Full TT/Breast Lift and Implants..7 week belly button issue!

Hi Ladies, Well....here is my story! I am...

Hi Ladies,

Well....here is my story! I am 5'7" and currently weigh 135 lbs! I am about 5 lbs from my goal weight. I am mother of two boys 7 & 9. Both were pretty big babies, my last one weighing in at over 9 lbs! Which in turn has left me with saggy skin and stretch marks all over my stomach. I also put on quite a few pounds and at my Six week post baby check I was 190 lbs! I have worked very hard over the past years to get this weight off and like I mentioned before I am only 5 lbs away from my goal weight!! YAY!! Finally! It only took 7 years! I have never liked my stomach but now I HATE it! I have been thinking of getting a tummy tuck and implants for the last few years but just recently decided that I needed to do this for me! I have my first appointment on Thursday 12/01 and I am excited and nervous! Here are my concerns any help would be appreciated:

*Feeling like I wont wake up from surgery..I have never been put under!

* Infection and more importantly Blood Clots

I am sure these are all concerns of everyone but I just need to try to get over it! Also I am trying to get this scheduled for the first week in Jan. Is that enough time to get all the appointments I need? I am taking my kids to FL in mid Feb and I don't know if this is enough time to heal before I fly? Ya know the whole blood clot thing again? Well I am so excited to find this site it has been so great reading all of your posts! I will be back to let you all know how my consult goes on Thursday!

Dec 1st: I had my consultation today and i booked...

Dec 1st: I had my consultation today and i booked my mommy makeover!!!! It is December 16th..two weeks from tomorow..OMG! That was quick! If I did not book it then I was going to have to wait until the end of January! Ok so one thing I am a little bit nervous about and disappointed..he said I needed a lift too! I dont want that scar?

Anyway I am so exicited.. I have my physical and my second pre op a week from today! Wow! Any suggestions please feel free to let me know!

I am getting so nervous! I am only 11 days away! ...

I am getting so nervous! I am only 11 days away! It is all happening so fast. So I am wondering a few things.. What kind of bras have you ladies found helpful after your surgery? Does PS give you one or do you need to buy one? How do I know what size to buy? Any other helpful hints as I get ready for this!! Thank you ladies!!!!

Getting soooo excited! Big day is less than 6...

Getting soooo excited! Big day is less than 6 days away~!! I went shopping today and bought some protein shakes, bars, frozen foods, toilet seat lifter which I hear is great! Plan to fill prescriptions and do other last minutes this week! Any thing I am missing?!? Keep me in your thoughts on Friday!

I can not believe that this is happening in less...

I can not believe that this is happening in less than two days! I can not tell you how much this site has helped me.. Thank you do much to those of you that have reached out to me! My emotions keep going back and forth..one second I am so afraid and the next I am excited! So my Docotor says that I should not go over 380 cc?!?! This is the only part of this whole thing that I am worried that I will regeret. I feel like I want them to be big..but now so big that I look top heavy! I dont know! He said 350 but we decided on 380. Any thoughts?

I think I am all ready... took tomorrow off from work to get last minute things ready! Any last minute things that I should know?! I am still trying to post pics but I am having a hard time doing it! Hopefully soon!!

Well ladies....here I go!!!! Big day tomorrow! So...

Well ladies....here I go!!!! Big day tomorrow! So excited and nervous! I will pack my bag tonight~! Any last minute suggestions?!? I will post as soon as I am able! Thanks again Ladies!

Well ladies..I DID IT! I am sore for sure but it...

Well ladies..I DID IT! I am sore for sure but it is tolerable for sure! Boobs hurt more right now believe it or not! Doc says no more stretch marks...yay! Cant wait to see everything on tuesday!!! Doc said that he needed only 1/4 of the meds to put me under..lol! So nedless to say I am wide awake now! I will write more later..Thanks everyone

Hi ladies.. Well I am 4 days post op today and had...

hi ladies.. Well I am 4 days post op today and had my first appointment~! He took off all the tape around my belly and also took off the ace bandage that was wrapped around my boobs!My belly looks great! Super happy with it right now~! NO BINDER FOR ME?!?!? I have not been wrapped at all since I had the TT? I kind of like it..I dont know! OK OK my breasts are still killing me..anyone else had this problem? The tummy has been so easy compared to the boobs.. They look pretty good but a few things concerned me.. The pain for one.. and my left nipple has all dried blood all over it and it looks black! He said it is fine and that it will go away. I think it is like this because I had the lift. I dont know..I was nervous it was dead tissue but he assured me that it is just dried blood. I am also braless fro the next two days! Just a strap up top to push them down. I am on just advil now and wanting these boobs to feel better. Well that is it for now.. next appointment is on Thursday hopefully drains come out!

Post op day 7: Can not believe how much better I...

Post op day 7: Can not believe how much better I am feeling the past day or two! I got my drains out today!!!! So exciting! I finally got to shower! I am doing pretty good..getting up and down a lot easier and just starting to feel much better. I have to say I still stick to it that the boobs were the worst part by far!! The TT with a pain pump is almost painless... unless you laugh, cough or try to sit up! Just feels like I did 500 sit ups yesterday! I will be posting pics soon! I keep forgetting to take pics when the clothes are off and once they are on its too hard to get them back of again!

OHH and I finally got a binder! I have been binder free this whole time! So at one week post op I am now wearing a binder. I DONT LIKE IT! Still waiting for my left boob to drop..it is super high! I have to massage it several times a day! That is all for now.

Hello ladies...well I finally posted my post op...

Hello ladies...well I finally posted my post op pics! Tried on a bathing suit today and I must say I am pretty excited! Things are going good..I am feeling pretty good! Went shopping a little bit today, it felt good to be able to get out a little bit. Feeling almost normal today...dont get me wrong still sore.. the boobs are the worst still! I am definatly a bit more swollen today and yesterday due to all the food I ate over Christmass..gross! Hope you enjoy the after pics.. I am pretty excited!

Hi ladies I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I just...

Hi ladies I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I just took some more pics in my bathing suits! So fun to put them on and take pics! Things are starting to really come along! I am wanting all this tape to come off so I can see what is under it all! My left breast is still higher than my right but I am seeing that this is quite normal. I am massaging it a few times a day to get it to drop. Getting around pretty good these days.. and the best part is being able to sleep on my side!! My belly button looks so red to me?? Anyone else have this problem? It is also hard around the edges? I am told it will be fine that it is just healing. Well all in all I am really starting to enjoy this new body of mine...cant wait for summer!

Hi ladies..well I am 7 weeks post op and starting...

Hi ladies..well I am 7 weeks post op and starting to feel about 90 percent! I am getting concerned with my belly button. Take a look at my picutes and look at the scar. It is on the outside and it is sooooo red! Is anyone else have theirs on the outside like this! I know is is red bacause I am only 7 weeks but the location of the scar does not seem right! THOUGHTS?? I feel like I went through all of this and I would NEVER show my stomach right now! I love everything else just not happy with this at all!
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WE NEED AN UPDATE! I know you are loving your bikin this summer ;-)
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checking in on you... how's it going? hows the progress coming?
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I think you look incredible! Don't let a silly scar around your belly button stop you from showing off your outstanding body! I am very similar in body shape and size as you are (well the before shots) I dream to look as good as you do afterward!
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Thanks Angela- they just called- 7:30 am tomorrow......
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Ok- I went for April 4th appt and surgery is the 19th!! Your pics and everyone's comments have inspired mr to go for it! I'll have to post pics soon because I'll need all if your support. I waited 16 years to do this!
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I am happy for you! Go do this! It is the best thing I have ever done for myself! I am so confident now. I did not use a step stool... I did get a toilet seat raiser and that was great! Post some pics!! We are all here for you! Your day is so close!!!!! Yay!
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So just checking on your progress with all that Vit E in you.. How are things setteling? is the RUNNING helping? update me girl
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I am doing pretty good...I have been rubbing this boob like crazy!!! I think it has dropped a little but but it is still bothering me! STINKS! I am going to keep rubbing. I have not been wearing any bra wither..just sports bras! How are you doing??
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doing ok like you mine dropped a little but it is MUCh softer now. I go back in in 2 weeks so we will see what a MONTH of this has done. I am in an underwire. Doc said to go ahead. funny how there is no ONE standard to all of this..
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your gorgeous! amazing, chica tu es muy hermosa chica...i said your very VERY beautiful,god speed 2 u as i can't wait! 2 months 2 go for BL,and or just tummytuck for now as i mostly want this done i can't wait! great job chica, your gorgeous i know you are feelin so great now.

*Sexi Flat Stomach 2012!*
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so how are things progressing? One of mine needs to drop already! your at 3 months any photo update. and hows the BB doing
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Hi girls...Thank you so much Megan.. I got Saline under the muscle and I got 380 cc. They are now a 34 DD. Honestly they look great in clothes..maybe even a little big but in a bathing suit I wish they were a little bigger so they are probably just right! I go back to the Dr. next Tuesday for my 3 month check up!
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You soooo good, I want to look exactly like you :) Do you mind me asking what kind of implants you got? I too was talked into going a little smaller because of how active I am.
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I see what you mean about belly button , my scars on my boobs were alittle weird looking and my dr gave me some cortisone type injections to help so maybe dr can do that for you?? Also you look amazing ! I think your boons are perfect size ! And my god your Tummy is so flat! 
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Angie r what size did breast implant did you get? Saline or silicone. I read soo much my head is spinning. Also did you go over or under the muscle?
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I could never tell you how to feel about your own belly button, but I think you have the body of an 18 year old. And from all us TT's that had our TT and still have stretch marks, you look stunning. I still have stretch marks up and past my new belly button and my daughter is insisting I wear a bikini this summer- Im not so sure. The bikini's I have were for home use only with a tank top over- so we'll see. We all have to find comfort in our new skin. ;-) hows work going?
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Im new to the site. You look fabulous. Thks for the constant updates. Im scheduled for a min tummy tuck on Apr 4th. Ill be getting lipo for my flanks and upper tummy. Ive had a breast aug 3 yrs ago that turned out really nice as i had tubular breasts and lots of extra skin from breast feeding. Went from 34b to 34dd,silicone mentors. Im nervous cuz i have a boyish figure and never really had a flat tummy. I was a little chuby petite girl and women. Im 5' and 135 lbs. Im solid as i work out but the tummy and flanks havebeen the problem area for three years now. Hope i can get good results like u.
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At least your belly button is round! I have a slit :( Take a look at my pics. My scar is on the outside also. I'm 7 weeks out. I'm afraid the belly button is going to be the "hello - I've had a tummy tuck" flag. I wasn't planning on wearing many revealing things anyway but am disappointed as well.
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That's exactly what I was afraid of. I hope mine turns out nice.
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Angela. OR ANYONE I am having a hard time finding comfortable sports bras to wear. Well I found one at JC pennys but it is a 36 C I really need 34D. But I wanted to buy cheeper ones (like Danskin zip front) but they dont make them in a 34 D either.. Any ideas otherthan spending a little more $. I just hate to on a temporary bra.. But today my boobs hurt again I think I NEED the support still
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You look amzing for a month out! Keep on healing! I have to agree with you on the BA hurting more than my TT! Well for the first 2 weeks anyway!!
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So when DO the boobs stop huting? I am at 2 1/2 weeks and still sore :( not as bad but sheesh!
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took me exactly 3 weeks 4-5 days post op for the boobies to stop hurting! You're getting there!
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good to know.. I figured the issue for me was the fact that I had the full lift too..
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Thanks ladies! I was wondering about the pain as mine as till a little sore not painful but I just feel them. Glad to know it won't be like that too much longer.
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