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I'm 31 years old I've already had liposuction...

I'm 31 years old I've already had liposuction because I thought I was down to having children that my husband and I decided to have another I really wish they waitedI just had my 3rd child and had my tubes tied so I'm definitely done I want to start planning a tummy tuck. they say you shouldn't try to save money when getting plastic surgery done but I feel like I wasted so much money on getting liposuction that saving money this time round would be nice so I decided to go to a teaching hospital after I get the surgery I will name where. has anyone ever done that before like the outcome

before pics


Since it was at a teaching hospital it lasted four hours and cost 75 dillors. First they took pictures, and ask if I took any meds ect.. then a doctor came and ask what I wanted done and why, I told him I wanted a tummy tuck plus a areola reduction. He took the info and picture back to the students and I wanted for a hour in the waiting room and got some food. The doctor and about seven students came back and look at my tummy and breast. It was a little weird to have so many people looking at me naked but the price I pay for saving 5, 000 bucks. unfortunately they said they can't help me with my breast without putting smaller implants in because it will just stretch back out,I already have implants and having a baby stretched my areola out. They did say I'm a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck and they aregonna do some lipo with it on my sides and back. I paid in full and surgery is scheduled fot june 17th. :)

can't wait

So in 2011 I had lipo done, and I was really happy besides some bumps that never got out but it was way better then before. Anyways I hope this tummy tuck will help me look like what I use to five months after the lipo.
Right now I'm 156 pounds height is 5'8'' I had a baby almosy six months ago and breast feeding made it was I wasn't losing any weight. I lost 13 pounds whileI was at the hospital but since I been home I havny lost a pound. Its so depressing after you spent so much on lipo.
I worry some cause I going to a teaching hospital but I hope because they are being supervised by a teacher that it makes them wanna do great and have everything perfect, right??
I just stop breast feeding so I'm hoping I can lose some weight before surgery.


I been working out and dieting before my surgery. I started 21 day fix. I wanna have the best results I can get.
This week as been rough, two people asked me if I was pregnant. :( I really want june 17 to come fast.

the count down starts

So close, I'm only nervous that I might never wake up after being put to sleep. I dont want to die, I can't stop thinking about my kids. I'm hoping ill be fine since this is the sixth time I been put under.

on the flatside

Ill update later still in hospital. Here is a pic


I'm two days since my tt but still out of it to write anything. This was deff a pain full surgery and don't think I wanna ever do it again but I already love the out come!

One week since my tummy tuck

so its been one week since my tummy tuck, The first night so hell so there was no way i could write a review. I truly don't understand how some places can give you a tummy tuck and just send you home after. Im so glad i was able to stay one night at the hospital and have a catheter in me to pee. I was hurting so bad and was wicked nausea but didn't puke , they had to keep an iv with fluids in me cause i was having a hard time eating anything. I pretty much slept off and on the whole day and night. midnight they took my catheter out and HOLY shit it was so hard and hurt bad to walk to the bathroom! The first three days was the hardest by the fourth i didnt need pain meds anymore and was able to walk around. i got bored and wanted to help out around the house more and that was a mistake cause the next day i was unable to do anything. so take it easy even when you think your ok. My drains were removed yesterday and the doctor said everything looks great! YAY! i hated theses things, they were low next to my privet so it was hard to wear anything. The binder is ichy as hell. i took someones advice and put it over a shirt and it feels so much better,maybe tonight ill get sleep for once. not sure how im gonna go back to work in a week, doctor since once i can stand up straight i am ok to work just don't lift anything wicked heavy, its a good thing i only work part time cause im mainly a house wife. Im still hunched over ALOT and it makes my back kill.

Hoping for a fast healing, this is hard, andits hard to tell how the results look due to swelling.

1week pics

Lots of swelling I hope!

10 day pics

Swelling a little down not much,back ud getting better every day. Healing SUCKs

oops more 10 day pic

two weeks

No change in swelling.
Took another week off work.
I had a nightmare that when the tape comes off my incision open up. I hope its ok under the tape.

15 days po

The tape came off. I hate it off, I'm so scared its gonna rub on my pants ans underwear. I think tomorrow I'm going to the drug store for tape.

little worried

I'm three weeks po today. Last night I notice what look like to be blood under my tape so I took a little part of the tape off to see what's going on. I put some gauze on it and check on it the next day and I had a little blood or some kind of ooz on it. Is this normal? Is this a start of it opening because I do to much? I'm worried. I bought some poly that I hope will help.
I feel like I'm getting more and more hunched over. Its drivinv me nuts. People look at ms when I go out cause of it.
Tonight I go back to work, I'm gonna be dying at it since I'm on my feet make people food. :(


I went back to work on my three week po and omg my back hurt. It felt like it was on fire. I work in f ast food, on my feet. I only work four hours a day and I wanted to die

ek I'm scared

I took my tape off to put a new one on and see how my incision is doing. I found this, what is it? Should I worry? Is this thestart of a opening? :( gonna go see my doc tomorrow


The last post with the incision. It looks fine now, I guess that's what happens when water stays under your tape.. here are four week po pics. I hope swelling goes down to how I look right after surgry.

5 week pics

Dr. John C. Kirkham, MD

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You look great! Following your progress, my consult is in November at the same place, not sure what doctor I will be seeing, so very nervous and excited. Thanks for the updates!
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looking great what a difference in your pictures. it will be so worth it once it is done!
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Big difference girl!! That belly is looking flatter and flatter...
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Welcome to 5 weeks post surgery! I felt my absolute flattest at week 5. I am now almost 9 MONTHS out :-) Happy healing!!!
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any new pictures? just for a comparison?
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Pictures of ME? Oh yeah, I have a VERY lengthy Review on here. Just click on my name. I used to update every week, now I do it every 2 weeks or so :)
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I had an ingrown hair and spitting stitch and from the little hole both times I had a discharge. I was told not to wet the area as it could get an infection. So I applied triple antibiotics (it closed quick) keep an eye on it. Send the doc pics if you can or call the nurse. Hopefully it will stop. Good luck :)
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Looking good. U must b thrilled. I can't wait to be on the other side. I did vaser lipo a yr ago. Sucked out a lot of fat. Then lost 25 lbs working out. Now lots of extra skin. ICK!
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Hang in there friend, it's a long recovery process. Swelling can stick around for quite some time. How's your pain level today?
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My belly button is doing the same as yours in the one week pics. I am relieved that u think this is swelling....I was nervous to think that I still had some fast going on (which I was OK with it that was the cause) but if it is swelling I am one happy lady""
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In the morning its down but not much.
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When I get mad at the swelling I look at the pic right when I got out of surgery when I was wicked flat and I think that's how ill look when I'm healed but better, I hope! !
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you look great.. i have so many questions about the teaching school!
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U can pm me
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how do you feel and how did you like your doctor?
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You look great! I had my surgery on the 19th and am too hunched over. I cannot wait to standup straight! My back is killing me too! Happy healing!
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I feel like I'm never gonna be straight lol I think I need more then two weeks off from work el
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:/ we will get there. I only took 7 business days off work. I go back on the 30th.
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Hope u have a office job. Good luck
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thats part of my fear is not having a job if i need to take a month off from work!
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Lol Ikr our clinical coordinator is out next week on vacation. I have togo back or else our CEO would be a wreck with us both being out. Yesterday evening I was able to stand a little straighter. (Still not normal but one step closer). It did wonders for my back pain! Hopefully it will keep a coming! ;)
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If you don't have to stand much u will be fine
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Girl I am glad I didn't get a catheter. That thing is painful. Btw u look great!!
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Your pictures are amazing! I am also local to boston, would you be able to tell me where you went to find info on having the surgery through the teaching program? Can't seem to find it online. Keep us updated!
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