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I was maybe ten pounds over my normal weight; a...

I was maybe ten pounds over my normal weight; a work injury caused me to not be able to exercise for over a year and I gained a lot of belly and side fat. It bothered me a lot when my jeans began not to fit me. I researched Smart Lipo for a long time. I finally consulted with my doctor (who is actually my PCP) and he told me that I did not need it, but that if I decided to do it I would get great results.

The local anesthesia was not very painful and the rest of the procedure was pretty much painless. It was tumescent liposcuction with the use of a laser after the fat and fluid was removed. It went very well.

I was sore later, and two the second day out (today) as though I did a thousand crunches all in one day. I am wearing a compression garment for 3-6 days. Did not sleep great the first night but still had a valium, last night was better. I am walking around more today to keep the fluids moving and draining.

The incision sites seem to be closing up (the first day, one poured after, which I knew could happen and was not worried). Tomorrow should be even better.

I looked in the mirror tonight and felt excitement at how much better I felt that I looked without the pouch and bulging belly fat. Others would say I was crazy but I didn't do it for them did it for me and I feel already the results will be great. My Dr. was confident that the skin will tighten and I will look great.

All and all...not a bad experience. It is surgery though and I am sore, so one has to prepare. I could not work after this (I had it done two days ago, it is the weekend now), I would need probably at least these four days to recover and then some.

Sorry I do not have pictures of before. If I can get them I will post them, and the after!

Today is day 4. I am still sore. The incision...

Today is day 4. I am still sore. The incision sites on my sides feel like a bad sunburn if I move wrong or hit them on the chair or bed wrong. I am wearing the compression garment, taking short breaks here and there because it's uncomfortable. I am trying to walk and move around but everything has been snow and ice and rain so it's been hard to get out.
Definitely not a go-back-to-work right away thing. I tolerate pain pretty well and I just know I could not do any job part of full time: sitting at a desk, or standing (retail) or moving around, bending, reaching...forget it! Still swollen but I can have a vision of how things will look; which is great!
My Dr. said not to worry that my skin will tighten as having a sagging pouch was my biggest concern, but it will take 6 months to get full results. Right now there is a lip of sagging skin on the front. (cross fingers!)

After a year I noticed that the skin sagging...

After a year I noticed that the skin sagging around my lower abdomen had gotten really bad; I went back to my doctor and he said it didn't look bad. And had I gained weight. I wasn't sure what that had to do with it; but I HAD gained weight, in my arms, breasts, thighs, butt, neck, anywhere fat was not before. My diet had not changed; in fact I felt I needed to eat way less.

Now at a little past a year, I consulted a plastic surgeon and she said a mini tummy tuck would cost $6000.00. (plus hospital fees) Which I can't afford. And since getting the lipo I have read about fat redistribution (do not take this lightly at will not fit in your old clothes; you will not like how the fat redistributes in an unnatural way). Others have complained about actually gaining weight. And they are pooh-poohed by the 'experts'.
However more study needs to be done on this. We really do not understand very much about fat, weight gain, weight loss, etc. I had this done because I gained fat around my middle due to a work injury that prevented me from my active lifestyle. But in retrospect, sadly (very sadly) I would not have done it; I would have gone through the pain of exercising (pain from my back injury) rather than go through this. Because this is a permanent deformity; the fat redistribution and the sag of skin.
I'm sorry to say it, because I really trust my doctor. But I just think not enough is known. Maybe a very young person would have better results; however the fat redistribution, I predict, would stay with that person her whole life.

Two years later

August 2013
I feel very distressed pretty much every day about my body. I somehow weight exactly the same as the day I had the procedure. It doesn't matter if I try to eat less or exercise more. I have gotten in better condition since my back injury (an MRI showed no arthritis so I figured I will just work through the pain; I wish I had done that to begin with instead of lipo; although I was in a lot of pain).

My body has an odd shape to it and when I wear jeans I have to use a belt because my pants won't stay up due to a lack of shape/hip. But then the belt squeezes my empty skin and it sticks out in a weird way. It's like a balloon filled with water..gravity. Different than the dreaded muffin top that I had. Worse. I can see the fat in my back that I didn't have before.

My breasts are just a drag for me. I know some women want large breasts but I was happy with my small ones. Mine feel so heavy and they make me look out of proportion and fat actually because the extend my profile.
My arms are the same as my breasts. I am afraid that any bit of fat my body takes on will just inflate these areas more. And I wonder how large my breasts will get. (Remember, I eat the same, everything is pretty much the same except more exercise).

I know that some women are heavy set and it is a hard thing for them. I was always slender and this is a hard thing for me. How can removing fat make you feel fatter? I wonder if the only *fix* is more surgery... which seems obsessive.
I can say that along with many life changes, this has added an extra layer that I can't escape because I see my body and feel it every day.

The areas that were lipo'd have a strange feeling to them; not quite numb and not quite painful. On the edge of both. If my sides are pinched it does hurt.
It's sad. I'm sorry I made this mistake.

Photos of long term lipo results

These are my real *after* pics

Why did the doc who did a consultation for me ignore my concerns?

I had the opportunity to see a doctor for a consultation about lipo revision. He acted dumbfounded about my complaints and claimed that I looked great. My results were great and that everybody has rolls when they sit which is why they don't take photos of people sitting (a little bit of marketing trickery sneaking out there). I explained to him that my mid body is now like a water balloon, where empty skin just gets squeezed up and I can't go without wearing a belt because my pants will fall down otherwise (not from thinness but because all the loose skin just moves up). He claimed to never have heard of fat redistribution. Although his assistant said: oh yes, I've heard of that (she didn't say it in front of him though). The thing is, the physical feelings of this bother me every single day. When I look in the mirror I could cry. I just recently noticed how the skin just above my hips or the flesh there, feels spongy. I can just poke my finger straight down with no resistance. Oh the doctor said he would have loved to tell me he could do a tummy tuck, because he's a surgeon, he loves to operate (red flag in general) but I didn't have enough skin to do one. That skin in my photo is flabby skin, which is different than having fat. So apparently I have been ruined by lipo and there's nothing I can do about it? (Another doc looked at me and told me about tt procedure and the possible side effects; she didn't say it couldn't be done; however her consultation cost me $100, the one with the doc above was free; I found him RS).
I really truly hope that people, women especially begin to understand the long term effects of this procedure. I honestly think that if I had spent my money on a personal trainer to help me figure out ways to exercise with my back injury, if I had taken up dance, anything (!) I would have spent my money so much better and I would have been healthy and happy about my body.
Amherst Laser

I can tell my doctor is a perfectionist and this is why when consulting with him I felt confident that the outcome was as important to him as it was to me. He is kind and careful and explains everything. The staff is very friendly and I felt completely at ease. The procedure was on a discount (every month there is special) and would normally have cost $5000.00. It is a small office but like I said, my Dr. is very concerned, perfectionistic, caring, and talks about the procedure and how many he has done. He does not consider any question beneath him..has no "ego" involved.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope you can find a ps that is competent and can deliver. I am not sure your ps deserved a 5 star with your unhappy results. I understand you thought he was nice but obviously didn't now what he was doing. I apologize about your outcome and i wish you well.
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I'm going to read all this in a bit. These darn surgeons should nit be allowed to do this kinda thing!! Unreal. Too bad you don't live closer ..I didn't read all of your comments yet.... but i know a surgeon that does a great Tummy Tuck if you consider it and a full lift around .. he's in Baltimore area tho. I'll message you
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Thanks~ problem for me is I have to work full time (well when I find a job, I'm just graduating from grad school) and start paying off student loans :p But it's been on my mind, however I am afraid of trusting any PS. and surgery. I had one guy during a consult (who is a doc here on RS) tell me nothing was wrong with my body and I had a 'great result.' He also asked the usual: did you gain weight? As if these problems are from gaining weight. It's a not so subtle way (and so common that I wonder if it goes along with the weekend or week long 'training') to blame the victim and not the procedure and the docs who do it. I had a PS who does reconstruction type surgery tell me it was empty loose skin. That's why I suggest going to people who do not advertise the way these docs who want to ruin women's bodies do.
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I had the sagging skin that no one thought was a big deal due to age. I did gain a lot of weight during pregnancy but lost it a long time ago. I was blessed to be able to get rid of it with an abdominoplasty. I was at my ideal body weight and nothing can get rid of stretched out skin. I'm thinking liposuction, cool sculpting, will get rid of the fat layers that have been propping up our outer skin. Once the fat layers are gone the skin becomes saggy.... just my opinion. I am married to a physician and have a premed daughter, but don't have medical knowledge on these issues :)
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I do have experience though!!
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Hi Kareydfw, so are we saying the same thing? That fat removal by these procedures will result in sagging skin?
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I am 6 wks post op and I already see the sagging skin on my upper abs, I have been wearing the compression garment but it seems everything is going downhill :( how many days a week do u exercise. I am so afraid I will gain weight in places like my face and shoulders and neck. I'm so devastated by this I kind of don't have hope anymore.
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Hi Thali, I am sorry you are feeling bad. I think that the only thing you can do is to take the time to heal. Obviously I have no idea about what will happen in your case. For me, I had a work injury which led me to make this decision in the first place (I was afraid that after a lifetime of slenderness I would get fatter and fatter because I couldn't exercise). I wish I had realized that like some people have said, that spending the money on a personal trainer and gosh, even a cook or something would have been better all around! But that is 20 20 hindsight. It just didn't occur to me and I thought I "couldn't" exercise. So I am recovering from that whole period in my life. This procedure has made it harder; as it depresses me which makes me not want to do anything. And now I feel so de-conditioned that it's hard for me to do things I used to be able to do easily (um, like walk up the stairs). So has not been easy for me. I would say: Heal your body. And then be careful about your diet and exercise. Because I think you have to do MORE with that than before. Which sucks. But. That's how it is. If you notice that you do get sagging skin; do not let someone talk you into fixing it with lipo, in my opinion. And if it bothers you a lot (if it happens) then consult with a surgeon who does reconstructive surgery (like on burn patients, cleft lips, mastectomy reconstruction etc). Not another lipo-pusher. See what that person thinks. But in the mean time, just try to heal and don't visit this site. Take care of your body and your mind and so where you are in 12 months (I know it's a long time). Feel free to PM me; let me know how you are (even tho I said don't visit this site, but you could do that). I wouldn't ask the docs questions here either because you will get a rote set of wrong answers. Good luck, and take care!
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Hi Sundogcoyote. How are things going? I stopped by to say hello and show you some support. I just read a conversation on another woman's review in which you were sharing good information, but it looked like you got "piled up on" with defensive answers. I appreciate that you bring your knowledge, understanding and experience to these forums. It seems as though many of the people just want to ignore the biology of fat. I believe they will suffer negative cosmetic and health consequences later as their fat cells experience hypertrophy. I feel that biology and critical thinking classes in schools must be failing people if they don't understand the clear issues with these aggressively marketed fat manipulation techniques. The women you were trying to converse with seemed determined to continue to believe the hype. Perhaps there are people who read what you've written and decide not to have any procedures that are acknowledged by science, (as well as large numbers of online and word-of-mouth reviews), to be non-curative and harmful. Oh, well. Those truly concerned about their health and well-being might have a chance to pro-actively avoid the harm by reading what you, (and others), are warning them about. Take care, Sundogcoyote!
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Thanks Cha Cha, I figured that people who have bought the procedure would defend it, even though it's can be very harmful. I read about one place that decided not to provide coolsculpting because the long term effects aren't known. Of course they still do liposuction. I hope you are right and that some people will be saved. I know it's very hard to turn people away from something that has been so aggressively marketed without any consideration to the clients' health. None. That is what is so disgusting to me. Thank you again!
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No you won't! Keep faith and hope :). I have seen changes in my body since having my abdominoplasty but I think its because I was putting on weight. I've started exercising and eating better again and its gone! You can do it!
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Did your skin ever Tighten in your inner thighs? I had my done a week ago and I see some lose skin, I'm very Scared that they will stay like that.
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I didn't have my thighs done. The areas I had done were my abdomen and 'flanks' (I hate that word!) and you can see that the skin is not tightened. I consulted with a Plastic Surgeon (who does reconstructive and cosmetic procedures) and she said that this skin is indeed empty (not fat filled). I hope that your skin does tighten; but for me it didn't. And my thighs gained fat (the touch each other when I walk and I never had that before). If you need to get a consult in the future I would suggest such a type of surgeon (someone who works on facial, breast, burn, scar reconstruction) because his/her motives might be different. I hope it works out for you!
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You're awesome, yes! Please send me the study on compression after surgery. I hope you're getting a little me time you are crazy busy! Thank you, inbox me again, love hearing from you!
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love to see pics. im from NH where did you go?
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I know, I should have pictures. I will try to take some but I will have to get the before ones from my doctor if I can.
I went to Amherst Laser in Amherst, MA.
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Hi looked on website for special but didnt see any for lipo when did you have yours done??
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The special was in February which is when I had my consult and paid for it; I was traveling as was the Dr. so we scheduled for March 3 to have it done. Their website unfortunately is the one thing I wish was better,it's not always up to date with the specials etc.
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