Lipo: Abdomen, Love Handles, Outer Thigh, Arms and BBL - Matamoros, Mexico

I would greatly appreciate any tips or any...

I would greatly appreciate any tips or any particular things I should to prepare my body for a good surgery. I want to be healthy. The pre operative blood work and EKG were performed last week and all that came back fine.

Also any tips for after the surgery. Lipo will be performed in arms, entire stomach and the sides of the stomach and the outer hips. This will be done under balanced anesthesia. 3 weeks after the lipo the Dr. will perform the brazilian butt lift.

This will be my second procedure, last year in early 2010 I had chin liposuction under the same anesthesia. I'm 27 and have never had a pregnancy. Thanks

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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hey there, I will soon be going to Dr. jacome for a consulation for butt implants and lipo. but since you already experienced his work I wanted to know how big were the incisions and if scarring is noticeable or faded?
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hey I want to get a brazilian butt lift surgery too asap! How can I get in contact with your surgeon Franco R. Jacome??
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Hey their I was just wondering so how did the surgery come out.... ? R u doing good. Just cuz am really interested in getting done a bbl. Hope to hear from u.
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Congrats and Good luck. When are you planning on goind for your surgery. Although there are always risk I'm sure but I have planned to get both my tummy tuck and bbl at the same time. I'll try it because I really don't want to go through the pain twice. I figure just get it all over with at once.
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Good luck! Why arent u getting the bbl the same day as lipo?
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Thanks. Their explanation was that I would have to be put upside down and that could maybe cause complications maybe with a blood clot. It would be done with sedation.
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