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Surgery in February, 2011, Unhappy with Results - Massachusetts

I know it's early but I am not happy with my...

I know it's early but I am not happy with my results. I hope I have lots of swelling and this will go down but I still have a 37 inch waist.....my upper stoamch looks like a butt-two folds of skin that come together and the bottom part is flat-great, now I have a muffin top too.

I had lost a signifcant amt of weight (180 lbs) over ten years ago and had 2 pregnancies but I weighed 160 going in so not in bad shape.

The worst part is I have to pay for it for 3 yrs...hopefully after a few more weeks I will be happier and this is swelling-but I am depressed, feel very fat, have an infected belly button and am just miserable. If anyone has any thoughts of encouragement please provide because at this point all I feel is regret.


Hi folks....I am OK. Ended up not being a seroma, nothing to drain, and I am left with what I am left with. I still have pain and swelling so once they subside I will feel better. Still in the regret stage but hope I will get through that as well. thanks for all the private notes/concerns. I will get around to posting before/after pics too so I can get some input from you guys.
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it is too bad that you regret it, i had my tt on the 21st also, i have a nice swollen stomach too, but they say it happens, but i know that it will go down, it just takes time, i'm sure in a few months i will be great, and i'm sure you will too, 2 weeks after surgery is not much time- most of the Dr.'s say don't expect any results until at least 6 weeks plus- be patient- i know how you feel to have a belly that is bigger now than before:)
Hey Buterfly74. I hope your doing okay.
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Adding an update as I am now 7 months post op and...

Adding an update as I am now 7 months post op and being referred to another PS for a revision. My PCP thinks I was "pulled too tight" and need to have another surgery to correct it. I have had pain that never went away and finally had enough. I have stopped seeing my surgeon who claims I am still healing. Honestly, I now regret ever having this done. I work all day and cannot bend to give my 2 and 3 year old baths.


Hi Puggymom, No, still waiting for the referral. I deal each day with pain. I work my entire day in pain-can't stand up straight and now have added back pain from posture issues. I am able to take meds to help when I get home but that is not a solution. I regret this procedure each and every day. Hopefully I will get some surgical relief but nothing is guaranteed. Time shall tell.
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Butterfly- did you end up getting a revision? Are you out of pain? I'm hoping life has gotten better for you.
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Butterfly, I am so sorry this has happened to you. I can assure you that once you are re-done correctly, you will be happy with this decision. Doesn't make this period of time that you are going through any easier. I am sad that you didn't get what you wanted from the get go. Make sure you let others know that this is not the ps to go to! Telling the truth does not constitute libel or slander.
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