My Invisalign Journey - MA

I received my first set of aligners this week, and...

I received my first set of aligners this week, and so far it has been quite the experience. I decided to start invisalign treatment to fix an overjet and crowding on my bottom teeth. The overjet is really my primary concern for getting braces, and the second reason is a discolored bond that I would like to have removed and replaced with a veneer to look more natural. I am in my mid 30s and just decided to get Invisalign because I can finally afford it. :)

Attached is a photo of my teeth in the present state, and how they're projected to look after treatment. You can't see a big difference in the photo but a side by side picture is more telling, which unfortunately, I couldn't get from the doctor.

I have 25 aligners top and bottom, which is expected to be completed in on year. I have attachments on my front four teeth which makes the treatment not so invisible. It's less noticeable when I have the aligners out, but it's not often that I can do that since they have to stay in for 22 hours per day.

On the first day, my two front teeth were very sore. I suppose because they've already started moving into their new position. On the second day, my speech was impacted a lot by the aligners, and my teeth are also very sore when I chew foods. I'm so hungry during the day but I don't want to go through the hassle of removing the aligners.

I am hoping the year goes by quickly! I plan to post an update at every new set of aligners. I am scheduled to receive my 2nd and 3rd set in two weeks. Stay tuned!

I have 30 aligners, so don't feel bad. And I have 17 attachments with all my top front teeth covered and weird rectangular ones on the front; yours look better! I'm also from MA originally, so hello. :)
Hello :) Fortunately, the aligners aren't causing you any pain. Do you feel any pain after removing your aligners? My front two teeth are extremely sore and sensitive. Also, when I remove the aligners, my top front teeth hit my bottom teeth which didn't happen before. I am also adjusting to eating less during the day, but hey, perhaps I will drop my snacking habit. :) How long is your treatment plan?

Twenty-five aligners is significant, so you may want to try to take your own pictures that actually show the current worst parts of your overjet and crowding, so that you can actually follow the progress.  There won't be much to see with the pictures you're starting with.  I didn't know about RealSelf when I started my Invisalign, and I regret not being able to capture my progress.

Anyway, I hope you've looked around and found some of the people who will be going through this process along with you.  There are several who have just started and/or who will be finishing around the same time as you.  At least one of them has attachments on every single tooth, if you can imagine!

Good luck, and I look forward to following your progress! :D


Week 1 photos

Here are photos of my teeth with and without the aligners. Attachments can be seen in all photos.

Great pictures!  Now the overjet is obvious.  And yeah, the teeth that are the most obvious are the ones that hurt worst, for the most part.  One of my front teeth was rotated and I always felt the new aligners on that one first.  So happy to see you and PreOrtho found each other!

The hunger may be partly just getting used to not snacking.  I found it was almost like an addiction that way, and after a while I got used to not snacking and the hunger went away.  YMMV ;)

My treatment is 15 months! So I'll be around for a good long while. I've updated my review: the aligners weren't causing pain initially but eventually the pain came, and it came full force. I'm fine now but my teeth were begging for mercy for a few days. I did feel pain in my front two teeth when taking off the aligners; they're particularly troublesome. The aligners are currently working on the overjet (as well as a rotated lower incisor), so squeezing the teeth together and back. That may be what's happening with yours.
Oh gotcha! Thanks for the info. I look forward to following your journey!

Attachments are annoying

So, my aligners are super difficult to remove. It feels as though I am going to pull out my front left tooth or an attachment is close to falling off. It is definitely keeping me on track with wearing the aligners for 21-22 hours per day because I simply don't want to deal with removing the aligners.

Is this normal, or have I just forgotten how to remove my aligners?
Have they just started becoming hard to remove? I don't think it's just you.Attachments can make aligners more difficult to remove, especially when they are new. My ortho's office is going have me practice taking mine in and out several times around the attachments until I get the hang of it because it can take special technique.

Tray 2

So, I got my 2nd and 3rd set of aligners yesterday! I was so excited to make some progress. My teeth aren't sore like they were with the first, but the aligners don't fit on the top left side. They are a bit lose in the back. Is this normal?

Oh, and the doctor showed me an easier way to remove the aligners which has helped so much!

I will post again when I change into my 3rd set.
I have read a lot of people's reviews where they had some problems with looseness, and using chewies really helped them.  Do you have any chewies you could try?
Thank you. I haven't tried chewies but the aligners adjusted into position by the second day. They are securely attached to my teeth now. So far I haven't experienced any pain either which I'm happy about. :)
That's great to hear!!  I didn't use chewies either, but a lot of people swear by them :D.  You may just have a higher pain tolerance than most of us.  Or you might not experience the tightness as pain.  In which case, your entire experience may be pain-free.  Which would be fantastic.  I hope so! :D
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