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Finally I will soon get my mommy makeover! I am...

Finally I will soon get my mommy makeover! I am scheduled for a tummy tuck and breast lift with silicone implants. I have been waiting to do this for over 10 years. I went through a long period of time wondering if the cost is worth it and would I ever be able to afford the surgery. Well it's time... I want this for me. I am 5'4 135 pounds, I workout, eat healthy but will never be able to correct things on my body without surgery. It's a fact and can be very depressing at times. I finally said that's it I'm doing this! I am super excited, nervous and hope that everything turns out great.
Hope it all turns our great for you. I am scheduled for my MM on March 14. Super nervous as well. Wanted to do this for over 10 years, and at 45 I am still wondering if I am being selfish spending this kind of money on myself.

Last consult today before the big day

I met with the doctor today to finalize the surgery. I must say I woke up this morning a little freaked out about the surgery. Anxiety is definitely setting in... Not surprised. I asked my husband to come to the appointment with me so he would be well informed. I knew he would have questions and thought it would be best if he got his ansewers directly from the doctor.
I am happy to say that today went very well. Dr.delia spent a lot of time with us, explained every procedure and answered all our questions. I wrote down questions the past few days so I wouldn't forget to ask him. I had a few concerns I felt he should know about like my anxiety attacks and severe nausea when I have anesthesia. He listened to my needs and reassured me what steps we could take to help. He also reassured me that if i was concerned about anything from now to the surgery to please give him a call.
Yay! I'm so glad you're here and that you started your story on RealSelf. I'll be thinking of you next week on your big day. Glad you have a supportive man by your side. :)
Thank you Angiemcc!
Good luck!

Questioning my choice of implant...again

Ok, I started to question my choice of implant a couple of days ago pretty much in a day or two after my last appointment with my ps. I decided on 260-280cc gummy bear silicone along with my breast lift. I was worried they may be to small although I don't want to be to large either. It seemed most people choose a 300 range and are very happy. Big decision and I would like to avoid having a revision. Anyway, I decided to try the rice bag test I read on realself. Fill a plastice bag with the amount of rice that equals the implant size your thinking about. Surprised myself because now I'm leaning towards 300cc now...ugh. Well my surgery is next week so I called my ps.
Well, again he put me at ease. I told him what I was worried about and how I thought I should increase the size of the implant. He was very supportive and told me he would bring in a couple of implant sizes in the OR and use a sizer to test out how many cc's would give me a nice natural full looking breast. He also said he needed to make sure there wasn't to much pressure on my lift incision. I totally agree, I don't want issues with incisions. So when doubt or concerns start to creep in...communicate with your ps :) really helps
As moms, I think we naturally feel guilty spending this kind of money on ourselves. Before my surgery, and even now- paying for it, I feel guilty. I see that money as a new car, an amazing trip to disney, etc. BUUUUUUT, remember- we always put our families first. This can be the one time that we splurge and do something amazing for US. I saw it as a BIG one time gift for momma. I won't want for anything big like this again. So, I say if you can swing it- go for it, and don't look back. The fact that we feel guilty just means that we are good moms are care about our families. :)
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The night before the big day

Night before

Night before

Another nice close up. Yuck
Best of luck! Praying for a safe surgery and healthy recovery! Keep us posted! Go with 300s!
Haha...hopefully 300's it is!
Can't wait to see

Morning of

On my way to the hospital now. Snowing and a bit of traffic BUT ILL GET THERE!
To my surprise I slept pretty good. I have anxiety attacks but no sign of those, thank you lord. I'm sort I calm about things, I can't believe it. I truly believe its because of you all. Speaking freely about experiences helps others to relate and feel confident about their choices and that things will be ok. Recovery may be unpleasant but we can get through this and be truly happy in the end. Well wishes and talk to you soon :)
Best of luck.. Happy healing :)
Thank you! Home and recovering now...can't wait for the swelling to go down.
Oh good. I read your update yesterday and you sounded so calm. I hope I am the same way. My surgery is in a few more weeks and I am very afraid. Never having surgery and not knowing what to expect is scary. Glad to hear your home resting and I look forward to following your journey :)

Day after surgery

Ok if I stay still , not to much pain.
When's time to move around....oh that a different story. My TT isn't to bad . The sides of the boobs and armpit are wicked sore, swollen and tender. I'm told this is very common from friends on realself and the doctor. I am taking the Sinecch pills to help with swelling and bruising. Have been doing short walks around the house. It's not good to stay in bed.
I can't wait till Monday, I will get my dressings changed and see what I look like.


OMG finally a shower. Wow...I can't believe how great things looks. Most happy that my incisions are healing so well. NO bruising and a little swelling. I planned on taking pics but got a little wiped out so I decided to wait till later.
Only worry right now is when will the chest drop and relax. Pretty high still :)
Congrats! I bet you look great !
I went for a consult about a month ago in Hyannis. I'm considering the mommy makeover. I thought tummy tuck with implants. The doctor suggested a breast lift because I'm a c cup. I've been debating whether or not to get the implants. I'm curious how did you like your doctor and did you have consults with anyone else besides the one you chose.
Hi, I'm very happy with my doctor. He was the first doctor I saw and his pictures were great. He spent a lot of time with me and explained EVERYTHING in detail. I did contact another doctor in Boston/Wellesley area but he wouldn't do the procedures together. He also didn't do the procedure in a hospital, his own surgi center. I went in wanting and knowing I needed a lift and a TT. Ps suggested I could add implants but I didn't necessarily need it. To add or not was up to me and what size I wanted to end up with. Also you can always add implants later. The lift is really important if that's what the ps suggests. If you just add implants, you may just bottom out and sag with them. I'm hoping to get pictures up later. I'm only 5 days post surgery and I think things look great so far. I hope that helps :) Reach out if ya have more questions!

1 week after surgery

Feeling pretty good :) still a bit swollen. Im pretty happy!
You look awesome!!!

First week of recovery

I noticed I really didn't post to much after my surgery. Well anyway things are going well!
The first couple of days were rough. Things were tight and a bit swollen but no drains! Doctor said I didn't need them. I really needed to take it easy, took my meds and didn't move around to much. Only moved to go the bathroom and do a few laps around the house.
Everyday I felt a bit better. By day 4, I was only taking heavy meds at night. Yesterday was my first day with nothing...whoo Hoo.
The only horrible experience I had was when I had a coughing fit...holy crap. Thought I would tear something. Only other issue was going the bathroom. I'm finally ok now but it was rough.
I'm feeling better everyday. My incisions are healing well and I don't see any bruising! Going back to see the doctor in 4 days to get stitches out of my navel :)

Thank you ladies for your support and information!
You look great! Thanks for sharing :)
You look awesome! Everything about your blog sounds like me. Same height weight, bodies are very similar and my cost is the same! i will be following your journey, my surgery isnt until May 28th. I have not picked an implant size yet. My PS said when you get a lift not to get a big implant because the implant weight goes against what the lift should be doing. Congrats!
Thank you! That's so awesome, your day will be here before you know it! You'll think about the size you want a few times before the big day...very normal. I did :) I went from 260- 300 silicone. I wanted boobs but not oh so big. Listen to your doctor, mine said the same thing about the lift incisions. He went in with a few sizes and used a sizer first and thought the 280's were best. He was right! I think once they settle and calm down I will definetly be a full c, maybe a D. I'm a d right now for sure. Best of luck to you and well wishes on your recovery. Reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Got out if the house today

Ok, I ventured out of the house with my husband today! We did a little food shopping and actually went out for lunch. He's been super supportive through this entire process and it was nice to get out with him. I wasn't 100% but It went well. I did not rush around just took an easy pace. I listened to my body and knew when it was time to head home.
Still wondering when the girls are going to settle. Would like it soon. I heard it could be a while...ugh.
No complaints though things are going well. I'm very thankful.
Meant to say a 30 day insurance oops!
I think most Dr.s' take out a 30 insurance on you for if anything needs to be addressed but most charge for revisions. I have seen a few lucky ladies that have just had to pay for the surgical fees but waive their own fees. That would be a good question to ask because I doubt that any Drs. do revisions in that short of time!
I also live in ma and I am searching for a mm doctor, does this doctor do revisions at no cost if you are unsatisfied?
Boston Plastic Surgeon

My consult was good. He spent plenty of time with me and explained each procedure. His secretary was great too. She was so nice and pleasant. Throughout the first week after surgery I received several phone calls from him to check on me and see how my recover was going. I felt so taken care of through this process. Thank you dr.delia, Cheryl and Mary :)

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