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I was motivated to try laser while attending an...

I was motivated to try laser while attending an Institute of Esthetics where I was trained hands on with a professional. At that time I had my underarms treated. Being a student, we did laser on each other whenever we could find the time. I had my underarms treated three times in about a month(which is ridiculous) and to my surprise about half the hair is gone. It's been OVER a year and I have had no re-growth.

Now, getting to the good stuff! I had my first laser treatment at a Med Spa downtown where I live. I got bikini, brazilian, and my happy trail treated. After the first day I became horribly itchy. To the point where I was going crazy. All around that area was swollen irritated and bumpy. I tried not to itch, but it was really hard not to. If I itched, it swelled more, so I forced myself not to. I bought some Aloe Gel and it did help to soothe, but once it dried I became itchy again!!! I think the best thing to use is a cold compress to help stop the itching and swelling...hrm! It's been a week since I was treated and sorry to say it took about a week for the itchiness to go away! Today I noticed the hairs are starting to fall out, which is really cool. I'm excited to have this 6-8 treatment process over with. This will be my first full treatment, of course I'm paying out of pocket, but it will be worth it to have smooth skin with no ingrowns or dark spots where the hairs are growing back. My Esthetician is treating me with a Palomar Laser. If I did not already have laser on my underarms and have a good experience, I could honestly say I was be very skeptical in spending this kind of money. However, I know, from experience, that laser works for me.

Just so you can get a good idea of my complexion and what not...I am light olive skin tone...Dark brown hair, black eyebrows, and really dark brown eyes. Light in the winter, and copper in the summer(for some reason my skin doesn't really turn brown in the sun like others). Very European looking, with thick black hair "down under" ahhahaha...that is somewhat thinner since I have been waxing for years. I have the kind of hair that you can't shave..If I did, it would grow back after one day. So I resorted to waxing because even if I only got one and a half or two weeks without hair, it was worth it. Anyway, sorry for the rambling! Hope you follow my treatments and updates! Oh, and $1,350 is how much my total amount of treatments will cost if I need then all.

So, I received my second treatment. I took 2...

So, I received my second treatment. I took 2 benadryl before hand to avoid getting a rash, and I took another one after the treatment as well. The first day I wasn't very itchy, but it was evident that I was irritated. For the next three days I used an ice pack on and off to relieve the itching. It wasn't as bad this time around. I think I'm beginning to understand what I'm supposed to do and how to treat this sensitive area after treatments. I'm a pretty sensitive person in general so it's understandable to me that I probably have pretty severe reactions to things. Anyway, posting some pics of it at it's worse so you can get a good idea of what to expect after your treatment!

It's been a while

I've had (I think) about 5 Treatments in my brazilian and stomach area. I stopped taking any sort of antihistamine. I find that not doing anything to the treated area is best. Plus the thinner the hair gets the less irritated you treatments are virtually pain free! I am sooooo happy that I have invested in Laser and it is most definitely 100% worth it. For anyone with thick dark hair, DO IT NOW!!! I feel sexier and it has certainly boosted my confidence. One thing I noticed is I have all these super thin blonde hairs now down below...but being blonde they are pretty much invisible so I don't mind...better than thick black hair. Anyway, I'm taking a break for a while since it's summertime and I love to lay out and tan. I will be going for touch ups come fall/winter...and perhaps start working on the backside (ew, I know, gross!!) and perhaps my legs....because I'm tired of waxing -____- Anyone have laser done on their legs?
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I met this Esthetician though another one I used to go to for other services. She is down to earth, sweet, and always helpful. She gives you her cell number, so you can call her at anytime if you are panicking. Service is prompt, and the prices are fair. Over the phone when I booked the appointment she initially charged more, once she was able to see me and evaluate, I was charged less (I'm assuming due to less surface area since I'm pretty thin and small boned hahaha)

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I've doing my legs - found the results were much faster than underarms and bikini. I've had 6 treatments each on bikini and underarms, and probably need 3 more on each to be completely hair free. My legs have almost no hair after only 3 treatments. Think it just depends on how much and how thick your hair is. Do your legs now, before summer, because you have to wait 8-10 weeks between treatments as opposed to the 4-6 weeks for underarms/bikini.
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thanks for sharing your experience - i'm glad the irritation gets less each treatment... have you gone back in since the summer? i've had maybe 15 treatments on my underarms and i love it too - esp. black hair on fair skin - i used to have to shave daily, but its *almost* all gone now - every so often i discover 1 straggler hair or 2 ;).

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therealcathyof hi ... let me know how was it. ... is it safe over bikini area? i've heard some gurls have very bad experience regarding laser removal ....
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hi the_life_obscure m 20 and trying to go for laser surgery u motivated me. please post your final treatment pics. thankyouu
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Hi, Did you develop any hyper-pigmentation during your treatment with laser? If so, did it go away?
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Hi the_life_obscure, I had laser done on my legs with a Soprano machine; my second session was last week. Unlike the first session, after the second one my legs felt really smooth. I have white skin, dark hair which means I am apparently the perfect candidate. However, I have noticed a hint of a pinkish smear near my ankle. Regarding your brazilian laser hair removal I would like to ask you a question since you were trained at an Institute of Esthetics. 8 weeks ago I regretted having had a brazilian with laser after the first session so last week I had a bikini laser (my aim was to let the mound/lip hair grow again). Very few hairs have grown, but they are extremely thin, short, and sparse; there are also several hairless patches. So, I would like to know if you know someone or if in your training information regarding situations like mine where the patient stops LHR treatment after just one session: has most of their hair come back? and in what time frame was it possible to determine with certainty the amount of hairs that were saved? I am really anguished about this. Are my chances of having again a normal triangle with covered "undercarriage" still possible? Thank You
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Yes, more will grow back. You need to continue treatments. After the first one about half of the hair might be gone, but you will still want to continue treatments as a lot of the hair will probably grow back in, just thinner. Each time they will turn the laser up according to the thickness of the hair. The thinner the hair the higher they turn up the laser until it finally quits growing back all together. :) Goodluck! Unfortunately I'm not well versed in the Soprano, never even heard of it. haha You will be fine, and happy in the end. Because I never finished treatments- I still have hair, and you will need to go for touch ups a couple times a year. They will be more affordable though. For me this was completely worth it because I had really thick hair -___-
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Thank you for answering. I have decided to stop treatment all together. I just want to recuperate all the hair that I can in the mound/labia area - that´s the reason of my anguish. I really don´t feel comfortable with a brazilian (having an occasional one as opposed to one that is forever isn't the same) which is why I am so impatient for the hair to return. Unfortunately since the few hairs that have grown are so thin and sparse, it makes the area still look "bald". Not to mention the two big hairless patches at each side of the mound where I hope hairs come back.
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Can u post a current pic to show how things are looking now? I just had my first treatment and along with the itching and rash, I also had MAJOR adema (swelling). Like an inch of swelling to the point that I was terrified I had permanent damage. It's been 5 days now and I'm looking about like your pics. I just want to know everything will look good before I continue treatments. Thanks!
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Hey sorry it took so long. You will be fine. Some people are more sensitive than others. I looked like this after all of my treatments except my last two. As the hair gets thinner it hurts a lot less. It's worth the pain in the beginning. This summer was my first free summer. I wore my bikini on the beach and didn't have to worry at all. I will continue treatments in the winter, and I'll gladly post an update. I haven't had any new growth in the spots that the hair fell out. Now I'm smooth with just a few stray hairs because I never finished treatments :)
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I'm glad the second time was less irritating for you. I'm sure I'd be a super-sensitive itchy person, too. I'm just starting to investigate this.

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