6 Days MM Post O! - Massachusetts

I am feeling better and becoming more independent...

I am feeling better and becoming more independent since yesterday. I am a 34 year old mother of 3 my baby is 5 and I had preclampsia and major weight gain with each pregnancy 70-90 lbs. I have been wanting to get the makeover for a least 3 years but felt that i needed to be as close as possible to my goal weight of 150 but it just didn't happen, i work out at least 3x a week and am fairly muscular. I am happy with my body shape and weight 160, still on the high in a size 8. I hated the sagging boobs and stretched out abdomen. I had my first son at 21 and feel like i just been taking care of kids and pregnancies ever since. I also had 2 miscarriages. I feel very accomplished in my life at this age but didn't like what he mirror reflected once naked. My surgery was on june 19th, today is my 6th day and the first 3 were very hard. I stayed overnight and fainted as I was being released and was being taken to the car. I was pretty scared, i have had great support from the Dr. and family also from my two close friends.

I came home wed after they were able to stabilize my pressure and to be honest there has been no pain, is just the fear of the unknown and am also kind of a chicken when it comes to stiches and medical stuff. Wed, Th, and Fr were rough to get by, I needed a lot of help getting up and sitting/laying down. Friday I had my drains taken out it was scary to see me the way I looked all stitched up, i passed out at the Dr. office, I must admit i felt no pain at all my Dr. was great, I don't remember much of what I saw!! But I had a vague image of seeing my belly and not being what i expected it to be..... so yesterday (sunday) I took a shower first time my sister who is my support and conveniently a nurse helped me, i was very nervous and anxious of seeing myself and again i was disappointed, my stomach does not look tight the way i expected and is very swollen, i want to stay positive and think this is normal, my boobs look uneven, i had a lift through the nipple and don't like what i see, however my PS warned me about it and he said the nipple situation will take like 3 months to look better. So now I have my garment on, and feel very good and also scared when it comes to showering and looking at it. I am think am anxious and was not expecting the recovery to be so hard. Hopefully this is helpful, and those of you that have experienced this before can help me.


I was reading that it can take months for the swelling to go down. There are a lot of good blogs on here of women who are in varying stages of recover. I don't have my surgery until Oct. wish I could be more help. Happy healing!
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I have heard other people say that they were swollen for a few weeks then when that started going down things started looking great. I hope that's the case for you. I live in MA and I am looking into getting a MM. I have been looking for a plastic surgeon and so far I have a consult with a Dr in august. I was wondering who was your surgeon? And what hospital was it done? I am looking for a few more dr to speak with before I chose one.
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I'm so sorry about the swelling and unevenness. I truly hope these are just normal post-op after effects and that you'll have a tight little belly and beautiful breasts soon! Please keep us posted. You deserve those things after all the work you've done the past few years.

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10 Days Post Op! Things are looking better. A...

10 Days Post Op!
Things are looking better. A lot better... I saw my Dr and yes the swelling is normal and is starting to look more even. I think all of who seek into this venture must be prepared for what we see and is not pretty at all!!! However I now understand is a process, I have some pictures in my phone I will see about uploading them later.. I feel better and my tummy is progressing slowly and looking good. There is still lots of swelling below the belly button, but i was re assured by my Dr. that I will be tight ( i was kind of flat prior to surgery just loose) flatter, and happy. I have felt no pain at all, however is hard to regain your mobility and independence. The stitches from my areola were removed tuesday, I still dislike the look. I have areolar lift and the nipple does look weird and not pretty, plus you have almost like folds on the breast tissue surrounding you nipple, however the Dr. did warn me about it prior to surgery and said i will flatten out with time. I have to say is been harder than giving birth (lol) but I really feel my surgeon is someone I can trust and he just gives me the positive vibes..... So I will keep you updated. Thank you for your comments and support!!!


Thank you, and you are right is a healing process and this blog is very helpful!! Unfortunately I came across this site after surgery, you are ahead of the game by exploring before surgery. You will be ready and informed!!!
For swelling if u make a pitcher of cucumber water everyone says it helps so much!! You can add lemon,lime and mint to it. Cut cucumbers thinly and put them in a pitcher of water let its sit in the fridge. Happy healing!
Lauren I wish you lots of luck. I had mine at the Boston Medical Center in the Moakley building in south boston. I will inbox you the Dr.'s Info. as for me I can tell you, I visited a couple of surgeons even over seas, and some pushed me away because of the price, as high as 23k and others just simply were not people that I felt could provide the support one needs in this situations. Others were just Doctors but Zero people skills. Regardless of the outcome which am sure now it will be the best possible, I love my surgeon!!!
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