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Hello. I just want to say how helpful and...

Hello. I just want to say how helpful and informative this website has been for me!

I am a 33 year old mother of two (3 year old boy and 5 year old girl). I have had large breasts since high school. I was very petite and flat chested until the end of my freshman year when I developed 34DD breasts over night. My breasts have always been uncomfortable for me. I am a very active person and have always been. My breasts always got in the way. I am not a showy person and do not like overflowing cleavage.

To make a long story short. After having both of my children I went to a PS and she told me to lose 10 lbs. and come back in 6 months. I didn't realize I had to be finished with breastfeeding for one year before a reduction. Well, life passed by busy with two small children, etc., and it took me a year and a half to get back to the PS.

During the past year or so, I have become much more active with running, etc., my breasts are causing back/neck pain, they just do NOT fit with my body.

I went to my PS last Monday for a consult. She said that I am the perfect candidate for BR, as I am through having children and in good health. I am 33, 5'2, 135 lbs.

After losing weight, I thought my breasts would shrink, and they have somewhat. After taking pictures this morning, I realized just how large and disproportionate they are!!!!!

Hi Iowa! Thank you for the positive words!!! I can't believe my surgery is in a week. I am nervous and excited, which is normal. I will keep you all posted! Take care.

Welcome, Kerri! June 13 isn't too far off now! You are going to love how much easier activities are with smaller breasts! I too knew my breasts were large before surgery, but it took the pictures for me to realize just how big they were and how uneven they were! It was amazing to me to see my breasts from that point of view. Good luck and keep us posted!
Ana313, great to hear such positive words from someone post-op, thank you and congratulations!!!
NZgirls, it is great having this access, I don't know what I would be doing without it. Best of luck to you on your surgery!
I will keep you both posted! I hope you keep me posted as well :)

Good afternoon ladies! Surgery is in one week...

Good afternoon ladies!
Surgery is in one week from today, I am extremely excited and nervous!!! I feel like I am nesting (like I did before having my babies)! I have been shopping and cleaning like a crazy person. Any suggestions on what to wear home from the hospital?

Just checking in to see how everything went. Hope you are getting lots of rest and are already noticing a difference!!
Good luck and happy healing Skyblue :)

Good luck tomorrow, Sky! I'll be thinking of you!

Post Op Day 3 - feeling pretty good! So happy I...

Post Op Day 3 - feeling pretty good! So happy I did this. I think I am about a 36B. Can't believe how small and high my boobs are. Sleeping okay. Taking shower tomorrow. Had drains removed on Thursday, that hurt, one was stuck, ouch! Overall, experience has been what I expected!

WOW!! Your girls look spectacular! Congratulations! Happy healing :)
Wow - You look great. Hope I look that good in a couple of weeks. Glad it's going well for you. Happy showering.

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to check-in and say I...

Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to check-in and say I hope all you post-ops are healing well and all you pre-ops are finding all the information they need on this site :)
As for me, I'm 4 days post-op, feeling pretty good! I am still sore and swollen, but not much pain. I left the house for a couple hours this morning and felt shooting pains in my breasts and came home, took a pain pill, and have been in bed since. I have been taking 1 pain pill a day, the rest Tylenol. I feel like I kind of have the blues today, but I'll get over it! I do love my new breasts!!! I want to shower today, but I'm nervous, we shall see... I'll keep you posted!
Question for you, if you get a chance to look at my pics, can u tell me roughly what size you think my new boobies are. I know they are hight and swollen, but I can't really tell what size I'm at now and will be after healing. I was a 34DD / 36D before! Thanks ladies for all your helpful info and support!!!!!
Hi there :). Good luck with the shower. They look like a C to me too. Happy healing!!

Glad you aren't in too much pain. It can be difficult the first time or two you go out, and you really aren't very far into your recovery yet. Your strength will return and you will get your stamina back. Good luck with the shower. During my first shower I did nothing more than stand with my back to the water and let it cascade over me...it felt so amazing!! Each day I got a little stronger and was able to do a little more. It's hard to say what size you are. You certainly look much smaller and so perky! Absolutely wonderful. I would have to guess you around a C...lucky girl!

Hi everyone, I haven't checked in in a bit. I...

Hi everyone, I haven't checked in in a bit. I wasn't feeling well, nauseous and couldn't sleep. Today I am one week post op, feeling pretty good - went put for a bit yesterday and even slept on my side! It's 90 degrees here in MA and I want to go to the beach, but I'm nervous with my incisions. I wasn't going to wear a swimsuit, I'm still in my surgical vest. I haven't drove, thinking I might today, any advice on that? I see my PS tomorrow, I think I'm healing well. I have only taken one shower since surgery, the rest just sponge baths. Going to take another shower today. I will post some new pics this afternoon and you can let me know what you think! Thanks ladies :)
Happy Healing!!!!!

I drove a week after surgery. If you are off the pain meds you should be fine. I think a walk on the beach sounds exhilerating. Will you have someone to walk with you? I would say not to go alone in case you get too tired or need help with something, but otherwise I think that walk on the beach would be perfect!
My ps told me that if I do go out in the sun, put sunscreen on my breasts, even under the swimsuit to avoid burn.

You look great!

As for driving, I drove once I was off of pain pills and had full range of motion/low pain.

Good luck! Stay cool!
Lol! Vision of you "not wearing a swimsuit at the beach"! I read that totally wrong :). No nude sun bathing just yet! Driving, I would try a small soft pillow or towel to place between your boobs. The seat belt really bothered me when I drove.

Hi ladies. I just wrote a pretty impressive...

Hi ladies. I just wrote a pretty impressive update ;) BUT, it didn't save for some reason.

Anyway, I haven't checked in for a while and I wanted to say hello and that I hope everyone is healing well and happy with their new boobies!!!

I was two week post-op yesterday. Feeling good, a bit sore and swollen still, but nothing like I expected after reading some of the stories on here. I returned to work on Monday, I work in an office, nothing strenuous. It is nice easing back into normal life. I drove one week post-op. I am going to post pics from 1 to 2 weeks post-op and you can let me know what you think and if you have any questions, let me know!

Also, I know I am probably not the size I am going to be, but I am about a 36B from a 36D/34DD. I could not be HAPPIER!!!

Kerri :)

I posted some new pics, let me know your thoughts...

I posted some new pics, let me know your thoughts or if you have questions. Thanks ladies :)
You look amazing. Congrats!

Looking great! Totally in proportion.
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