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I am 20y/o, 5'2'' 150ibs and 38DD. Been having...

I am 20y/o, 5'2'' 150ibs and 38DD. Been having back, neck, waist and shoulder pains for years now. Went for BR consultation today. The surgeon said he can only do a reduction and not a lift because my upper chest is flat or flabby/stretched (I dont know if am saying it right). In my head am I was like what? He said he's changing just the size to relief the pains and not shape/lift. But is that possible to just cut it off w/o the nipple being raised a bit? Oh, well I settled for the reduction only. I thought its better reduced only, than reduced and lifted then get flabby again after preg.( more disappointing). Originally, I wanted a reduction + lift too. Pictures have been sent to my BMC insurance. I need the surgery for medical reasons (but it has to look good as well and emotional reason) He asked me abt 3x if am really worried abt the look(a lift), I said no so long as the pain go I'll be fine. He looked like if I even over emphasize the look he'd be like, "I can't help you, you wanted a BR, your ins might consider it cosmetic instead of medical" Personally, I do feel like if I over emphasize on the look, it might be considered cosmetic instead of medical and my insurance would not bother covering it. I dont wanna wait till after i have kids, please dont tell me too lol. Earlier today, I settled with the reduction only and now am like I dont wanna say " i wish i was patient to look for a better surgeon(?)" stuff like that. Because ive seen lots of pictures with breasts like mine, suffering from the same symptoms, but they had lifts too. Why's my case different?

Still waiting for my referral. Am getting impatient. I guess I have no choice than to keep waiting.
Sorry for the delay in updating guys. So last week, I went in to talk with my PCP. I told her straight up that I wanted an other referral. She asked me reasons why. Which I told her. Most importantly, that the PS accepted to do a reduction but not a lift! That was what baffled us the most. My PCP made me realize that I wasn't comfortable with the PS, that's why I didnt get the point of why he cudnt give me a lift. The point my PCP made was that, mentioning the word lift the insurance company now places the cosmetic reasons before the medical reasons of the surgery, making it really harder (almost impossible) for them to cover it. She also said the insurance I have is limited to only surgeons in my area from the same organization. So there's a possibility that the new referral may say the same thing. However, I told her I would prefer a new referral to the one I had before, in order to feel comfortable this time. SOOOOO am a little excited. Actually I don't know if I should be excited cuz the doctor might say the same thing. Oh well, his time I hope I feel comfortable enough to ask a whoooole lot of questions. Fingers crossed.
Yes a minimum of three surgeons. I went to three and they all had different procedures in mind. I chose the doc I was most comfortable with that I had confidence in.

Hey girls. Am soooooooooooo excited! I just found...

Hey girls. Am soooooooooooo excited! I just found out I got approved. Oooooooh my gosh! Lemme dive into the details.
Well, I still haven't gotten the second refferal yet, but this approval came right on time! Almost done with my finals, so I'll be on vacation! Works for me.
I had to speak to the secretary of my first refferal to find out my deductible, appointment date and stuff like that. She told me she hadn't set up a date yet cuz my pcp told her I wanted a second opinion. She asked if I wasn't comfortable with the doctor....? I told her that I just didn't get the reason why he cudn't do a lift too along with the reduction. She told me it's because the ins. company wouldn't cover the lift (because its considered cosmetics). She told me the doctor could do both but the lifting just wouldn't be covered by the ins. She said I cud call on Monday to find out the cost for the lifting, so that I could pay if I can afford it. I would do just that. So i called my ins. company immediately and asked how much I am supposed to pay (deduction/co payments). The guy said a $50 co payment and that's it! Was sooooo happy, burst into tears. So finally my dream is coming true. I just need to find out the cost of the lift if I can afford it, I would. If I can't I'll go in for the reduction anyways. Oooooor wait till I get the money to do both depending on the cost.
P.S the secretary also told me that another referal would also tell me the same thing about the lift, soooo I'm just go along with this doctor.
One more problem, I dont know how to tell me mom. She has no idea am that disturbed about my size.... I even teased her by saying am thinking abt plastic surgery. She said I shoudn't even think abt it. She's totally against going under the knive to 'improve appearance', especially since she's also big chested. you know the psychology " If I could carry mine all these years you can definately carry yours too" hhahahahaha. I know I am an adult but I dont wanna shock her. It wouldn't make sense telling her after the surgery, because I need my sisters leaving with her to help my out during that period. Any ideas?please!

OMG girls, 1 day for my pretest and surgeon's...

OMG girls, 1 day for my pretest and surgeon's preop apt aaaaaaaand 4 more days for the big day. I cant wait, its really starting to hit me. I cant believe its happening. I don't know if I sud get the post bra after or before the op cuz i wont know my exact size. oh well, I guess those are some of the questions I'd ask the doc. I cant wait!
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