My Rhinoplasty Journey...Begins - Massachusetts

This is only the beginning... It's baby...

This is only the beginning...
It's baby steps,
and discovery.

I've been thinking about Rhinoplasty for years. There is not one day that goes by where I have looked in the mirror and not disliked my nose. I'm not really sure when it all started. Maybe since middle school and high school when my nose began to "change." As I was growing up, I got a lot of comments on my nose... they definitely weren't positive ones:

"I thought you were a witch when I first met you because of your nose."
"Are you in the culinary field, because you have the NOSE for it!" (hilarious, right?)
Or just flat out: "You have a really big nose... it really doesn't suit you."

They've continued up until today, and the majority of it is from people who are really close to me, so I really take them to heart. I've always known being teased about my nose is a poor reason to consider cosmetic surgery. That's probably why I've tried to shun the thoughts of rhinoplasty surgery from my mind for so long. But all these comments aside, today I'm realizing this is something I genuinely want for myself. I'm not trying to change my life. I've realized this is something real, that I can make the decision to do. No more digital Photoshop nose jobs, or shying from cameras, no more hiding behind my hair, or getting anxious about driving! No more tipping my head way back to drink out of a glass in a restaurant because of my monstrosity of a nose. No more feeling like my life is a paradox because while I try to create beautiful things... (I am an artist/art major)... I look in the mirror and feel ugly, because of my nose.

I can say I am ready for this. I am saving my money and beginning to research...
My goal is to save up enough for this by next May. Whether I'll actually be able to go through with it next summer, well, only time will tell...

Please join me on this journey and share your knowledge, expertise, research, and thoughts. I'm based in New England (Western MA&Burlington VT), so that's where I'm starting my search for MDs. However, I'll also be looking along the east coast... NY... VA...

I'll try to update here with whatever I find out!

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Yes.. get it as soon as possible
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Hmmm ok, I just thought it sounds negative in tone and not beneficial to someone who is working towards obtaining her change. A little tact goes a long way.
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My apologies. It was not intended to hurt your feelings. what I meant that you are a beautiful person.. very good skin, lips, eyes, everything is in proportion.. just a little bit of improvement in nose will do wonders.
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:-) very nice, she will feel encouraged now. Well done!
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You need it badly!!
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Is that supposed to be an encouraging comment?
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Beautiful new avatar pic, loveless! You appear more confident and radiant (and thus beautiful) in it!
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Nevermind! I thought you had it done already - sorry! You appear more happy in your frontal so I figured you've done it already.
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I remember all too well how that felt...especially the "witch" comments, sigh. People try to be funny but don't always know when they might be hitting a sore spot. I never regretted rhinoplasty for a moment, even when things weren't totally perfect. It made a huge difference and I'm sure you'll be happy with your choice. Good luck!
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Hi. Thanks for sharing your journey here. You have such a pretty face that will look beautiful soon. I too am starting out. I have a surgeon selected and would love to have it done now, but I need to save. I'm hoping to have my op done in January. All the best, I look forward to reading your updates :)
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Hi Mel! Of course :) Hopefully this page will actually show some progression~ As much as I'm consumed/bothered by looking in the mirror (lol), I don't want to obsess over it/let it take over my life. Just, slowly saving money and doing bits of research now and then...
Let's do our best in saving!~ The day will be here before we know it and then we'll be recovering and going into life with new sense of confidence and inner peace, lol :)
Thanks for commenting!!
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I had to save up my money for months & I thought how much I can do with all of it, but I know I would regret it if I spent it on something else so I stuck to it :) I have had a lot of nasty things said to me too :( people don't understand how their words can hurt someone's self esteem.
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I feel the same way! It's going to take a lot for me to save enough, but I feel like it's really worth it. Especially going with a quality, understanding, surgeon who I can be 100% confident in. I hope I find the right person!

I still don't understand the comments ~ even from grown adults. What do they expect us to do about it, we're born this way! Have you been through the surgery already? At what part of the process are you? Anything I can learn from others on here is invaluable :]
Hope you're well
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I'm sure you'll find the right surgeon! It took awhile for me, but because I really want this, I made sure I saved up every dime haha. I haven't gotten surgery yet. I'm scheduled September 6th and I'm pretty nervous
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Hi there-isn't it horrible that people say those things. I had some bad comments about mine too and it's hurtful. I am getting mine done next friday. My advice to you would be to make sure your PS is a facial PS not just a general one. Also, don't let price deter you. Believe me, if you're already gonna pay might as well be with a PS who is the sh** ! Good luck and keep in touch.
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It's so cruel and mean, I don't think people even realize it though! We're born this way, what's a girl to do? :P I'm most definitely looking for a facial PS--- preferably one who specializes in Rhinos/noses with my shape. I definitely want money to NOT be a deciding factor (ie: save up way more than I need)... we'll see where I am a year from now ;) It's realllyyyy hard to save up much of anything while being a student...

How'd your procedure go? I'd love to hear all about it! Hope you're doing great.
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You won't regret it and it will make such a difference. My experience has only been positive even the discomfort for a week or so is not that bad as you know your old nose has gone for good. I was the same but suffered for much longer I'm 53 now and just wish I'd done it much much earlier. I'm in the UK so not appropriate to mention my surgeon etc. Good Luck with your research, the time will fly.
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Wow! What an inspiring story :)
Yes I am so so eager, but I know if I just wait... save little by little... research and work hard, and not worry so much, some day I'll be able to do it! I'm going to try my best, since I know this is right for me.
How are you doing? How's post-op life?
I really hope you're doing well! Thanks, Tabatha!
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Congratulations on the beginning of this journey! I can so feel your pain as I suffered the same myself. I, too, wish I'd gotten my nose tweaked sooner than I did, but the money wasn't there. If you haven't already, check out this list of questions to ask your prospective surgeons. Please do keep us posted on your journey. You're a beautiful woman and this will only enhance your beauty.

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Thank you Angie!
The money is an issue I have to overcome, and it may take me a very long time. I don't want that to be a factor in any decisions I make during this process, so I'll be saving up even more than necessary. Even if it takes me years! Also, I'm definitely researching as much as I possibly can! I want to do this right! Thank you for the support!
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Some people... I will tell you this; I had mine done June 19 and the only regret I have is not having done it sooner.
I appologize for the bad comments regarding your nose. Some pleople think they are perfect.
If it bothers you, do it but do it for you not for any one else. You are beautiful and you will feel and look even better!
Good luck!
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No need to apologize! I think a lot of people don't even realize how hurtful it can be!
How has your recovery been? Hows post-op life for you? Hope you are doing well!
Thank you for your support :)
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I'm really sorry you had to endure listening to comments like those. You have such pretty cheek bones, and I'm excited you've decided to make the journey!
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Yep - they really stink! But I'm over it... moving on, doing this for me! Thanks for the support!:)
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Hi - if you are looking in NY, my doctor - Ran Rubenstein in Newburgh - is great. I know exactly what you mean about the hiding behind the hair! Since my rhino (one month) I have been pulling my hair back for the first time since I was a teen.
Good luck on your journey!
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