Radiesse Leaking in Mouth

I had Radiesse injected into the dimple/crease in...

I had Radiesse injected into the dimple/crease in my chin. About 2 mo later, I noticed what appeared to be a growth in my mouth, behind my lip. I went to the dentist and was then sent to an oral surgeon for a biopsy/stitches etc. They thought it looked like sweat glands but wanted to be sure. Biopsy came back and turns out it was foreign material (radiesse) that had leaked into my mouth.

I did this to soften the indentation in my chin. There are really no pros as it was expensive, did not make much difference and now it is leaking in my mouth.

That is awful for you. What can be done about it? What do the doctors say?

Has anyone heard this? The doctor who performed...

Has anyone heard this? The doctor who performed the procedure has not returned my call but I am scheduled to see him on Jan 5.

I had Radiesse injected in my cheek and the needle went through the area that was suppose to be filled and I swallowed some of it. He said nothing to be concerned about. However, I am now seeing my Primary doctor because I have the following symptoms: Numbness and tingling in my lips, roof of the mouth, back, hands and finger tips and swelling of my hands and fingers. Also pain in my fingers too. Never had any of this before until now.

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what has mostly turned me off is that I spent all this worry, money and time getting a biopsy and stitches etc due to this and when I called him (Dr.) I did not get a return call. In addition, he did not tell me up front what the cost was. Finally, Radiesse was also injected in my cheeks and there is still darkness under one eye (the eye that ended up black and blue for two wks). I was not warned that bruising could be so extensive.

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