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Loved the idea that that Sculptra provided a...

Loved the idea that that Sculptra provided a gradual improvement and that it lasted 2 years. My plastic surgeon (Harvard University Board Certified) is very conservative so I did not do a thorough research. Had I done so, I would have read about the huge number of serious issues occurring with this product that can rear their ugly faces for years to come. I am presently struggling with the incredibly difficult decision as to whether or not to subject myself to steroid treatments to alleviate the inflammation. I wish I had never ever heard of Sculptra!

Hi, If my tragic experience means anything, I would not do steroids. From what I have been told, the inflammation may be coming from an atypical infection of some sort. Something that normally wouldnt bother you but with a device, it can snuggle in to create a biofilm. An antibiotic such as minocycline should have been given to me at the beginning and for a long time. I was given saline injections, and steroid injections, and medrol dose packs with very little antibiotic coverage. the result was a disaster. if you are early in the process your immune system may be the only thing keeping a biofilm infection from setting up house in your face. once it is there (as in my case) it is considered chronic and very "difficult to manage". Here I am at 5 years post sculptra and I am back on antibiotics. It is my understanding that because of the crystillinity, particle size (surface area to volume ratio) and other variables, that while the cosmetic improvement might last 2 years or more, the device remains in the tissue for many many years. I have it in biopsy at 3 years and have not had a biopsy recently but I am sure it remains. my suggestion is plaquinel and minocycline. Basically options I was not offered until I came under the care of a rheumatologist and an infectous disease Dr. Now I am consulting with an integrative medicine specialist and am supplementing with things that are supposed to help with bioflim infections. So unless you live in a sterile bubble, anyone who has had sculptra injected in their face remains at risk for biofilm infections. Good Luck and Best Wishes.
What a nightmare! I have never heard of a biofilm infection and will definitely research it. I have been on Doxycycline for 6 months and am told I should continue for up to a year. (I hate being on an antibiotic for such an extended period of time and am taking probiotics daily to help minimize the damage). As of now, I have not felt any improvement .Please keep me updated on your treatment and progress. I am so very sorry you are going through this.

I would love it if you would fill us in a bit more on what is going on specifically for you and what areas you had treated.


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Had mini face lift several years ago and very happy with the results. Very conservative.

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