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I'm 29 years old and I have 3 beautiful children...

I'm 29 years old and I have 3 beautiful children who all came one right after another. I had 3 kids in just 4 years!(Busy, busy...lol) I gained 60 pounds with my first pregnancy and on my 5'2" frame it was like gaining 100!!! Well, I didn't gain that much with the other 2 THANK GOD but it didn't matter the damage was already done! I have lost all the weight and then some( I'm at 124 now) but i just can not get my tummy flap to go away( which up until now was ok because the kids liked to play with it...it kept them entertained...kinda like play dough lol!)But it is time for it to go.I want to feel good about myself.I'd like a normal belly button again and I'd like to not have to worry about having to stuff this extra flap of skin into my pants anymore.I don't have time for that I have 3 kids to chase around! I'm scheduled for May 26th and I am nervous but can't wait!

Wow you are a busy lady!  Sounds like you get plenty of exercise chasing the kids alone..LOL

Those babies do a number on our bodies so we do need a little help bringing body back.  I think it is great that you are ale to do this for yourself.  You will feel amazing after the surgery.  You are a tiny little peanut!   Getting rid of the muffin top will make you so happy in the end. 

Keep us up to date on how you are coming along after surgery. 

What process did you go through to find your doctor?

I am scheduled to go in in just 2 more days and I...

I am scheduled to go in in just 2 more days and I am excited and nervous!I am asking all who are willing to pray for me for now and the recovery process. My little ones are so cute, they pray for me everyday and i just love to hear their sweet little prayers.I know i am in God's hands. I have almost finished getting everything ready so it is easier when I get home. I have cleaned more than when I was "nesting" with my pregnancies, made and frozen meals for convenience,and now I just need to pack my bag! I have been trying to spend some extra time with the kids because I know I probably won't be able to do too much for a couple weeks or so.I also have been trying to eat really healthy making every meal count and i have lost a little more weight (I'm now 122.5). I'm a little concerned about all the swelling they say you have after and for how long so I hope i can stick to a healthy low sodium diet after too.I love going out to eat so this is going to be tricky....especially this summer and with vacation!! I took my "before" pics but i still need to post them.My little ones saw one of my pics and and busted out laughing!They got a real kick out of it...lol !! That's when out know it's bad...lol! But seriously,this TT is more than just looking good in a bikini for me...it is about healing years of insecurity.Well, off to the kids i go! I'll hopefully be able to update again tomorrow and than the big day is Thurs!!

Well, the big day is tomorrow!I am nervous.Trying...

Well, the big day is tomorrow!I am nervous.Trying to stay busy today.I have a feeling today is going to fly by.I hope i can sleep tonight.
Goodluck tomorrow

Sending good thoughts and healing vibes your way for tomorrow.
wow! looks like we will be having our surgeries on the same day! my surgery is set for 7:30 in the morning and i am as nervous as all get out but i do know that God will be with me the whole process through! good luck tomorrow and may God place His healing hands on you throughout your procedure! prayers~

This is my 1st time on since my surgery....where...

This is my 1st time on since my surgery....where do i begin?! I had my surg. on Thurs. 5/26/11 so i am 5 days post op today.I came out of surgery really nauseated because of anesthesia and couldn't even take pain meds because they made me sick too. I have done this whole thing with just 500mg tylenol 2-4xs /day.I have been really sore and uncomfortable but nothing that can't be tolerated.I find the most difficult thing to be how tight my stomach and my skin feel. i hate that even when my binder is off i still feel like i have a corset on.The other thing i really don't like is how numb my stomach is. I really hope i get feeling back because it kind of freaks me out a bit. Does anyone know if i will get it back??Will my skin always feel this tight? I honestly do have some regret at this point.Besides that, everyday i do feel better than the day before.My second day home from the hospital was a little tough because the antibiotics that they have me on is giving me really bad diarrhea and i ended up dehydrated and almost passed out 3 times so i had to be rushed to the ER for IV fluids. They said i was really dry and my heart rate was up because of it. Once i got the fluids i felt like a different person. I have to drink Gatorade round the clock because my body needs more than just water plus i still have diarrhea.( Those darn antibiotics..lol)Anyway once i got my fluids in check i came down with a UTI from being catheterized during surg.So now i am on 2 different kinds.I have to say my P.S. has been really great through all this, very concerned he even called 3or 4 times to check on me the day i got dehydrated.I'm not sure that i really like the results yet as i am still REALLY swollen. I almost wish i didn't do the lipo on my hips and just did the TT. I know i need to give it time though and let everything settle down...it's just hard to be patient. My hips are so swollen and sore and lumpy...lol.I took my 1st shower today and it was great.I did get a little tired after and needed to sit down for about 45 minutes afterward but it wasn't too bad.my drains are only draining about 20cc each for the day so i am going to call my PS tomorrow and see if i can have them taken out. I am going to be really happy when they are gone! Funny story...kind of...I was in my recliner and i tried to kick my pillow down and when i did i got my toe caught on my drain and i yanked it a bit(who does that?! lol). Anyway l cried and laughed which made my cry some more because it was the worst pain ever!! That of course sent me into a many meltdown! My poor husband!! lol! I have had a lot o help over here though which has been great. I do miss being able to take care of my little ones though. Well, i think i've covered most of it.Please pray hat i get sensation back in my stomach.
Thank you everyone for all the wel wishes :)
same to you. I could not have gotten through everything if it not for God! WOW...this has been quite the experience! Hope your doing well.

So i am post op day 11 and i feel pretty good. I...

So i am post op day 11 and i feel pretty good. I had 1 drain removed last Friday (day8)and am getting the other removed tomorrow.I had to stop all my antibiotics on Friday because they were giving me such bad diarrhea and a rash.I have been off Tylenol since last Thursday and don't have any pain except those little zaps from the nerves reconnecting.The lower part of my stomach is still really numb but the rest of it has some to all feeling back.I am standing straight but am still feeling super tight. The Dr. reassured me that the skin will stretch and not feel so tight i just need to give it time.As for the numbness....it might r might not come back.I have been taking care of my 7,5&2 year old by myself since Friday and i am doing ok. I do get tired and have to sit down a little and i also have been a little dizzy from time to time but as long as i drink my Gatorade i seem to be ok.I had lipo on both my hips as well and am not exactly happy with the results yet. They don't appear to be symmetrical.I think he took more from one side. I hope i don't need to go back in to have that fixed.As for the tummy i am liking it more everyday.I wasn't so sure at first but now i think it is getting better.Each day is a little better than the day before.

Today is day 16 post op and feeling good but...

Today is day 16 post op and feeling good but really swollen. i started having a smelly brown drainage from deep in my belly button today so i m watching that and hopefully it will be OK. If not I'll call the Dr. on Monday. I am finally posting my before and after pics today. Hope they are helpful.
Wow, your tummy looks really nice. Wish mines look like that. I'm 11 days post off & my drains are still in. You look really good!
I'm with tinky wink, I hope my results look like yours. You look SO great! Thanks for the before and afters!! All the best as you continue to heal!
Fantastic results and it appears you have minimal swelling. Hope you are feeling as great as you look!

Day 19 post op and i am at war with my binder!...

Day 19 post op and i am at war with my binder! Unfortunately my Dr. wants me to wear it the full 6 weeks. He feels it will do a better job than the ones in the store so i am going crazy with this thing on!!! He said if i wanted to wear a store bought one i can but i still need to wear this one over it so why bother right?! I wish at least i could take it off to sleep. I just need to hang in there....i know. Well, now that I've vented..lol! Today is good yesterday wasn't. I had a fever and chills and a headache for 2 days. I must have caught something from the kids.But today i feel great which is good because i really needed to clean the house.I don't have much to post today but the belly button discharge that i had is now gone so that is good.I wanted also to thank everyone for all the nice comments. It's good to know there are other that can relate to what you are going through.Just those comments about how good my belly looks made me feel so much better about this whole process. :)

Now that it is June How do you feel..? I love you results and I am going to look at your doctor for a consult.

Any advice ? Did you have your belly button moved ??

Thanks Lori G
Wowwwwww you look great this is one of the best tummy tucks i have seen! Amazing job. My surgery is next Wed TT/MR/ Little lipo very nervous i have 4 children too 12/10/8/2 will not be able to pick my 2yr old up for 3weeks. I pray mine comes out beautiful and i wake up its very scary but i want to look good and feel good about myself! did it feel like it went quick the whole surgery thing?
Good luck with your surgery. It does go by fast. The whole things goes so fast, I am on week 3 today and can't believe it.Be prepared to completely regret it the 1st week but by week 2 you are feeling better about the whole thing. At least it was that way for me.I had a meltdown about day 3or4 because i just wanted to stand up straight and i didn't think i was ever going to be able to do that again because he pulled me so tight. Also, the numbness through me for a loop which i am now coping with It is a process for sure.I wish you all the best in your surgery and recovery :)

So today is 4 weeks and 2 days. i haven't been on...

so today is 4 weeks and 2 days. i haven't been on here as much but figured i was do for an update...lol.I still have really sore stomach muscles, especially when i cough or sneeze and they still spasm on me. I'm getting a little concerned because i don't know if if this is normal this far into the process. I'll see my PS next week and ask him then. I'm afraid I'll never be able to laugh, cough or sneeze normal again. Also i feel a pulling sensation where they are sutured together and i hope that goes away too. The skin on my stomach that is not numb used to be super sensitive like a sunburn and that is calming down a little bit so that is good. I do have some sutures that are poking through my incision but the PS said he will take care of them when i see him next week.I do find that i have been more tired than my usual self lately and i need power naps which I've never done in my life. All in all i do feel good.I still need the skin to stretch a little bit more to get my complete movement back but it is much better.Now i just can't wait to get rid of this binder and I'll be good.
Oh yeah is anyones tummy still real tight or can you still suck it in???
I get the spasms too, usually in the morning I just want to stretch and my tummy trembles or spazzez idk it's weird and yeah it still hurts when I sneeze or anything like that...anyone still getting bloated I'm 7 weeks and I feel bloated, especially in evenings.
You look amazing my surgery is scheduled for July 26 I hope my results are as good as yours!

Today is 5 weeks and 2 days post op. I had my...

Today is 5 weeks and 2 days post op. I had my appointment with the PS yesterday and he was really pleased with how I'm coming along.He even let me get rid of my binder.At the end of this month he is going to start a laser treatment on my scar to lighten it.I also, have been cleared of restrictions so i can get back to my normal routine.I went out and bought 2 bikinis yesterday to celebrate :)

Just checking on total prce including all in for this. Thank You So Much Lori G
you look so awesome looking at ur pics make me so excited because my stomach looks exactly like urs did!!! thanks
You look sooooo good! I really appreciate the pics you posted of you sitting down. How I hate my tummy when I'm sitting.! I must have the strongest core on the planet from trying to hold it in and it just lays there...lol. Thanks for sharing!

I am 8 weeks 2 days and i feel good.It still hurts...

I am 8 weeks 2 days and i feel good.It still hurts when I sneeze or cough.I still can't sit straight up if laying on my back but aside from that I am pretty much back to normal. Also, I have some skin that still needs to stretch a little more because it pulls,but everything else has stretched nicely.I just added my 5 week pics. Hope they help.

Congratulation on your great result ,I need a tummy tuck very bad ,the only thing holding me is the cost,is 6200 includes every thing like doctor fee ,hospital ,and anesthesia too ,I call his office and they told me it Starts at 10000 . Thank you.
I was wondering what his price range was too. Emailed his office today.. 10,000 is a lot..Was that a quote for just the TT or TT combined with lipo?
Was 6,196 the total price? Did you have any lipo done? I had a quote from a different dr. for full tummy tuck with lipo of flanks. It suck that he charges a consult fee. And when I ask for a price range they dont quote any prices. I just dont want to go over my budget.
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