43 Year Old Fit Woman Who Can't Get Rid of That Extra Fat - Massachusetts

I work out and eat right and have been struggling...

I work out and eat right and have been struggling for years to take off that extra pocket of fat on mya abs
and flanks and buttocks. I weigh 123 and am 5' 5".

I had procedure done on April 18th. I am trying to stay positive but, I am sick of wearing garment and sick of being sore and having this obnoxious swelling in lower abds.

I guess I am impatient and I am nervous that the outcome is going to be worse off becuase If I look like the picture I posted I will freak. Anyone have experiences that will make me fell upbeat and positive that eventually my stomach will flatten down.


Give it some time- it seems like some people notice results right away and others don't see any changes for much longer.  Inflammation can be so annoying!  Hang in there :)
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You paid $8000 for that tiny pooch? Who was your Dr? I wonder if it's the same one I had a consult with
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Still Struggling

Still struggling trying to deal with swelling and seeing results that I am expecting. Abs are in and off sore. When will it end???


I feel like all of these body contouring devices are bullshit. I have the same issue with still having a pooch. I just wonder if a tummy tuck is the way to go in order for us to be happy, it's just the scar that will suck. As far as downtime, these other devices have just as much as surgery it sounds like.
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No, I did not see him.
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Update... Still not happy with results. I have been getting Smoothshapes on the house from doctors office. The swelling has gone down but I definitely don't have the aesthetic (FLAT ABS) that I wanted. Doctor says it's too early but, I can't see how the extra fat will go away. So far... (unless he is right) I am totally unimpressed with procedure or doctors ability or both. I am sure he will make it right but, I am going to maybe get another opinion. Maybe high def was the way I should of gone.
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