6 weeks postop. New pics! - Matthews, NC

Ok, so I am 24 years old, 5ft 4in and 145 lbs, I...

Ok, so I am 24 years old, 5ft 4in and 145 lbs, I am pear shaped and have to have a XL bathing suit bottom and XS top. I have one child, a three year old, whom I did breastfeed. I was a 34A pre-pregnancy got up to a 36b while breastfeeding, but after loosing weight post pregnancy, I am now a 34AA (sigh). I have been wanting implants since I was in middle school and everyone else started growing boobs and I didn't. I am sick of wearing VS bombshell bras and am super excited to finally be going through with this. I have been to my previsit and after using the sizers I have chosen to go between 350 - 400 cc. I am hoping that this will get me to around a full C. I am a nurse and am a little apprehensive about going too big and it being very noticeable, but I don't want to be too small and regret not going bigger. I enjoy reading all the reviews on this site and I think it is helping me feel more comfortable with the decision to go for around 400cc.

Ok so 9 days to go, I'm getting super excited and...

Ok so 9 days to go, I'm getting super excited and nervous. I plan on getting a lot prepared this week, laying clothes out, getting prescriptions filled, planning meals, etc. Question... Did you buy bras beforehand, not sure if I should buy a sports bra or not ? I've read that you don't wear a regular bra for weeks so just curious if I should buy some before or after.

So we're getting down to the wire. :) trying to...

So we're getting down to the wire. :) trying to get everything prepared, I'm in online BSN classes so I've been trying to work ahead some so I can relax for a couple days after. Picking up my scripts tomorrow. Gotta calling to verify time of arrival as my dr said may shift around as he originally told me 0900, said it could be as early as 0730. Not too nervous- definitely more excited than nervous. Planning on doing some major cleaning the next two days, only problem with that is I work weekends, so my husband and lil girl will be home for two days to destroy it. Maybe i can restore order when i get home Sunday night. Monday is the big day! Can't wait!

Hi all, so 2 days to go. House is clean. Clothes...

Hi all, so 2 days to go. House is clean. Clothes are laid out. Scripts are filled. Thank goodness I am working this weekend to kind of keep me busy. Getting slightly nervous but definitely more excited than nervous. Can't wait.

Tomorrow is the day! Yay!

Tomorrow is the day! Yay!

Ok so I have been home for around 2 hours. So far...

Ok so I have been home for around 2 hours. So far so good. I am just feeling more pressure than pain. The Valium is really helping with that. My husband has been truly amazing and is waiting on me hand and foot. I think they showed them too me before I went to recovery but I don't too much remember. I am in an ace wrap and a clasp front bra now so I can't tell much but from what I can tell , I LOVE THEM! He went with 350cc and I can not wait until my 3pm appt tomorrow for the removal of the ace wrap. I haven't been nauseas yet, but have only felt like eating dry toast so far. Thank you all so much for the support and good lucks. Pictures coming tomorrow!

So I was getting worried that I didn't go big...

So I was getting worried that I didn't go big enough with the ace wrap on, couldn't wait for my appt to actually see them. Well..... I LOVE THEM!!!!! Don't think I would have loved them any bigger. Perfect for me and my frame! Congrats to all others who joined me on the other side yesterday!

Can I just say WOW I was worried about being too...

Can I just say WOW I was worried about being too small and I am so glad my PS did NOT go with 400cc. See new pics.

So I attempted to sleep on my back last night, not...

So I attempted to sleep on my back last night, not a good idea. I was higher and harder this morning, and it was painful. I did start my massages today. And they seem to be going softer and back to where they were yesterday , maybe even a lil lower :) I did note some minor bruising today though nothing I'm concerned about yet. I held a VS bra I bought presurg up to me and they fill it up :) hope I don't drop and go too big though. I'm feeling well and am usually a busy person so I keep having to tell myself to slow down and continue to take it easy. Hope all of you are well. I'm posting some postop day 3 pics.

Day 5. Off the lortab and Valium. How are people...

Day 5. Off the lortab and Valium. How are people addicted to pain pills? Ugh. I feel icky, all I want to do is sleep, and I'm constipated. The girls feel ok though, only mild pain for which I too Tylenol. I want to be out of this pain med haze I'm in and feel like me again. Hope you all are well.

Woke up today feeling like ME again! :) no pain...

Woke up today feeling like ME again! :) no pain and way more energy than in the last few days postop. I did a lil cleaning , not too much as to over do it but it made me feel good to be up and doing again. The girls are dropping quite nice and I love how they look and feel now. The sensations in my lower breast and nipple are starting to return so that makes me happy too. And the smooth move tea worked and was AMAZING (lol). Will update pics later tonight.

Here are new pics. No pain and feeling great, just...

Here are new pics. No pain and feeling great, just tire easily.

Hey all, I fell asleep sitting up on pillows again...

Hey all, I fell asleep sitting up on pillows again last night and woke up on my side now sometimes when i move my right arm a certain way a sharp pain shoots through my right breast. Has anyone else had this happen? It's not all the time. Just some.

Back to work today. Good thing it was just for a...

Back to work today. Good thing it was just for a class. Didn't realize how lazy I've gotten over the last 12 days. Pain is much better. rarely have that shooting pain now. Still loving them!

So my boobs have been super tender. Certain...

So my boobs have been super tender. Certain movements send shocks trough them. My nipple sensation is coming back, is this the reason for the new feelings? Not really pain just tightness and tenderness and its uncomfortable with or without a bra.

So last night I was able to sleep on my side the...

So last night I was able to sleep on my side the entire night. Went from one side to the other without any problems. Started back walking again today and feel great. Today was the first day they really felt part of me and not foreign. I had been having pains bending and turning. None today. They feel real, and normal to me. Loving them. They are softer and def have dropped. Will upload pics.

Tomorrow will make Three weeks. I am loving them...

Tomorrow will make Three weeks. I am loving them and rarely having any pain now. So happy that my sensations are back since I have a nipple incision. I still have the Steri-Strips on per doctors orders he wants them to stay home until late fall off Or until my next check up. Feeling a little bit of boob greed but I know he couldn't really go any bigger because I had no extra tissue or skin. But I am definitely happy with what I have now. Good luck to all of you ladies out there with your booby days coming up.

Hi all! So it's been 6 weeks now with the girls...

Hi all! So it's been 6 weeks now with the girls and I absolutely love them. I've been to my PO appt and all is well except from some assymetry which was already present prior to the surgery and was expected. Had to start doing carpet squashes per my PS and was worried about lying on a floor on my chest at first but it has been fine. I actually feel better after doing them as it keeps the capsule open and to me makes them feel softer. Ive started weight watchers to get the 15 lbs ive gained the past year off and i feel great! It's still freezing cold in SC so I'm wishing for some warmer weather to get these babies in some cute clothes.
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Internet, chose to go to a consult after reading his credentials, chose to use him after meeting him, hearing, and seeing his work. As a nurse, his 0% infection rate really got me.

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Oh I forgot to ask you what profile did you get?
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350 mod profile sientra
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Do you know way size you're measuring now? You look great!
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It depends on the bra. I can do VS 34d or 36c. I have put on a 36b and it fit and even a 36d. But most I have tried are 36c and 34d. :) very happy and really glad I didn't go bigger.
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Nice! I know I would prefer smaller than bigger on my frame too! Happy healing :)
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You look great! My PS still just has me squishing them together several times day. I have some asymmetry too, but like you, I had it before. I already started buying cute bikini tops and finally bought a push up bra. Wow, that makes a big difference!
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I know! I just left VS. my PS said regular bras are ok now but no wires yet. They do make cute ones without wires too!
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They look so, so good!!!! Very natural! :)
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Glad it has arrived. I was really worried when I got my BA. I was checking them on the drive home to make sure I could still feel them. I know you are truly happy now!!! Enjoy your babies!!!
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I am because I had no sensation before yesterday. It's still a little duller than normal but hey I'll take it.
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So I have a consultation set up with Dr. Ferrari (he did a great job with you) and also with Dr. Klein. I am so excited!! You look awesome!
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Thank you. Dr farrari is amazing. From what I started with, it is a world of difference. Good luck.
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I'm glad u are feeling better. It has been 8 weeks post-op my BA and Im just now able to sleep on my side. As being a nurse also, please don't push, pull, or lift too soon. You may not realize it, but we use our pecs muscle doing those nursing duties. My PS told me no more than 10 lbs for 6-8 weeks.
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I know. Who knew spiking a bag of fluid could make me hurt like that. I do try to get help with pushing pulling etc. I feel bad still telling my 3 yr old I can't pick her up because I hurt my back. But I have a thick lil girl and she is 50+ lbs. :) shaped just like me.
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Thanks for your posts!!! Im 5'3 135 Lbs And chose 350cc mod subglandular.. Today is day 2 post op And i was afraid i had gone too small. Glad you are doing well
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Hi and congrats!!! I think we all go through a phase of boob envy. (Myself included .. Wish I went bigger too! ) :) xoxoxo
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Glad you are doing well. We all have a little boob greed! Have a good week.
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How are you feeling?! Are you loving them??! I wasn't able to sleep on my side for 3 weeks LOL! ;)
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Glad things are progressing well for you. It takes time.. Just make sure to get your rest, dont try to do too much at first. Let family help you when you can. Rest is your best friend. You are looking marvelous by the way.
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Yay!!! I'm only able to side sleep for short periods of time. I have been walking for about a week and start with light weights today. I wouldn't say they feel normal yet. Glad to hear you are healing so well.
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Same here. It's kind of like when they are tender and sensitive before my cycle. It's worse for me with my bra on. That's why I'm so happy I don't have to wear it 24/7 anymore. My PS said this is all normal. It's probably just nerves regenerating.
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Did you feel like u had enough time off?
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I do, I had 10 postop days off. I think it was enough, any less and I don't know If it would have been. I felt good at a week but felt like I was over doing it and tired very easy. I've done ok, Friday was a half day for me as it was a class , but this is my 2nd twelve hr shift and I feel ok. My only suggestion is to not get used to sleeping in to 10 o clock for 10 days, it spoiled me.
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Agree with wifey! I was working a little from home on the Monday (5th day after surgery) and was not productive at all. At 1 week post op I was much more productive but my energy level was really low for several weeks and mentally it was hard to get motivated again lol
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Cool. Are u doing any pulling on patients? That concerns me
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