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I Go in for my Tummy Tuck on Tuesday Oct 4th - Massachusetts

I am so very nervous!! I am 46, 5'6, 135 lbs....

I am so very nervous!! I am 46, 5'6, 135 lbs. I have always been thin, but since having my boys, my stomach sticks out and i have that horrible flap over my c-section.

I will be getting a little hernia, above my belly button, fixed, the walls of my abdomen sewed back up together, lipo and the gross skin removal.

I will spend one night in the hospital.

I am really nervous about the operation and the recovery. I pray I have the results I have seen on here!!

Brighton Plastic Surgeon

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Any updates? I'm thinking of going to same doctor for a bbl and mini tt
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Take it slow. Sour candy like jolly ranchers helped me with nausea. And ginger tea.
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Last night I felt so sick. I think it was from taking the pain meds without food in my stomach. It was so scary throwing up. I was holding my stomach really hard, afraid i would break something. I did feel a small pop. My sister and I checked and there was just a little blood on one stitch.
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Hi everyone, I am second day post op. I spent one night in the hospital.

Oh boy. The recovery has been pretty painful, but with the research I did, I was ready for it. I think that is making all the difference. I know that this will not last very long. In some ways, I think the back pain is worse than the operation pain.

I am widowed, so I dont have my husband to help me. Thank God for my family. My first night home, my sister slept with me. I had to get up three times, and I never ever would have been able to get out of bed alone. Having help at home is key!!

I have one drain, which is creepy. It just comes out of you and im so afraid that I might pull it out by mistake. He said that it has to stay in for one week, and I cant shower!! eek.

But ive seen my stomach once, and it already looks better than before!
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curly100, How are you?
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byebyebelly, how are you doing? How is recovery?
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Good Luck
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Thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way today:) 

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Thanks for the well wishes!! I cant believe this will be my last weekend with a stomach im ashamed to show.

Angiemcc, I will check out you FB page.

Ive been watching YouTube videos that women post along their recovery. Most of them make me feel better.
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Your nervousness is very normal! Try to keep your eyes on the prize and think about your nice, tight tummy after this. You might want to check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide. It has a lot of great recovery info.

I've also started a Facebook page called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back, where we discuss plastic surgery, diet, exercise and beauty. Come give us a Like if you're on FB!

Good luck and please keep us posted! I'll be thinking about you on Tuesday!

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Good Luck to both you ladies!!!! I'll be praying for you guys to have a smooth surgery and recovery.
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I am going to be excited to follow and compare your journey. I am scheduled to have my TT the day before you. I am 5'5, nearly 5'6 and weight between 130 and 135 lbs.
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Can you post a pic? We almost have the exact same stats.
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