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I had my procedure done 7/28/11. Originally, I was...

I had my procedure done 7/28/11. Originally, I was scheduled for a different doctor who was going to send me home the same day. I had also needed a hysterectomy due to a large fibroid tumor. 11 days prior to my surgery, my sister called to say her neighbor and friend (a plastic surgeon) wanted me to see him.. he wouldn't send me home first day AND he was cheaper AND he had a specialist friend who could do the hysterectomy at the same time.
So with that, I had appts all switched and set up and it all fell into place making my surgery only 3 days later than the original and at half the cost with an overnight or more.

So on July 28th in I went. In triage they found out I was allergic to yet another antibiotic.. that was itchy! The anesthesiologist was someone who's mom taught me child psych in the local college.... weird to be home on Cape Cod having the surgery!! I made him promise to keep me pain free!

And once I was switched out and settled off I went.. the last thing I remember was rolling through the doors of the operating room and then lights out. I woke in recoup with with sister by my side. No pain either. They got me to my room and being moved was no picnic. I had a foley that stayed in overnight so I didn't have to get up.. next morning though... ouch! Then I had to get up to go to the bathroom, walk the halls etc. I was allowed to actually stay 2 nights because of the hysterectomy. They kept me pretty much pain free as long as I wasn't up walking I was fine.

I went home to my parent's house for the next week... My mom brought me to my 2 post op appts and within a few days they took out the drains... burn and pain... wish I was like those who said they felt nothing!

Then my bellybutton stitches came out. I went back for another post op appt because I developed a small seroma on the front of the incision line... thankfully that is healing nice but the belly button sure is taking its time healing! It is smaller and round so I am hoping nothing screws that up!

At 1 wk I thought I'd never walk straight again... felt 'rectanular' looking.. the binder was my best friend and I had panic feelings when I had to remove it... showering was not a 'pleasure' at first.

At wk 2, I was finally walking straighter but slow. My son and I joked as I walked holding his elbow that this was practice for when I was 80 or so haha

now am at 3 wks and walking pretty well, standing great, seeing a waist, not needing the binder all the time. But can feel stiff along my flank in the back where lipo was done. I will try to figure out how to post a photo... have a few but not many.

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Today it has been an interesting day. When I...

Today it has been an interesting day.

When I saw PS the last time, I had the seroma that had been leaking. He said it looked fine and to keep it covered.. he liked that I now used my left over panty liners! Stick the backing your undies so the front covers the wound and soaks in the leaking body fluid!

The areas are improving but just odd looking. They are open a bit and you can see yellow inside... the body fat???
I had another small area open on the side a tiny bit under a scab that is also yellow but not really leaking. Glad I go back to PS on Friday.

Today I took a long walk (1.45 miles) but felt like I pulled something when I got home. I am going to ask PS about massage. I'm tired now and soooo itchy where there are scabs healing still on my incision... the rest of the incision is looking good!


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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for posting your review!   I am so glad that you are officially with us here:)

Hang in there and it will get better.  This is a long recovery and I am sorry you have had a couple little bumps in the road.  Keep your chin up!

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It actually wasn't!! I canceled the first PS, called my PS who did surgery and then the Gyn... They coordinated with one another and called me with the date. I had an appt with PS and an appt with Gyno and that was it. It was amazing how quickly and easily it all coordinated. It was as though the universe was saying.. this way Lisa!
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Today I had a follow up post op appt. with the...

Today I had a follow up post op appt. with the gynecologist. His office is two hours away in Brewster, MA. I really like him though and if only he were closer, I'd keep him!!
He answered the few questions I had regarding the hysterectomy (1 question about lifting) then he looked at the incision site. He said the openings in my incision aren't to bad and should heal with little intervention. He asked what I was doing for wound care... 1/2 and 1/2 peroxide/water wash or saline wash, bacitracin and bandage... said that is all it needs. He said I could take a guaze and rub the wound... omg just the thought of doing that made me want to throw up... its not that it hurts.. I'm just a big wimp!!
Apt. with PS on Friday... he'll look at belly button again.. today I can see it has healed more... it will be really nice!

NOW.. tomorrow I really have to get this eating under control! To many carbs in my diet... to much 'cheating' a candy bar here, some icecream there... because PS said eat what I want since my body is burning energy like a freight train healing... yea...this is going to start kicking my butt if I don't reign it in now!! I get myself on the Fat Flush Plan and before I know it my little muffin top under my breasts will be gone!

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Thurs 9/2 was my 4 wk post op with the PS....

Thurs 9/2 was my 4 wk post op with the PS.
Everything looks good and is healing nicely but like the gyn, the PS has no idea why I am getting pains to the left side and a little lower than my belly button. Could just be muscular, could be nerves we will reassess next month.
I don't have to wear the binder anymore but I told him that sometimes it just feels nice and comforting to have something on.
I was told again, to continue with the wound care and that the openings and my belly button would heal.
Inside my belly button its been red and yellow and gross looking. Today when I woke, it was almost completely void of the yellow!! I think the fluid build up is going away!
Now to lose some weight to give a better defined waist and rib cage!!


Hi Meliora, I saw your post there and I decided on my own to start wearing my compression garment at night again, esp. since my "hole" is almost closed. I feel better when I wake up, I read it can help with swelling at night, although my ps. believes there's no real benefit to wearing it after 1 month, he said it's my choice!
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if you have a stage 2 compression garment or spanks I'd just wear them anyways. it's more comfy and helps with swelling. my doctor said its good to wear something for the first 3 months if you can stand it, for a better shape :)

looking good though, glad to hear things are healing up.
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Today I went shopping and bought some boy short 'fat free dressing' love the brand name!! I also bought some body wear that I"ve been wearing.. Today I put my compression wrap back on... I took a not quite 3 mile walk this morning and swelled right much so that I look preggers!

5 wks 5 days post op Am now fully ensconced in...

5 wks 5 days post op

Am now fully ensconced in work (teaching) and work (tutoring after school). This is our first full week back. Last week I came home at the end of each day swollen and had areas that hurt.

This week the swelling is not as bad but still there... but the pain is annoying!! The pain is basically my sides and back where the lipo was performed. I wake multiple times at night in pain... usually have to take advil before bed, sometime in the middle of the night and again when I wake. When I wake, I am stiff and hurting. How long will this last?!?!

I'm noticing a poochy belly look that has taken place...yuck! I have got to get my eating under control. Also, the small areas that were opening are now healing. My belly button is a dark red but looking great...some scabbing inside. My small open yellow areas that were leaking fluid are closing from the inside out and scabbing over..hooray!!! My scar.... ugly!! Long for the day when this is all behind me and I am not thinking moment by moment about my belly and scar... I think about it so often, I have nightmares that the pannis came back! ahhhhhh!!!!!


oh my goodness... my lipo areas are sooooo sore today after being on my feet all day... again! Last week I left school got home and cried! Yesterday and today were humid days... I go class to class (sped/RTI) and don't sit down from 9am until lunch at 12:30.... tonight after work and tutoring, I am sore... and worse.. I itch in all the areas where there isn't any feeling yet!!
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Hi Lori, I am a teacher too and my first full week was the same as yours. My lipo sites are the areas that are still sore to touch. Hang in there!
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Today 9/16/11 is 6 wks post op. Yesterday I...

Today 9/16/11 is 6 wks post op. Yesterday I notice two very hard ridges below my naval but above my incision scar...weird! I don't know if it is 'fat' or swelling but in that same area is a pooch of skin now where once I was nice and flat. :( Maybe the 4lb gain is showing that I am eating the wrong things?? I have no clearance to exercise beyond walking yet and even doing that I who knows!?

the 5 open areas are all healing now... all scabbed over thank goodness!! That took a few weeks! I was so scared of getting an infection while they were open..not open enough to pack with gauze but split incision just the same.

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Went in today for scar revision. My tummy tuck...

went in today for scar revision. My tummy tuck scar had opened in places and then when it healed it caved inward in spots. So today my dr fixed it, removed scar tissue that had developed underneath. That scar is not bothering me in the least.
He also did a scar revision on a very old (19 yrs) gall bladder scar that was very long and wide and thick. He had to stitch 3 levels. I have approx 150 stitches in my belly between the two areas.
Right now my gall bladder scar revision is so painful!! The perks wore off as did the numbing.... omg I think Its going to be a long night.


Thanks Granny,
Taking percocets every 3.5 to 4 hrs. My revision on the gall bladder scar really hurts. The revision on the TT scar I don't even feel. Doing a lot of sleeping.
Was put out by a request from work. I put in for this week off. (I teach in a program that normally we don't get subs) my principal has requested that I now get up prior to 6 am each morning and call in for a sub... WTF?? They can't just get on for the week without me having to get up to call???
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What a jerking, Lisa. When I was 19, I miscarried at 5 months & had a d&c at Duke Hospital & was told to restt for a week. The bank where I was a teller required me to call in sick every morning. So sorry you are having to deal with this.

Now that stinks:(

One week past my tt scar revision. The front is...

One week past my tt scar revision. The front is finally looking all even and not dented in at the areas that had opened.
My scar revision of my old gall bladder scar went well.

Two weeks prior, I'd been dealing with fatigue, sweats etc..thinking hot flashes as I am 48. Then last week felt like I pulled a muscle in my back.. Friday I landed in the ER thinking I was having a kidney stone attack (am prone to them) and was in such pain I couldn't take a breath in... not able to really breathe, I went from Urgent care to ER by ambulance. 10 hrs later it is determined my lung is spasming due to pneumonia. No other symptoms.

Monday I go in for procedure feeling better, on z pack. PS shoots me up with like 50 syringes of local... OMG in the stomach where the scar is hurt like heck... TT scar area no feeling in most of it so was good.

Laid there feeling like the thanksgiving turkey as he cut and then trussed me up!! Parts of it felt really odd... like when he was cutting out the scar tissue that had formed.
All total between the two areas... 150 stitches. I was able to drive myself home.. stopped off to pick up pain killers and then home. By that night I was happy for the percocets!! It hurt to move and getting in bed was tough... my kids (teens) had a good laugh at my drugged up state. Went to sleep on my back with pillows under knees. Took a few days to be able to sleep on left side and almost a week to sleep on right side. Feeling much better today pain wise.. stretching wise.

BUT.. and I think this is due to being so long in ER.. I have the most horrendous head cold that started yesterday!! I had taken the whole week off and was home except for Friday.. my birthday.. when friends took me to lunch.


haha wow so... forgot I posted regarding my revision!! I was living on those percocets!! haha doped posting.
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