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I Go in for my Tummy Tuck on Tuesday Oct 4th - Massachusetts

I am so very nervous!! I am 46, 5'6, 135 lbs....

I am so very nervous!! I am 46, 5'6, 135 lbs. I have always been thin, but since having my boys, my stomach sticks out and i have that horrible flap over my c-section.

I will be getting a little hernia, above my belly button, fixed, the walls of my abdomen sewed back up together, lipo and the gross skin removal.

I will spend one night in the hospital.

I am really nervous about the operation and the recovery. I pray I have the results I have seen on here!!


Any updates? I'm thinking of going to same doctor for a bbl and mini tt
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Take it slow. Sour candy like jolly ranchers helped me with nausea. And ginger tea.
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Last night I felt so sick. I think it was from taking the pain meds without food in my stomach. It was so scary throwing up. I was holding my stomach really hard, afraid i would break something. I did feel a small pop. My sister and I checked and there was just a little blood on one stitch.
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Brighton Plastic Surgeon

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