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Hi Girls, I'm 5'2'' 107 pounds. My BA is coming up...

Hi Girls, I'm 5'2'' 107 pounds. My BA is coming up on April 16 which is soo soon! I'm still undecided on what size I want. 300's are perfect but i'm not sure if I should go to 325cc because I will lose 25ccs going under the muscle? ( If that's even true) I want to become a full C cup. Nothing too big. I don't want to look fat/ top heavy. Please Help!

2 more days til my BA. I'm getting really...

2 more days til my BA. I'm getting really excited/nervous. Doing a lot of spring cleaning and organizing so all I have to do it relax and let my boobs heal. Hope everyone's recovery is going well! I seriously can't wait til Tuesday!!! I got the call form the Surgery center to be there at 6:45AM! Which is fine with me! I like getting stuff done in the morning. :)

Well today is my day! ....Didn't start off so...

Well today is my day! ....Didn't start off so great was suppose to be at the surgical center for 6:45am. I got a phone call at 6. Saying they had to "Bump" my apt. to 12 because the anesthesiologist is sick. AND don't leave youre house until they call. I pray to god they get me in today because I put my whole life on hold for a whole week.(Both school and work). I'm freaking out now.

PHEW, Surgical Center finally called and said to...

PHEW, Surgical Center finally called and said to come in for 11!!! I'm so excited!! Can't actually believe I will have boobs in a couple hours!

I'm Home. Everything went very well. I'm so happy...

I'm Home. Everything went very well. I'm so happy I went through with this. I don't really have any pain so i'm not taking any of the pain medicine. It feels like I just got back from the gym and over worked my chest muscles. Hopefully it only gets better from here. Dreading the morning boob.

Hey ladies I slept well. Woke up really sore. Took...

Hey ladies I slept well. Woke up really sore. Took a peek at the new girls and it was kind of disappointing. I got 325CCs High Profile and they look so small?... Is that because they havn't dropped and fluffed yet? I'm so confused.

Took the bra off to take a peek and THEY are...

Took the bra off to take a peek and THEY are PERFECT!! So happy with how my new girls look!! :)

How long do you have to wear this surgical bra...

How long do you have to wear this surgical bra for? It's awful

Had my BA 2 weeks ago.... Every so often I get...

Had my BA 2 weeks ago.... Every so often I get nauseous and my breasts hurt. IS this normal??

Had my BA 2 weeks ago.. Went back to work within 6...

Had my BA 2 weeks ago.. Went back to work within 6 days. The last couple of days ive been getting nauseous and my breasts are hurting me. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Dr. Ekstrom

Weighing 106 pounds , being flat chested , looking 17 years old when in reality I was 24 gave me all the motivation I needed. My results are fabulous being two months post surgery and thanks to Dr. Deborah Ekstrom from Salisbury Plastic Surgery. From beginning consultations to finished product I could not be happier. They are natural looking and fit my frame perfectly thanks to her advice. The discomfort from the procedure was minimal and I would go through it in a heartbeat again without hesitation. Dr. Ekstrom even called me the night of the procedure to see how I was doing. Couldn't be happier, went bathing suit shopping , and if I must say so myself, I LOOK GREAT in my new purchases. Thank you again Dr. Ekstrom !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Gosh I haven't had any nausea. I have definitely had some soreness regularly, so would say that is normal. Someone else posted under my comments that they also have the soreness still and they are a month out, so...
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My doctor said I could wear any bra as long as it was confortable and didn't have underwire. He even said a camisole would work and I needed to wash the post-surgery bra, so that's what I'm wearing right now.
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I was wondering who you used for your doctor?
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I also had my surgery today! You sound like your doing great!
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Thank you!. How are you feeling?
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Hey Liz! I got 300 and 325 and I feel mine look really small too, but I haven't taken my bra off yet, so not sure what they'll look like. I was also pretty sore when I woke up this morning. Glad to have a booby buddy!!
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Just took a peek. They are perfect. The bra is deceiving.
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The bra really smashes em down doesn't it! Ifinally peeked too! :D
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Sounds like you're doing great!! Congrats on your new additions!!
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Yay!! Good luck!
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Oh that really sucks!! Hope you get that call to go in!! Good luck
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Do you know what size your getting? And which procedure are you having? Good luck!
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I'm getting a Breast Augmentation 325ccs under the muscle. and Thanks!
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I'm 5'2" 96lbs, and got 330 CCs in a 275CC implant in both breasts a week ago (transaxillary saline). I started with AA and was going for a full C, and I think that's what I'll end up with. When I'm dressed, you can't tell they're not real. In a bathing suit it'll probably be pretty obvious, because I don't really have any breast tissue to soften the lines of the implant. Luckily I'm ok with that, as I don't usually wander around in a bikini :) Good luck!
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I'm 32 A. so we're pretty close! Thanks for the post! Are you getting excited?
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I am! Can't wait for summer :)
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I am 5'4" 106 lbs., and I'm going 300 and 325cc HP under the muscle. I am currently a 32AA, so pretty close to flat. I am also going in on the 16th!! I'll definitely be watching for your updates!
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Congratulations on your upcoming surgery date! Sounds like you're not sure of your final desired size. Here is a link from our Doctor Q&A that might provide some further insight when choosing your implant size. Please feel free to post a photo...and ask lots of questions!

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I'm 5'3 108, I went 400cc HP under the muscle and I'm a 32DD, I feel I went a little too large, but with clothes on they really don't look all that huge. Only in a bikini. Maybe but a C bra and take it to your Dr's office and try the implants that way and go a little bigger then what fits in the bra. I feel like I should have done that. I need to post before / after pictures. I'm 4 years post opt.
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Yes post!!! I would love to see what 400 hp looks like compared to lp
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Here is where I posted them http://www.realself.com/review/baltimore-md-breast-augmentation-great-experience-great-results
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You lose 50cc going under muscle according to my PS. I got 492cc and they don't look huge at all
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so now I def. know to get 325 ccs! I'm getting so excited!
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Yes!!!!! Do the 325!! You will lose some ccs from what I've heard And dude seriously ..... I got 400 and my boobs look very natural And apparently 25cc is not that much of a difference I definitely would do te bigger !! Wish I did. Once the swelling goes down you will say the famous words.... Everyone all together now.... I WISH I WOULD HAVE WENT A LITTLE BIGGER!! Lol. I don't know what you look like but I don't think that much is going to make a difference. Good luck !!!! Keep us posted!!
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