Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Upper Abdomen, Flanks and Inner Thighs - Matthews, NC

I have loved going through this website and...

I have loved going through this website and following all you lovely, brave ladies on your amazing journey to the Flat Side. I have been debating whether or not to start my own story on here. Mainly because I was so nervous to post my "before" pictures. I can't believe I have posted them.... ugh! I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror let alone share them with the world. But I have received so much information and tips that I wanted to contribute, so here I go!

My surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. I have been so excited for the last two months, but am now starting to get nervous. I have down so much reading about what to expect, tips and preparation, but I still feel so unprepared.
best of luck to you tomorrow!
I don't see any pics but wish u the best of luck :)
Those before pics will have no effect on u after u see your results :). I love looking at mine now just to appreciate how fabulous I feel now :) yes the last week before surgery I was a nervous wreck too lol. First week is brutal but it get better everyday, I promise!

Less than 9 hours to go! I am so nervous I can't sleep!

Since the pictures didn't upload last time, I'm going to try again. Hopefully they will work this time.
I know I should already be sleeping, but I can't get my mind to stop pacing. Trying to prepare things ahead of time for my husband to make it easy as possible for him. I keep reading and re-reading the pre-op and post-op instructions, praying that I haven't forgotten anything. I took the Volume (sp?) over an hour ago. I wish it would have just knocked me out. Did anyone else have problems with the Volume not working? Did their doctors recommend anything else?

Thanks for the support and I'm looking forward to joining you all on the Flat Side soon!
Hope you're doing well. Healing vibes and HUGS headed your way from Texas ;-)
We are shaped a lot alike (well how i was before the tt)...I hope your surgery went well!

3 days last op with new pic

Sorry it has taken so long to update, I have been sleeping most of the day. Pain has been pretty tough, but I'm keeping up on the pain meds, which helps. I still can't believe what I see when I look in the mirror. It doesn't rain look like me at all. That's all I can write now, my eyes are staying to get blurry.
get lots of rest and you look great
looking great!
Congrats!! You look great already!

1st post-op check up with doctor today

The hour car ride there and back was the worst part. Every turn or bump hurt. Doctor said everything is looking great. He told me that he "delivered two 8 pound kids that day" I had no idea what he was talking about (I'm blaming these pain meds) But he told me that he took 16 pound of flesh and fat from just the front! Crazy!
I haven't been able to take a picture of my back, but I am anxiously awaiting to see what that looks like.
I was teasing my doctor today and asked if he forgot to do my thighs since I didn't notice any difference. He laughed and said that my thighs are even bigger than when I started. He said they will stay large and swollen for 4-6 weeks. That seems like a long time, but I was just glad to be told they will go disk a lot more!
I promise I will try to get better at taking pictures. Right now I can't stay up very long.
Thanks for all the support and we'll wished, it means a lot!
I was excited to see a post from someone in my area! We have similar body types and I have a consult with Dr. Ferrari on Thursday. Your tum already looks so good!! I can't wait to see your final results! Happy Healing!
Wow 16 pounds! I thought the 7.3 baby they delivered from me was big!!! Yes the thighs and hips will be swollen for a while. A tip...do NOT try on any pre op jeans for a few weeks. I couldn't even get mine all the way up for 5 weeks and then it took another 5 before I could button them without sucking it in!!! Happy healing!
Patience is a virtue ;) 16 pounds?! That's incredible!!!! Just sit pretty! Soon those aches and pains will be gone ;)

I finally understand "swell hell"

After all this reading for months, I kept hearing the term "swell hell". I never fully understood it until now. I feel like two complete different halves of people. Like I have been cut in half and put back together, but they mixed part off me up with someone else. My midsection is so swollen and huge, I feel like I am going to pop! I know that the swelling last for a long time but I'm looking forward to just a little relief.

My doctor told me that he wanted me to shower daily. My mother in law (who is like a mother to me) is taking care of me and doing an amazing job. But even though we have been so close for 13 years now, I can honestly tell you that it is sooooo weird to have your mother in law get you naked and help wash you. But you have to just surrender your self to the help. If anything this will make usĀ 

I also wanted to add that I can answer any questions you might have or want to ask. If you don't want to make it public, feel free to private message me.

Thanks for the continuing support and kind words!
Your results are great, and with time they will only get better!! Eat pineapple it will help with the swelling. I also used arnika forte pills and they worked amazingly! Lucky you, my doctor said I couldn't shower until my drains were removed! Happy healing!!
Thanks for the tip about pineapple, I'm going to try that one!
awww! You are very fortunate to have that relationship ^^ the swelling will subside. FORCE yourself to drink water. It will make a difference! Take care!!

one week update

I can't believe it's been one week already! I've been able to start doing little things by myself now. My biggest accomplishment is that I can make it to the bathroom all by myself! Pain is diminishing, still get really sore after waking around. My incision stings
every now and then. Like pins and needles. PS said it's normal. I got one drain taken out today, it was such a relief! I get my second one taken out tomorrow, I'm so excited! I'll finally be able to pull up and keep up my pants!
I am thankful that you have the courage to post! My body looks just like yours did. I have been looking at a tt, but it is intimidating! I appreciate your sharing your journey, it shows me what to expect.
Thanks Amber! Your kind words mean a lot!
How did your consult go with dr. Ferrari?

1 month update!

It's been 4 weeks, but it feels like it's been 4 months! This week was the first time that I have been able to take back 100% of my motherly and wifely duties. Up until now, I could do a little here and there, but after being up on my feet for a bit, I would start getting really sore.
I am mostly upright for the most part. I still feel like I hunch over a lot. Because of the swelling, I am still really tight, and it can be uncomfortable to stand upright because it pulls on my stitches a bit. Speaking about the stitches, I am all the way sealed up, except for one spot on my incision (picture attached). That little spot has been a pain. It still oozes. So I have to still clean it twice a day and keep it covered. Instead of getting the expensive scar treatment cream, I decided to just use bio-oil. I LOVE the placement of my incision. Every pair of underwear and swim wear I have tried on has COMPLETELY my incision. My doctor told me to bring a pair of undies or bikini bottom on the day of surgery that I typically wear (or would dream of wearing someday). He then made my scar so that it would always be hidden. LOVE IT!
My biggest pain right now is the swelling. I remember reading everyone's reviews, talking about "swell hell". Not only is it discouraging when you are looking in the mirror. But for me, it is painful. I feel like a water balloon about to pop! I love my result now, but my doctor said that I am still totally swollen and I will continue to go down in size. Like I said above, it feels like it's been 4 months of recovery, but I am only 4 weeks out! I didn't attach a picture, because I forgot, but I have seen no change in my thighs. That has been really discouraging. Has anyone else had lipo of the thighs? How long did it take for you to see results? My doctor told me that you actually swell up larger than you came, and I will eventually go down and see results. So I'm excited about that!

1 month - FORGOT THE PICS!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story so honestly! I appreciate it. I am considering a TT and BA with this doctor. How is your progress at this point? Are you still pleased?
The swelling sucks so bad! I am 4 months and still have days where it can get bad. I had seriously bad daily swelling for the first 3 months or so and it started to calm down at about the 3 month mark. I am in 10's now but there are days I have to go into my 12's again and even those are tight. But for the most part the swelling has tapered off some. I agree with the massaging tip, it helps for sure. But like Suzy said do not put oils or lotions on or around the incision until it is completely closed, it can cause an infection! Good luck!
I think your incision is healing and looking good. Swell he'll is just that, isn't it!? Hang in there, cause it will begin to calm down. You'll still probably have some daily swelling for a while, but not as bad as right now. I massage tummy each nite with coconut oil...feels good, improves circulation and calms the swelling/inflamation (coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory). Continued good healing, HUGS :-DSuzy
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