaths and more comfort. Still in a world of pain when walking around or sitting non-reclined, but the pain pills are helping.
Dr. stopped by last night for a quick peek, but didn't remove the strap or bra. I still can hardly believe that I have boobs. It is one thing to think "I'm going to have boobs" an another level of elation that "Holy Moly I do have boobs" Not feeling too great, but this is still the!


Congratulations!!! Hope your well, and take it easy for the next few days. I had mine done on October 10, and I am one week post op. Next few days will be interesting :) but good luck. Did they let you know how long it can be before you switch bras?
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Thanks! I'm going to see the PS in an hour, so we'll see about switching bras. I just noticed deep creases in my skin under the compression bra and near my under arms. Ouch! I do remember him having to lower the crease on one or both sides, so I'm interested to see if that means I have to be in the Squeeze Bra for the full two weeks. Congrats on your BA, one week post-op...yippee!!

First look at the new additions!

Just saw the Dr. and his nurse, Carly.
Swelling minimal, no bruising, the implant is right on target with the Sharpie marker.
Implants are high up, as expected, but I can already tell that Dr. PH an was right on with his measurements and cc size.
Next post-op on Monday.
I am so happy that I went through with the surgery! Now to rest and focus on healing.
Well, after I get through the trip home on the airplane today. What makes it easier is Holly from the office, she will be driving us to the airport and even printed out our boarding passes for easier check-in.

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One more picture

PS is going to email me the before's a hint..I was flat as a board!

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Here is the picture


Congrats!!! I look forward to keeping up with your journey. :)
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Thanks! Yours too! I can't forget the post you wrote about your husband making the vegetable beef stew..that was such a good comparison to muscle..and kinda funny :)

Air thank you

Do not recommend air travel on post-op day one! I never realized how darn uncomfortable seats at the gate are and I was walking so slow, more of a shuffle really. My memory foam pillow got misplaced somewhere and I burst into tears at the airport. Like not even thinking about being upset, just overwhelmed.
Home now..posted up on the couch, icing my underarms. Home sweet home


sorry you had to burst into tears but in the end it sounds like it was well worth it- you go girl !!
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glad you are home!!!!
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Happy healing!! They look amazing already! I'm excited to follow your journey, although I wish I were recovering in Hawaii too ;)
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Gauze pad intervention

Got some swelling near my ribs where the compression bra is squeezing me. Putting into action a tip from another RealSelf girl..gauze pads between my skin and the band where it is the tightest.
And now that is taken care of...catching up on Pretty Little Liars.


you look great! happy healing.. I think I willl need something to relax me too for my panicky
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Yes, Valium is what works for me. At first I felt embarrassed admitting that I can't just "breathe and relax". Especially when the chest pressure sets in and taking a deep breath feels difficult. For me, the Valium allows me to stay in the present moment and not spin my mind into a dozen different worst case scenarios. Plus, I've read that other ladies have been prescribed Valium as a muscle relaxant for post-op healing. Thanks for checking out my story :)
Thank you for sharing your story. It helps a lot with my future journey.. I'm scheduled for Oct. 30. I'm nervous yet excited.

First post-op shower

Felt good to shower, spent a good five minutes staring in the mirror at my new curves. Curves! I can make curves in clothes (thanks to the add 2 cup size bra), but at the end of the day, they come off. Well, these boobies are all mine now!

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Looking GREAT!!
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Feeling a little spun out from the pain pills. A delivery man just knocked on the door with flowers from my sister-in-law! Full disclosure: Told her I was having a hernia repair..oh well, now that I got the surgery maybe will be able to "come clean".
They look awesome! :D
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Day Three

Still sleeping on the couch and taking Hydrocodone every 5-7 hours. There have actually been moments today when I thought to myself "I can breathe deep and don't feel any pain". It only happens when I am reclined on 2 layers of pillows with my shoulders relaxed back.

Even though I have no desire to leave the house, will be going to a kids Halloween event at the botanical gardens this afternoon. My mom is fully taking care of my four year old daughter, so it should be okay for an hour or two. Plus, I will not be driving.

Differences from day 2...I washed my hair today and shuffled around to make myself lunch. And, got a tee shirt over my head.

My next post-op is Monday morning

Tomorrow a girl friend is coming by to say hi and check on me. Am nervous because I told her was having hernia surgery. Although she is one of my best friends, the words "oh my god, promise me you won't ever have plastic surgery, it is so disgusting" have actually come out of her mouth. Mostly when we see celebrity photos. Oh boy. On a positive note, my ex is out of town for a few weeks, so I won't have to worry about any suspicious glares and stares during child pick up/drop off.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


Your size looks perfect on you! I'm so happy for you! How was the trip to the gardens? It's so nice to get out of the house after a few days stuck inside, but it's easy to overdo it, even just walking. We went to a garden yesterday. A huge one in our area and it's so beautiful! I did really well, but should not have worn my heeled boots. I was exhausted! I guess my body to ease into a full day of activity... This was after a day of soccer games and entertaining friends. Looking forward to your progress!!
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The garden was full of kids and costumes! I was good walking around for almost two hours. We sat down to watch a puppet show and I was fully on-guard making sure that no little kids bumped into or jumped on me! Saw lots of people I know and stuck to waves, not hugs. Which is fine, except waving to someone who is right in front of you looks a little suspect. Glad you got out of the house, especially being out in nature. Thanks for checking in :)
That sounds like so much fun. :-). Isn't the thought of hugging scary at first? I had a friend over for dinner at one week and had to brace myself against his shoulder so he didn't hug too tight! It was awkward, but it gets better! Now just worried about hugging my dad at thanksgiving!

Staying busy while doing nothing

1.) RealSelf, um hello. My mom is freaked out that I keep posting half naked pictures online. This makes it even more fun.
2.) Netflix:
The 4400 ( I love sci-fi)
Fringe (Olivia Dunham is my hero)
Portlandia (Funny + smart)
3.) Actually talking to people on the phone.
I'm usually too "busy" to sit for a phone
4.) Working on my business and website.
I make lamp work glass sculptures for a
living (ten years now). It has been on
the to do list for awhile now to take new
product photos and update my website.
5.) Board games. Even on pain pills I'm
pretty good at Candyland


It's pretty great getting some "down time" things done, isn't it!?! I'm also working on re-doing our business website right now. My husband and I own our own business and I've been wanting to update to Wordpress for a year. Finally doing it! And I've been crafting and doing house projects. I don't mind it at all, but will be happy to hit the gym in a few weeks.
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That is great to hear! I am in awe of people who are tech savvy. My site is on Adobe Business Catalyst and updating is suppose to be simple. It isn't a whole other language ( like writing code) but still very time consuming. Good luck with your site :)
I can't say I'm tech savvy, but I'm trying! It's a learning curve for sure... ;-)

Before Pictures

Now I love seeing my "before" pics. You know why?
Because there are also AFTERS!

Stats 5'9 + 120 lbs.

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What a difference a bra makes

Saw Dr. Phan this morning. He removed the compression strap from my post-op bra and said that the implants are looking good. Because the crease on my breasts was lowered in surgery, he recommended getting into a bra that has a very supportive band so that the implants do not drop too much overall. I found this Maidenform bra that has a "wireless wire" It is very comfortable and will encourage the new crease to form and heal. Still in the bra 24/7 (except for showering).

I was feeling very concerned about getting the right support for my beautiful boobies. After trying on 8 or 9 styles at Macys, I stopped back by the office for the Dr. to give me the thumbs up. I really feel taken care of there and always enjoy spending a couple extra minutes chatting with his staff.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!


Super cute bra! Looks comfy and supportive. Might have to find one of those. :)
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thank you...had to have the pink!

Happy at One Week Post Op!

This morning I feel like I've rounded a corner on the healing path. There is no more pain. It has been replaced by an achiness that comes after prolonged movement. For example, yesterday I spent two hours in town doing this + that and the whole time I was taking care of little things on my own. Opening my own car door, reaching to grab coffee off of the shop counter. You know, little things. Later that night I helped my mom fold laundry.
As long as I don't extend my arm WHILE lifting, I feel normal.

I have four pain pills left and then will switch to Tylenol. I am very grateful for the rest and healing the pain medication has allowed over the past week. I know many people don't like the feeling of narcotics and I guess it is just a personal preference of what works for you.

I am so happy that I went through with the surgery. It is something that has been a big dream of mine for a long time. I am pleased with the size that I chose with my PS. 371cc mod+ profile, Natrelle. When I looked through his book of before and afters, that's when I knew we would be a good Doctor/patient match. It's similar to when you have your make up done at a department store. Meaning, you choose the man or woman who most closely displays your desired outcome.

My next post op is Monday and then I will learn breast massage.

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories.
I truly believe that RealSelf has played a big part in my positive state of mind throughout this life changing journey.


So glad to hear you're doing well! And you look fantastic. Loving your updates!
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Thank you! I told my first person yesterday (outside of my mom of course) and she yelled out "oh my god, I see them, they're beautiful, do you have any pictures?" It made me so relieved. For some reason I am really nervous to let my girlfriends know.
You look great!! Love that maidenform bra, it looks comfy! Did you get that one at Macy's?
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7 Days Post Picture


I wanted to say Thank you! for posting your pics and sharing your story. I have my surgery Monday, 10/28, and I'm nervous but more excited! I am 5'2, and will be also get the 371cc Natrelle mod+ silicone under the muscle. I'm just a little bigger than you, so this was SO helpful! I would be very happy if my results look like yours!! I love this site because these are real people with real stories and I feel like has been a great resource as well as support. So, Thank you!
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That's great to hear, I'm glad to be helpful! Size was the biggest decision. My PS told me to bring in an unpadded bra that I would like to fill up and we would choose sizers. For the projection choice it was all about measurements and desired cleavage. I want to be able to make vavavvoom, even if it requires a push up bra. I read somewhere on here that most Victoria's Secret models have a full b or low c cup..its the bra that pushes the boobs to the center of attention. Anyway, I'm so happy for you! I didn't see a review on your profile. When you do write one, I would love to hear about how the surgery goes :)
Did you ever let the friend know who came over to check on you for the "hernia" surgery? What did you tell her!
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I am so excited not to have to hide in the water anymore!

Here's a picture of me in the midst of my old beach routine. Wear a cute cover up, tale off cover up and immediately get into the water. Transition straight to towel. Immediately put on a top.

Never again :)


So lovely!! How exciting! You look great in that suit already!
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What's the name of that pain?

Can I ask a question? I read the RS surgeon's response, but couldn't find. Do these mondor cords go from the armpit to the elbow by any chance? When I reach my arm out I feel an awful stretching pain in that area. And a sort of numbness in one patch?
Amy thoughts ladies??
Thank you!


In all the reading I've done on mondors cords, they extend down from the breast. I don't think they go into the arm, but I'm not a doctor! I wonder if it has to do with some nerve blockage/regeneration from surgery?
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I think you are correct, after some Googling I came to the same conclusion about the mondors cords. Probably has to do with nerve regeneration. I'm noticing a few aches and random pains now that the pain pills are gone. No big thing, boobs are so worth it :) Thanks for your comment
Thanks! I love your side by side bathing suit shots too!

Ten Days Since Surgery

Feeling 90% back to normal. Still having the weird pain in my right underarm extending to my elbow, but 2 Tylenol and 1 advil seem to help a lot. Seeing my PS on Monday morning.
The main difference between now and a couple days ago is that now I notice when I have an ache or pain. Whereas before there was ALWAYS an ache or pain.
Happy healing everyone :)


Wow I love how u look in the t-shirt-small waist and big boobs
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The American Dream :)
OMG ten days post and you look great. So what size did you wind up with post op?
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Seeing more roundness.
I know there will be a lot more changes in the next six weeks especially.

Happy Saturday Night Ladies :)


You look great ..healing fast
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Definitely seems so! Can't wait to see the coming changes.
LovingLife and I both had a weird numbness in our arms too. Mine has gone completely. At first I thought it was the post op bra squashing me, but I think it was nerves and it resolved itself. Hope yours feel better soon xx

No More Steri Strips, Starting to Massage

PS took off my steri strips and I have stared using Scar Away. I feel something poking out of the end of one of my incisions. I think it's a dissolvable stitch.

PS taught me three breast massages to do : 1) flatten the implant with my palm and make circles both clockwise and counterclockwise 2) push implants together by sliding the heels of my hands along the ribcage to do so and hold 3) flatten with the heel of my hand and make mini circles all the way around the breast.

You know, until the massages today I haven't touched my new boobs, mostly out of fear and reverence :) I would just shower, dry off with paper towels (a little ocd I know), snap a picture, and put the bra back on. They feel much more "real" than I expected! Squishy even. Maybe massages won't be so bad. Next PS appointment early December. He is accessible and I know when I have questions, answers are just an email or phone call away. Happy day :)


u looked great! I have very similar stats you my surgery is nov 12th. im going for either 375cc extra full projection implant natrelle or 385cc full projection im thinking 385 full x
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Yay! You're only two weeks away. I look forward to reading all about your journey.
I really enjoyed reading your review! You were brave to fly so early after surgery, girl! How great to live in a place where you'll be able to show them off so often! Make the most of it! You already look beautiful & it will just keep getting better! P.S. The title of your review made me laugh! Thank you!
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Noticing Positive Changes, While Some Things Stay The Same.

Making progress:
1) Slept in my bed, on my side for the first time. I figure that since one of my massage exercises involves pushing the implants together, this sleeping position is an extension of that movement. Woke up feeling a little stiff, but walked off the tight boob feeling within 5 minutes.
2) I no longer feel like "everybody knows". At first it seemed like my surgery was the most obvious thing in the world. Now, unless I'm sporting cleavage, it is seamless from what I looked like pre-surgery in my double padded push up bra.
This makes me feel like what I was "faking" before is now all me!
Slow Going:
1) My incisions have a long way to go. I started using Scar Away Sheets. All day and night except for when showering. My skin is light olive with yellow undertones. It takes 3-4 months for any type of cut, burn, or pimple mark to fade on me. I suspect the scars will be visible for a long time to come.
2) There is decresed sensitivity from the nipple down to my insicion. It was numbness up until I started with the massages last Monday. I don't mind.
Overall, things are better than great. I am back to working and feel confident in my decision to get breast implants.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


You look great! So many of the things you've said have rung so true to me - especially about the swimming costume thing! I'm going to have to go go home and put am old one on now! Happy healing! :)
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Ps just saw we have exactly the same stats!!
Hi your boobs are looking really great so quickly! Hope you're enjoying them! Mine are taking there time to settle still and I'm quite similar to your stats! Fingers crossed they will start to look more like yours do already! X
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Left Boob is Clicking?

I notice when doing massages that my left breast clicks (for lack of a better word) when I push the implant towards to my sternum. Like the implant is hitting a ligament or something in my chest. Also, there is a space on my left near the bottom that hasn't filled out. It leaves a hard line. Looks like an angle rather than a curve. Not worried, just noticing and wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Maybe part of the settling process.


Wow, you are looking so great, making me even more excited about mine :) xxx
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Yay! It really keeps your eye on the prize, reading lots of reviews.
Hmmm....I am not sure if your clicking is the same as I had. But my right boob also felt very weird when I did my massages in the beginning. I felt a weird sensation on my someone flicked me. And also the right side felt "creaky" But now they feel fine. I don't have weird feelings anymore.
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Making progress in a bathing suit

I tried this bikini top on one week ago and my boobs wouldn't fit into it. Not that it was too small, but it is a push up type of swimwear. Voda Swim. BTW these swimsuits are routinely featured on Sports Illustrated models. Point being, my implants were stiff and wouldn't go into the molded cups properly. The massages are helping so much! I know they will soften even more and hopefully be looking bouncy and more full soon. Good day

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Some Other Things

*I have one week left of post op Make Me Heal vitamins. You take two packets a day, six pills in a packet. I don't know too much about supplements beyond taking a daily multivitamin. I recommend these because they are easy on the tummy (even the first day post op) and I felt proactive taking a supplement to encourage fast healing.
*On a daily basis, I take 2 extra strength Tylenol and one Advil in the mid-afternoon. It's the point in the day where I start to feel boob tired, but still have stuff to do.
*I am wearing Scar Away silicone strips 23 hours/day. The first two days they were so itchy that I panicked that I would have to ditch them. This happens to me with Band-Aids too. It's not the latex, but the adhesive. By the third day, no problem and totally comfortable
*The feeling is slowly coming back to both nipples and down to the incision. Same for the numb area on the underside of my right upper arm that I wrote about before.
Feels tingly when I massage and shower. Not painful
*The only motion that I still have trouble with is extending my arm and then lifting or pulling. For example, no vacuuming here! Lucky we don't wear shoes in the house.
*Everyday I am happy with my decision to have this surgery and grateful for the wonderful surgeon who made my wish boobs a reality.


Loved your update. Its so funny how something so simple like boobs can make us so happy!
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So very, very happy. Maybe even more so because we know what it's like not to have any :)
I am waiting for mine to close in for a cleavage effect as well. Right now they dont even touch when i push them from both directions. Lets keep on massaging.
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To All The Shirts That Have Been Sitting In My Closet

No bra or padding, but the halter tie adds a little oomph!


Omg!!! Love how u look in that top!! I'm happy you're happy! U deserve it!!:)
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Lookin hot my HawaiianChic! I love the halter top on you - shows those girls off nicely!
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It a whole new world. Before I would buy clothes to hide the padded bra, now I go through my closet and think that none of my shirts show off enough boobage!

Positive Post Op Week Four

This has been an exciting week! On my four week post-op anniversary, I went hiking for the first time since surgery. It felt so good to be out moving around in the sunshine. Also, I bought a Calvin Klein bra from Macy's. Drumroll...34D! The band feels loose, but the cups on the 32D didn't cover enough. Maybe once they drop a bit more. Hmm. In other good news, I saw my ex for the first time since the surgery and he said nothing about my boobs. Phew! We do family stuff together with our daughter, but hopefully will keep his opinions to himself. Also, the clicking on my left boob has resolved! From massaging? The area that needs the most healing is my scars, I think I mentioned this before. The insicion site feels fine, but looks so obvious on my skin tone. On a positive note, looks like both scars will be right in the crease of my breasts and hidden from plain view. Works for me.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Great update! Yay!!!
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Thank you, happy to be sharing good news!
Good hike, great bra, a great week indeed! Glad the weird clicking thing resolved. I think my scars are pretty dark pink right now, too, and they won't end up being right in the crease. They'll be slightly higher on both sides. I don't think it will bother me, but I say that now...
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Wore This Dress Yesterday

Compliments from my friends, challenging words from my ex. Can't please everyone, but at least I am wildly happy :)


You look incredible, so happy for you :) I agree, I love that your ex is upset, haha!
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Thank you! Now that I've rethought his reaction, it makes me laugh rather than be upset.
Also, we must have similar skin. Even small cuts take FOREVER to fade. The surgical tape irritated my skin & I can STILL see where the irritation was. Ah, we'll get there.
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4 weeks of Scar Away

These are the hardest darn pictures to take! And I didn't want to post the first one because it's kinda yuck! But there is progress, so I feel good about that. My incisions are feeling good to the touch and the pokey stitch on the end just came off in the shower last week. All is well :)

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The incision line is in the crease, I just pulled it up for the photo. I notice that the dropping process has helped to hide the marks while they heal and fade.


you look fantastic in the dress :-)
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Getting More Fluff!

8 days post vs. 5 1/2 weeks post


Wow! Awesome progression!!!
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Thank you! I forget about my new boobs as I'm going about the day and then bam! there they are and I get giddy and excited all over again.
What?!?! You actually FORGET about them? What's that like??? Haha. I'm sure I'll get there too. They're so consuming right now, lol.

Wednesday will make 7 weeks

Boobs are settling nicely into place. My second pokey stitch came off, so hopefully the scars will heal better now at the ends.
It is a happy start to the month of December.


Whoawhoawhoa. Hold up. First of all, you look incredible. Second, I feel like I've missed something - now that your boobs are gaining fluff, are they actually bigger or do they just appear so?? Forgive my dorkness. :)
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Yeah, what she said.. @LittleBee her boobs look freaking awesome
First of all, thank you! Second, yes! I don't know if it is the projection of the implants (mod+) or what, but my boobs are loosening up a lot and getting more full in the front, less wide to the sides. Wearing a 32D now. Before the 32D cups were not covering enough, but now they fall into the cups rather than looking stuck on. Looking back at my week one picture, yowza! those were some tight boobs!

Looking Back Seven Weeks After Surgery

Next visit with my PS is next Monday. I love my boobs. The scars? Nope. But, in time they will fade. Right?!?


Looking great. Excited for your new look! Ahhh if I lived in Hawaii if be in bikinis all the time. I loved visiting and hope to visit soon. Next summer and show off my boobs ;-)
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damnit ! i love your waste line!! anyways, hope you're well. just stopping by to see if you had any more boobie updates. : )
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You looking good !!!! I would love to vist Hi:)
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Can't stop smiling!

Saw my PS on Monday. Dr. Phan said everything looks good. He reminded me that after lowering the folds in both breasts, it is very important to keep the breasts up by wearing under-wire as much as possible so that the scar tissue creates a new fold in the right place. I'm on it!

Also, I asked about my scars. The good news is that because of the red/pink color, the scars are still healing. We are going to meet again in February and if the scars need more fading, Dr Phan will prescribe a lightening cream or said he can do IPL on the scars if the lightening cream doesn't do the trick.

Wore the shirt in the picture to a weekly craft market that I sell artwork at. Two of my work friends asked "did you get your boobs done!?!" Both times I said, no just wearing a fabulous bra. So, I guess I'm fully in the "did she or didn't she" category. This makes me feel comfortable wearing more revealing clothing and bathing suits. I am not over-the-top-sexy, just have a more proportional figure.
Two thumbs up for breast augmentation!


Checking in on you, lovely lady! I hope things are well :)
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Beautiful boobies and love the tatts :)
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You look great!!! :)
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Hawaii Plastic Surgeon

This is the same Dr. that treated the sun spots on my face with IPL. I like his before + after BA photos, staff members, and going to a private surgical center rather than a hospital.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 16 others found this helpful