Nervous Schedualed March 1st for TT W- Lipo - Massachusetts

HI, I am 34 yrs old mom of 2 beautiful...

HI, I am 34 yrs old mom of 2 beautiful children 11, and 8. when i gave birth to both children i was well over 215 lbs. Prior to having my babies i was about 130 at 5'3.I have tried the gym and diets but nothing will get rid of this flab i have for skin now!! I have been reserching TT procedure for about 7 yrs now.. I have now finally schedualed my date for march 1st. The time is fast approching now and i am getting scared. I know i have made the right decision and my husband is supportive with me doing this, however im still a little worried.. If anyone has any advise please do share!
Thank you for listening to me..

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I am going to add a few pictures of my pre tt...

I am going to add a few pictures of my pre tt tummy.. I cant wait to get rid of this! I will add new pics late next week if im up to it.


I think you are going to have an extremely amazing transformation!!! Looks like you have tons of extra skin that will be gone soon and you will have s super flat tummy!! So excited for you!
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Not much longer... You will be thrilled afterwards
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Your tummy looks just like mine! i'm scheduled for March 15th. So nervous, but excited too. Keep us posted! Good Luck! It will all be great.
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6 more days!! Im getting excited now.. Keep ready...

6 more days!! Im getting excited now.. Keep ready all the threds ladies it help more than you can imagine.


I'm sorry about you situation Mary. I'm not sure what I can do for you. I don't know were to direct you. Maybe someone one here will but I don't. I'm sorry.. I wish you the best of luck
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Thank you for your thoughts. I love hearing about how well you are doing.. I am happy you found a good surgeon. I am hoping to win the lottery, and help fix a bunch of women in canada. I realize they do not know why they are this way. I am sure they feel it is their fault because docs always say, well, you had babies, and now you are older, and it is natural to have a big belly. They say this to our face. Most women feel that everything is their fault and since I found out what it is, I want to tell them there are answers, and they do not have to live this way. It does get worse as you age, and pretty well, I believe is the cause of old age in those who are not repairing it. It leads to a few more complications. Women are being told it is gall bladder, some get back surgery after the gall bladder surgery, because it creates a very sore back, as it gets worse. Women start to walk with a forward lean. So if you see this happening, tell the poor woman to ask her doc to examine her and tell her how large is diastasis. Not ask if she has one. They will say no it is normal.. I feel they lie to many women. Especially if they go without their husband.
also quite rude to the women.. It is so sad. Their quality of life totally disappears, nd they can't wait to go to a nursing home. It becomes too difficult to walk and make meals. No house cleaning energy for sure. So it pleases me to know you are all going to have a normal old age, and enjoy it..
I am 78 , in Canada, and I cannot get a recommendation from any doctors or surgeons I have seen. I would like to have an exam in USA, but it is difficult to know who can do the surgery I need. I have an umbilical hernia and a diastasis. I went to the doctor, showed him the big bumps inside and the apron from the umbilical hernia which showed up after a colonoscopy, after the diastasis bump showed up. I wondered why he felt I needed a colonoscopy, as all seemed normal in other scans and bariums.
They are not helpful here, and the few I have asked in USA are not saying they can do it either. I keep getting suggestions to go to Seattle, as I am in BC, which is pretty close, but they also say I should see my surgeon. I was told here a general surgeon will not do it.. where else can I ask ? should I send photos with inquiry ? Mary
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Hey everyone! So i am less than 48 hours away from...

Hey everyone! So i am less than 48 hours away from surgery and my house is now all in order. My area is all set up with all i think i will need, and food shopping is done.. I hope i didn't forget anything! I though i would start to get those nervous feeling again as i got closer to my date but im still just very excited to get it done and over with and start the healing process.

Does anyone know the best diet to eat while recovering?? I was thinking alot of fresh fruit, yogurt, protien shakes ( which i did buy also)... Anything else i can add to that?

Thanks Ladies!


I agree with washington! Your scar placement is wonderful. You look fantastic!!
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Your scar placement looks great!!
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You look so amazing! I bet the shower was awesome:)Keep us posted.
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Great Results! Any last minute advice. I am nervous and have mine scheduled 3/15
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You look great!
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Thank You!

Hi! I am now 9 days post op and I have to say I...

Hi! I am now 9 days post op and I have to say I feel really good! I had 1 of the 2 drains removed on Tuesday and the last drain possible Friday. I still have fluid draining and my dr will not pull it out if it's still at 25 cc's in which it has been these last 4/5 days. Yesterday it was actually 40cc ( in 24 hrs) for the first time since last week! I don't like the drain but id rather it be coming out that sitting in me so if I have to have it another few days thats fine with me.
I am able to walk around fine I am actually worried i'm doing more than I should. I cannot sit all day it drives me crazy! I'm not cooking and cleaning so much just walking around the house the up and down and streching, and laughing i'm worried will damage my abs.If i laugh to much it hurts and i try not to laugh, but sometimes it happens. Has this happen to anyone else., or is anyone else more active 1 week after surgery? I don't want to rush my self and i feel like im not. Im just doing what my body wants to do.
I will update with another picture of two once i have this last drain removed.


Hi Wichita1314,

Thank You, Also it is normal to be nervous this is a big surgery! However the payoff is well worth the nervousness. Just have a positive attitude and you will do great!! Also keep reading everyones reviews that helped me a lot by the time i was due for my surgery i was ready and excited!
Good Luck and keep us posted! :-)
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Photo Update


You look awesome! When they cut you a new belly button, did they put stitches on it? Some people look like they have stitches, but yours looks so natural a few days out of surgery. I need to be prepared so I can discuss this with my PS.
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Hi Madison,
Yes I do have stitches in my belly button. I will say my PS did a fantastic job!! I have no complaints other than the swelling...Oh its it awful! Good luch with your recovery! Remember it gets worse before it gets better. You will do great!
Hey girl! I'm doing ok.. This swelling is killen me if its not my tummy its my hips or flank area. :-( ill be so happy when I past this.. I avoid salt as best I can but I can't avoid all. To answer ur questions I saw on March tt ladies I've been in my bed now for over a week. I now sleep on my sides. ( My stitches are mostly gone ) I'd die if I was still sleeping go sleep in bed..its gonna be weird at first but your'll do fine.. Also the play ground I was told 6 weeks.. I plan on waiting the 6 weeks too.. What 3 more weeks right! Lol..
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Hey everyone, I am now 1 month post op today...

Hey everyone,

I am now 1 month post op today and I cant say I feel great. I am very swollen to the point my binder just rides up when I sit. There is no point in wearing it its not helping were the swelling is really the worst. Im thinking I might call my PS to try and get an eariler appointment with him. I dont see him for another 2 weeks!

Has anyone ever taken natural water pills? I was thinging of doing that but I want to make sure its ok..Ill check with my ps. I tried ice and it did work for me. I tried putting a towel in my binder and that didnt work either. IDK what else I can do.
As soon as feel like my tummy is back to normal i will post new pictures.


Soccermom~ Can you post updated pics now that you are so far past surgery? Are you loving your results??
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I will try to take a few pictures tomorrow morning when I wake up an post them when I get home from work.
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I wanna see new pics!! U gotta be looking great!!
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Sorry I have not updated in a very ling time. I am...

Sorry I have not updated in a very ling time. I am going in January for a revision. I ended up with dog ears as well as extra skin on my hip area and pubic area.. its like the swelling never went away. I wear my binder an it makes a difference. But after 9 months I figured my tummy would have taken great shape. I know they say 1 year but its a little disappointing. There is a big difference from the surgery but just need a few tweeks to make it perfect! Hope all fellow march and everyone else have or are healing well.. ill update pictures soon.


Can't wait to see your revised pics. So sorry you have to go back in. :( I will have to post a pic of my dog ear. Like I said, I am not going to get it fixed, but it is kinda annoying when I notice it...
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I will take pictures an post a few but I have dog ears and still extra skin at my pubic line.. I do like the results just need some revision in which I have scheduled in January.
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other than the post surgery effects...i feel amazing! the surgical doctor couldn't have done a better job...he worked his magic!:) i'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to get the surgery and thankful for the doctors professionalism, as well as, his skills. he is amazing! i would highly recommend him to anyone!

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