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I am a 40 year old married mom of 2 kids (12 &...

I am a 40 year old married mom of 2 kids (12 & 8) and have been in remission from Crohn's Disease for almost 3 years now. When I was very sick, my weight went as low as 109. Currently I cannot get the scale lower than 170 lbs on my 5' 5" frame. I believe it is partly due to my less active lifestyle from chronic illness but also the medications I am on. My self-confidence has suffered tremendously to the point that I almost wish I was sick again at times.

I think that I would be able to love this larger curvier me if I didn't have such a flabby middle. My abdominal muscles have separated from pregnancy and I have never had a flat stomach my entire life - this is where fat wants to go on my body. I want to feel good in clothing and sexy when naked. I want to be inspired to be healthy - not just thin.

A tummy tuck appeals to me to accomplish my goals. Cost is a major issue for me as I am unable to work and parent small children at the same time. We are a one income family but I might be able to finance a procedure if it was around $5,000.

I am overwhelmed with emotion after finding this site and seeing the before and after pictures. I cried before writing this part of my profile. This is the just the beginning.
Here's to all of us women struggling to improve yet accept ourselves at the same time!, a Friend of mine made had a few things done, she was very satisfied, will set up and appointment soon but I have an appointment next wee with Dr. IRA Rex from FallRiver. How about you?
I have emailed a couple of surgeons in Hartford which is less than an hour away. Taking it slowly as my husband is not going to be happy about financing a tummy tuck. I have started the chat with him about my split abdominal wall from two big babies carried full term and that gravity isn't being nice to it! We have about 10K in credit card debt that needs to be refi into our mortgage plus his student loans taking forever to consolidate! If I worked outside of the home, it might be easier to ask to spend the $$. Plus 2015 is our 20th Ann and we haven't flown anywhere together since our honeymoon really... I am sure I'd qualify for CareCredit bc we have great credit...but even if we had the $$ he doesn't get why I get my hair highlighted or my brows done...I think he thinks he's being supportive in the "youre fine the way you are!" but he's really not...we have issues but that's another story entirely...
I have not fully decided yet. I think Mexico is a little more money than Domician Republic. I just like some of the before and after pics I have seen from these 3 doctors. I just have to do more research. I'm really starting to check out the incision cut I really want it low and looking at the belly buttons . Some of the boob job by Dr Yoly I'm not crazy about because they just look so round I don't think that looks natural it could be because the shape the girls pick. I'm just starting my journey and trying to fo ad much research.
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