Anyone ever have a pubic monsplasty?

I had tumescent lipo on May 15th on my flanks, bra...

I had tumescent lipo on May 15th on my flanks, bra roll (under armpit only) and pubic mons....1500cc removed..I thought the experience was not bad at all, I was driving the next day....Then on July 24th I had it done again this time on my stomach (I think he did some on my flanks again too) cuz they are sore, this time 3200cc removed, well things are much different this time. It's been 3 weeks now and my skin is super sensitive to touch although it is very's a strange feeling....I am very hard and lumpy...I'm hoping in 4-6 months things will feel normal again. I am seeing results ...I now have hips..I will post pics as soon as i learn how

Hmmmm...I added that wrong it was actually 4700cc...

Hmmmm...I added that wrong it was actually 4700cc that was removed....

It's been 7 months since my first lipo 5-15 and 5...

It's been 7 months since my first lipo 5-15 and 5 months since my second on are the before taken on 4-25-12 and after pics taken on 10-10-12 ...what do you think at a cost of $8200......

Ok went to interview a new PS today to have...

Ok went to interview a new PS today to have additional lipo I was really pleased with him....and a great deal at $6200 considering what he's doing....since i already paid $8200 with my other PS ...i'm going to see him on friday and see what he has to say about it......I will post new pics soon...almost at my 6 month mark and not please with the results of my lipo i had done in July so he said he will do it also do saddle bags and hips and remove my pouch "pubic mons" by surgically removing some skin...

Going back for more....having another lipo...

Going back for more....having another lipo procedure on Feb. third..this time with a different PS....not sure if i'm going to do the Monsplasty yet I really don't want the scar, may just have him do lipo there, having upper abs done over (not pleased with the results the first time) inner thighs, hips, saddle bags,

Ok..I'm getting really nervous about the...

Ok..I'm getting really nervous about the monsplasty....I keep going back and forth wether or not to have it.....I can't seem to find anyone who has had just that done, especially pictures of it....can anyone help?

Tuesday will be here very soon....I am so nervous...

Tuesday will be here very soon....I am so nervous about having the minute i want it then i don't....I hate the thought of having the scar.....but i know if i don't do it i will regret it.

Tomorrow the big day...i'm very nervous....

Tomorrow the big day...i'm very nervous....

Had my lipo and monsplasty on tues...stayed...

Had my lipo and monsplasty on tues...stayed overnight came home yesterday , was not feeling well my blood was very low thought I was gonna pass out ...i've been lying in bed all day today pain is not bad at all...tomorrow I get to take a shower and take off the dressing to see the monsplasty scar...I am so scared to see what it looks like

Well...not as bad as I thought...the scar isn't...

Well...not as bad as I thought...the scar isn't that long....but I am sooo it a good idea to use ice packs?

Going back in for more lipo

Ok...going in on Tuesday 12-3 for lipo on my thighs and hips at a cost of $5400, this will be my 4th procedure ( may 2012 -$4200.....july 2012- $4200....feb 2013 $ this $21,500......I've never told anyone how much I have spent so far if I did they would think i'm crazy cuz my results aren't that great....even though I've had nearly 10,000 cc of fat removed but have stayed the same weight all along 186lbs. I even ask for proof of what was removed and have the pics of the fat removed.
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How are you doing now?? Any photos??
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No, dont put ice packs on. Everyone that has lipo swells. Just take it easy and let it run its course. Be sure to eat lots of protein to get your blood level back up. I drank protein drinks everyday because my hemoglobin had dropped too low. Be careful getiing up and walking if yours is still low.
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I'm gonna put my photo up again soon have to find one of the before the 2 photo's were after pics....
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How are you doing?
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Oh where are your photos??
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With all my body lipo the doctor did that too. As there was a huge lump in my pants from my lipo 8 years ago. I couldnt figure out why I was so swollen and back and blue in my VaJayJay. The poor little mexican nurse freaked and got me a pad to cover it up. NOw almost 7 weeks I had a huge band of hardness. I think it is slowly starting to go away but really has been one of the most painful parts. It is totally numb and hard ...Yikes I know it will get better in the coming months but feels so weird. He has the scar right close to the hair line so it will be covered.
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I don't know if we are looking at the same before and afters?
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I did go back to him...but looking for the additional lipo that i'm having done...he would do only my saddle bags and inner thighs for the price ($6000) the new PS would do saddle bags, inner thighs, upper abs and a pubic get rid of the bulge that the PS did lipo on but i'm not pleased with that area either ..there is no such thing as "no cost" they always get your for something i'm the anaesthesia...which could run $1000 or more ..i've already spent $8200 on the first PS ...his price is high cuz he has his own start of the art OR room where he's located..something that attracted me cuz I didn't really want the hospital setting but now..with the new one i'm going to the hospital plus he can remove more fat in a hospital the a private office OR.
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Can I ask why you havent gone back to your original PS to tell him how un satisfied you are with the results? He should redo at no cost to you.
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Hey there...I am also from MA...may I ask where u went?? I am 12 wks post op now...hope ur feeling well...keep posting....Sharon
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. How are you feeling now it's been another week or so of healing?

If you need help posting pics, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to help.


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I just had lipo done a week ago to flanks, abdomen, and a small amount to inner thighs, almost 7000 CCs removed and I see no difference. I can tell my shape has changed slightly, but im not sure how and i am up 8lbs. I honestly didnt research lipo much at all and was really surprised that i wont see results for months. Im also confused because a lot of girls pictures they look totally thinner the next day?
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wow..that's alot...alot of the women on here are light you can see a difference right away....i started at 196 and now i'm 190...i'm wondering if it's because i'm overweight that i'm not see alot of difference...i do notice now that i have hips...which i would like to get rid of now...
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