Soon to Have a BA on my Barely 34A Breasts - Massachusetts, MA

I have wanted to have normal breasts since I...

I have wanted to have normal breasts since I started developing. I kept hoping as I got older they would start to change but they never did..I am a 34A with tuberous breasts. They don't fill out a pushup bra and look horrible in a bathing suit .One of the things that I hate is how the bras don't fit right. They ride up all the time and I am always trying to pull them down. I have nothing to hold them in place. I have finally decided to go ahead with a BA. I haven't had my first consultation yet but plan on doing that very shortly. I found a PS in my area that is familiar with Tuberous breasts. I am so nervous about having him look at them, it is a bit embarrassing to me. Did anyone else feel weird about going. I just hate having them looked at, I don't even like my husband paying attention to them. . Which is probably y why I haven't made the appointment yet .I want to stay fairly small as I love the gym and running. Anything too big will get in the way. I really want to have a full B to a small C and I am hoping I can keep this between my husband and myself and I don't want anyone to notice. I wear padded bras now but I might do a little more padding till they are done. I will keep everyone posted as when Iget over my fear and finally book my consultation.


Hi! Goodluck! I have tuberous breasts too and I will be getting silicone over the muscle 500 ccs. My ps said over the muscle because they are tuberous. Do not be embarrassed I use to be very shy and yes it felt weird having to show them but it needed to be done. Will be waiting for your update.
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Dont be embarrassed!! One Im sure the PS has seen it all. 2 If any of us thought our breast were beautiful there would be no use for this site HAhahaha Just think we all start of the same and then with Gods grace come out with beautiful boobs we are proud of. Good Luck and the fun part is the consultation you get to try different sizes. Surgery not so fun!!! hahaha
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So very true, thanks for your comment. I never thought of it that way. At least I will get some clarification on what can be done and what will give me the smaller natural look. I read everyone's reviews and drive myself nuts trying to figure out what I should get.

So the other day I sort of had a freak out moment....

So the other day I sort of had a freak out moment. My daughter and my husband have both gone through surgery in the past two months. This is surgery that they didn't have a choice to do. The pain they are going through made me wonder why I would elect to put myself through surgery and pain, not to mention the problems that can happen, when I don't have to do it. This freak out lasted till I went to the gym and realized AGAIN that I want a body I can be some what proud of. I probably will never get to my youthful body shape (with no boobs) but it could be close (with boobs)


I also had tuberous breasts and I was terrified to show anyone. My fiance never saw them I always left my tripple padded push up bra on. My first consultation I was very nervous but the fact that the ps was gay helped knowing that he wouldn't be too judgemental. Plus I figured he would be liking at them like a good project for him. I figured ill get it over with show him so I can show my fiance once they are fixed. Stay positive about this is has been 7 weeks now and it is the best decision I've ever made. For the past few weeks I've felt normal sleeping on my stomach again and everything. I'm really happy and feel so much more confident. You will soon forget about all the pain!
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I agree with the ladies, don't be embarrassed. The doctors have seen it all and are there to help you. Here is a helpful list of questions to bring to your consult. Let us know how it goes!

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Thanks Anna, I just have to get through the first one and then I will be fine. It will be one step closer to breasts that I can be proud of. I found Dr Seckel who is very familiar with tuberous breasts and he is an hour and 1/2 away. He is actually a top Dr. on this site and he has done a write up on the type of breasts we have. Then I found another Dr that is a little closer. I know its important to see someone who is familiar with our shape so since they are familiar I shouldn't feel embarrassed. Are you having the incisions in your nipple area? I wanted them under on the fold line but I guess that is common with our shape issue.

My first consult yippee!!!!

I just went for my first consult and I was so so nervous. Having the tubular issue I was worried what he would say about it. I knew it wasn't a severe case so I was hoping I could have the incision done under the fold. Going in at the nipple just is not what I wanted done. He was familiar with it and has done many surgeries with this issue and he prefers to do the incision at the fold. He said this even before I told him how I felt. The only time he will go in by the nipple is if its a severe case and if the areola area needs to be reduced. He explained in detail why he does it this way and it all sounded understandable to me. I am glad I found this site because I knew a lot about what needed to be done so everything he said sound right to me. I got to try on sizers which was so fun. We came up with 350cc Mentor gel high profile under the muscle. At first I thought 350 would be way to much but when I put them on it was the exact look I was going for. Now my problem is do I want to go for another consult or have I found the Doctor. I hate getting confused with to many decisions so I am worried a different Doctor will have different ideas. I don't plan on doing the surgery until the Fall so I probably should do one more consult.

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Still confused

Well its been a little over a month and I am still not sure, although I am leaning towards going through with it. I have another consult at the end of August with the same Dr I went to in June. I really liked him, but I just want to get more answers to my many questions. I just can't see myself with bigger boobs, it just doesn't seem to be possible. I have so many issues going through my mind. Like is it right to put myself in a situation that can threaten my health just to get bigger boobs and how about the cost..yikes! How do I pull this off without anyone noticing? I won't tell my Mother as she would have an absolute fit if she knew. I can't see telling my son who is 21 and he would just think his Mother has lost her mind and I don't want my co-workers or friends to know. So how do I keep this from all of them? I haven't even thought of dealing with pain and recovery yet, I think I am just pushing that worry aside.
Then every time I get dressed for work and have to deal with the top of the dress or blouse gaping open, or dealing with the heat and sweat from the padded bras, or the gaping bikini top that doesn't fit right, or walking by VS and seeing the beautiful bras that I can't wear, or putting on the sports bra that squishes you down to nothing and not wanting my husband to see me naked I know what YOUR DOING THIS. My husband is behind whatever choice I make, but I sort of think he is hoping I go through with the BA. Maybe so I will finally be happy but also I think he would like them too. LOL. My next appointment is August 27th and that is when I make my decision. Hopefully my nest update will be with a set date!


Hi Josiebee! Haven't seen you around in a while... How did the end of August consult go? Did you make a decision? Here to support you either way!
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Good luck!!!
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Not to sound weird but wouldn't be the point of getting plastic surgery done for people to notice and too feel confident about yourself. I have no clue what your breast look like now. But if you think it will make you happy or it has bothered you that long go for it!
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